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growing up


Yep. She’s 14 today. How did this happen?

It seems like just a couple years ago that she entered our lives!


Always on her own time – always doing her own thing :-)


2003 – Always up for an adventure!


2004 – You can dress her up, but…


2005 – Enjoys all of it no matter what!


2006 – Loves the simple things and will ALWAYS stop to smell the flowers.


2007 – Love my Warrior Princess who will wear that Princess dress and kick your a$$ at the same time!


2008 – Loves animals and would do anything for any one!


2009 – Does my makeup look OK? Bwahahahahaha!!!


2010 – Love her sense of humor!


2011 – She loves to tease :-)


2012 – Love love love those blue eyes and that smile


2013 – Never one to shy away from a good time and some dirt!


2014 – Love love love to watch her do what she loves with the horses she loves


2015 – Finding her awesome country girl style


2016 – She’s always willing to spend a day on the mountain with me no matter what the temp!


2016 – Fearless. Love her fearless go get ’em attitude!


2016 – I can’t believe this is my baby. She’s FOURTEEN today! So proud of the caring, loyal, beautiful inside and out, wonderful young woman she has grown into.

Happy 14th Birthday, Keira!

Fair Game

My baby is 16 . . . and a junior in high school . . . and ready to get cracking with the rest of his life :-)

A few weeks ago, we filled out his profile for college fairs. It’s pretty cool – you get your own personal barcode that the school scan at these fairs so you don’t have to fill out a card for everyone. They  just get the info. based on your profile and you can spend your time chatting with the folks rather than filling out a card.

On his profile, this is what he put for major areas of study, in order . . .

  1. Pre-med
  2. Biomedical Science
  3. Environmental Science

Last night, we went to the Southern Colorado Out-of-state College Fair. He talked to lots of people and got lots of information about lots of schools.

He was very impressed and surprised by University of Iowa and their Biomedical Science program and the school and their med school, etc. I was impressed, too!

Then I had to leave and take Keira to swim practice. Jason stayed for another hour checking out other schools and chatting with admissions counselors. He texted me when he left, all excited. He found a school he absolutely loved and talked to the lady for like 15 minutes and he can’t wait to tell me all about it when I get home.

I was SOOOOOO excited for him!

And then I cried alone in the car – my baby!!!

Then we talked when I got home.

University of Washington in Seattle. U-Dub (can we eat B-Dub at U-Dub???).

He was totally into their Environmental Science program. Couldn’t stop talking about it. All the details. Showed me all the literature. Told me the lady gave him her card and was excited about how she said she’d only given out a few that evening to people who really seemed interested.

So maybe a trip to Seattle is in order for a college visit – I could totally go for that :-)

***I wanted to live in Seattle. We ended up in Colorado Springs, and love it. But I could totally visit him in Seattle 😉 My college roommates also live there with their family. Double bonus!

Anyhoo – this was just one fair of many.

But can I say HOW FRIGGIN’ PROUD I am of my shy guy for putting himself out there and having an open mind? It’s quite a thing to stand there and listen to your kid talk to people about wanting to be a Neurologist some day . . . or an Environmental Scientist.

Who knows – I may have a doctor or I may have a tree hugger 😉 Can’t wait to see what the next few years bring!

Drive Time

With Jason driving himself all over now, I figured it was time to get started with Keira :-) She’ll be 14 in December, which means she can start driver’s training in June (yes, I really said that – next summer!!!). I had told her she could start driving the driveway when she was tall enough to safely reach the pedals AND see over the dash.

Well, she’s been growing all summer like there’s no tomorrow and her legs are officially as long as mine – which isn’t saying much, but the girl’s got legs up to her neck!

Yesterday, we borrowed Jason’s car to go buy grain for the horses . . . on the way we filled it up with gas and I fixed Lola’s skirt when we got home . . . so I figured I had “purchased” some extra time in Jason’s baby.

So Keira put on shoes and moved the seat up and forward and we were off! She did great – up and down the driveway a few times, complete with backing up and stopping at the end and blinking and driving around the cul de sac before coming back up the driveway.

The first trip was a little jerky, but by trip #3, she was doing great!


Looking forward to more trips up and down the driveway to get my Princess some practice!

Oh Time – Where Have You Gone?

I’m old enough to have close friends sending kids off to college for the first time. I’ve been crying with many of them for the past month as they figure out how to say a temporary goodbye to their babies. I’ve also been the freak sitting at my desk (or at the stoplight) crying as I read about friends of friends dropping THEIR babies off at college.

We’re not there yet, but it’s getting closer every day.

I have proof . . .

Photo 1 – what they looked like just last year when I put them on the bus for the first day of school :-)


Photo 2 – what they looked like just last week as I put them in the car for their first day of school :-)


Yikes! WTH is happening?!

He Found His “Thing”

I’ve mentioned before that Jason had an epiphany last year – his Freshman year – that he wanted to do something in Science. He just didn’t know what. He had the opportunity to take Principles of Biomedical Science in school (really? Definitely not an opportunity I had!). He LOVED it.

This year, he took Biomedical Science, Biology, and Forensic Science.

OMG does he absolutely LOVE Forensics! Loved it enough that he joined HOSA – it’s basically club for high school students who want to work in the medical field – Future Health Professionals.

His favorite unit in Forensics so far? The brain. L.O.V.E.D. the unit on brains. Promptly decided he wants to be a neurologist. What?!

Some things he’s said to me and Dan this year that make me wonder “Who IS this kid? And where did he come from?!”


“Mom – can you remind me to get online at midnight Sunday so I can sign up for the trip to the morgue that’s in May? Only a certain number of kids get to go and I want to make sure I get on the list.”

Um – Yes? He’s ecstatic – he got registered and will be taking a trip to the morgue May 13th – from 6-9 p.m. Our doctor friend told him to take the mintiest thing he could find and hold it up to his nose the entire time!


“Hey Mom – are we doing anything from 3-4 on the 5th?”

No – why?

“Well – I signed up to listen to a speaker who’s coming to school. She’s a transplant doctor. She’s going to bring real human organs and everything! I mean, they’re in that preservative stuff, but she said she’s got a couple livers and one of them even has cancer that we get to see!”

The excitement in his voice . . . wow. And Dan is just like, Dude – seriously? That sounds HORRIBLE!


“Um Mom? Now listen before you say no. But can you get me out of school next Friday?”


“Cuz my friend Jack’s Mom works for the CU health department and there’s this giant new medical campus at the University of Colorado and she was invited to go on this tour of it and listen to doctors talk and they get to see all the stuff they can do there and did you know doctors from CU performed one of the first transplants ever? And well, she can’t go but she asked if her son Jack could go because he loves medical stuff and wants to be a doctor and they said sure. They also told her to have him invite up to 5 friends because they want as many people there as they can. So anyway, it’s from 8-2:30 next Friday in Denver. And if I get all my school work done ahead of time and get all my other stuff done can you PLEASE take me out of school so I can go?”

Seriously – who in their right MIND would say no to their 15 year old wanting to take a tour of a brand new medical campus??? I can bet you a million dollars he’ll learn more on that tour than he ever would attending school on a Friday during the last month of school.

So I will be transporting Jason, Jack, and Caroline up to Denver next Friday morning so they can get on the charter bus with the other tour attendees and spend the day at the Medical campus.


The kid came home from school a couple weeks ago excited beyond belief. For Forensics, they have to do a report and presentation on a job in the field of Forensic Science. They didn’t get to choose – they had to draw a card out of a hat.

He drew “Aviation Accident Investigator” – nope – not kidding!

He was telling Dan about it with the biggest grin on his face. Then Dan said “You know, Dude . . . one of my friends up in Denver is an aviation accident investigator. He’s been doing it for years. Want me to see if you can interview him?”

Coolest. Dad. EVER!

So last night, Jason spent an hour on the phone with a real live Aviation Accident Investigator who has spent the past 15 years of his life being the first on scene to aviation accidents involving death (yuck!) and reviewing photos and conducting pilot interviews for non-deadly accidents.

Jason had the BIGGEST smile on his face when he came out of his room.

Told us all about it and got his laptop so he could create the Google Docs PowerPoint shell because today was a work day in class for the projects.

In the car this morning on the way to school . . .

“Ya – I kinda was pretty pumped about my Forensics project and, well, I finished it last night. So now I’m not sure what I’ll do in class all day.”

Then . . .

“Why can’t we just take the classes we like? Like science. Why do I have to take British Literature and French and all that stuff, too?”

Well Dude – that’s what college is for :-)


Can I say how HAPPY I am that he’s found something he’s so in love with? Could it all change? Maybe. But for now, he’s loving it and has a path to start on.

Proud Mama!

Ma Baaaay-be!

Dropped Dude off at school last night for a Prom week volleyball fun night.

I get this text around 8:45 p.m. . .

“We’re gonna go get food after and C can drive me to get it.”

After a few more texts, they were all off to Freddie’s.

Hubby picked him and a buddy up at 9:45.

Today at 11:30 a.m. I get this text . . .

“Can I go to the park at 2 to play soccer?”

After a few more texts, I took him to Fox Run Park at 1:00 to play soccer.

Then I get this text . . .

“Hey. It’s crazy snowy here so we’re going to Davinci instead where there is none. C can drive me there.”



If you haven’t guessed, C passed the 6-month mark and can have a non-related passenger in the car with him.

How did this happen?

WHEN did this happen?

When did this guy get old enough to get dropped off at one place and picked up at another place 4 hours later?!

Jason Boedigheimer

Ma Baaaaaay-be! Is growing up :-(


The Bonus of Being Behind

We gave up Saturday in the mountains and with friends to work around the house. We spent the day cleaning up the yard . . . all of it . . . the pastures . . . the woodpile that was here and out of sorts the day we moved in . . . trimming tree branches . . . cleaning the horse trailer . . . picking up trash that has blown into our yard from the neighbor’s construction site . . . throwing out saved carpet that is 3 generations old . . . cleaning the inside of the house.

I’d say we put in our fair share of adulting on Saturday!

Sunday, we took a break. I had 13 loads of laundry to do (don’t ask), so I decided to set up scrapbooking shop in the dining room and scrapbook while I did laundry.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve scrapbooked!

How long?

I was scrapbooking pages from June of 2008.

One HUGE bonus of scrapbooking pages from 8 years ago?

7 and 5 year old Dude and Princess :-)



All at once now – “AwwwWWWWWWwwwww!” :-)

I think I’ll leave the stuff out a little longer – the kids have enjoyed looking at their former selves as well :-)

Coolest Mom Evah!

I’m gonna go ahead and say it . . . because Dude is “thinking” it, but won’t say it.

One of his buddies got his permit the week before Dude did.

Dude was telling his buddy how he gets to drive everywhere and has been on the busy streets during lunch hour and on the interstate and has driven at night a few times and has driven to school in the morning.

Buddy was all like “My mom won’t even let me drive hardly at all. Barely down the driveway. And totally not on the interstate. She’s making me wait until I get my hours in with the instructor at Master Drive.”

Yesterday when I picked Dude up from baseball, I let him drive to the Sky Sox game (cars, traffic, event parking lot – OMG!). Buddy looked at me sitting in the passenger seat and mouthed “Good luck with that.”

I know what he really wanted to say was “You’re the coolest mom evah!”

At least that’s what I’ll tell myself 😉

Dude is driving very well. Getting better. Still has issues with speed control (eh hem) in busy traffic and judging when to pull out in front of people. But overall, totally trust him to drive pretty much anywhere. Woot!

Kids Watching Kids

Today, Dude had a kid-sitting gig for one of our old neighbors after school. Unfortunately, Dude woke up sick this morning. Princess immediately volunteered because she is 12, FINALLY  😉 I contacted the boy’s mom and she said she’d love to have Princess take over for Dude today.

So my baby is currently at her first kid-sitting job.

I find it totally unacceptable that both of my kids are of babysitting age.

Boo hoo!


It’s official! My Dude is in high school and doing Highschooler things :-)

We kept asking him if he was going to the football game and the dance. He kept saying “I dont’ know.” We kept saying “Just get the guys together and go. You don’t want to miss it. It’s a blast!”

Then we find out he asked a girl to Homecoming! It was sweet (and last minute – less than a week before the dance!).

He said they were all going as a group (11 of them) but K was his date. They wanted to go out to dinner then they were all going to S’s house to hang out and have fun – no dance.


They were all terrified of the whole “dancing” part . . . 5 guys and 6 girls and they’re all afraid of the dance. LOL!

Since he had a date, we had to go shopping for dress pants (NOT easy to find 28/30 black dress pants!). Then we had to find a tie to match her salmon colored dress (OMG what a pain! Apparently salmon was ‘so last year’ and nobody had salmon colored ties! We ended up at Men’s Wearhouse for the tie.) And shoes – OMG finding black dress shoes for a boy’s/men’s size 7 1/2 was a nightmare! The only thing that was easy was the grey/silver dress shirt he wanted. I’m quite sure that after all was said and done, Dude’s ensemble cost just as much if not more than K’s beautiful dress. Don’t believe me? His pants were $98. Yes – you read that right! $98!!! For a pair of pants! We went to a dozen stores before we found a pair that fit. We were more than ready to settle for pants that would be “good enough” and found NOTHING. Anyhoo – add a not cheap tie and not cheap shoes and you get the picture.

In the end, they all decided to go out for pizza and then to the dance (YAY! I was so happy!). We met for photos at a park in the neighborhood where most of the kids live. Then they walked to the pizza joint. Then they got a ride from a couple of the parents over to the school for the dance.

When Dude got home around 10:45 (K’s mom brought him home) he was PUMPED UP! He said it was the most fun EVER! They had a blast and they all danced and it was packed and it was loud and there was an actual DJ and there were strobe lights and did I mention it was FUN?!

Um – sounded like Homecoming to me 😉 Hubby and I keep telling him “We’ve been there. We’ve done that. Times have changed, but events like this really haven’t!”

Was so glad he had a great time. He and the others were so pumped up that they were up until 1:00 a.m. texting and Instagramming and sharing photos of the night and talking about it – nevermind that they’d all just spent the past 6 hours together at the actual event 😉

They were all so awesome and had such a good time – and they looked dazzling :-)

 So glad my Dude is enjoying his high school experience so far!