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Let The Riding Begin

Now that cross country is officially over for both kiddos, Dude has decided he wants to ride bike to school. I wrote about that in an earlier post. I kinda thought he might change his mind. Um – nope. On days when he doesn’t need to take his trumpet, he’s been on his bike – which means I’ve been on my bike, too.

Last Friday was the first day since cross country ended that it wasn’t raining and he didn’t need his trumpet – so we took off on our bikes when Hubby and Princess left for the bus. I rode almost the whole way with him, but I left him at the top of the last hill before school. First, I’m pretty sure he didn’t want me riding into school with him 😉 Second, I know for certain that the last thing I wanted to do was ride down the ginormous hill so I could turn around and ride back up it again! Got my 5 mile ride in that morning. Felt good – but I must say, the ride home is way more difficult than the ride to school. Same hills to go up and down, but on the way home, it’s uphill the whole way, even when you’re going down hills. Coloradans know what I mean :-) Friday was my mani/pedi day with QT, so Hubby picked Dude up in the car and drove them home and I avoided the 6-mile round trip for a second time in one day.

Today, we did it again. I left him at the top of the same hill and headed home. Dang it’s a difficult ride for an out-0f-shape not quite forty year old mom! Dude wants to ride home today. I told him I’d meet him at the gate to school. However, I think I might be there in the car. My legs are not ready to do that ride twice in one day yet, so I have a plan. I have to drop off 2 cases of water and 2 cases of Gatorade at school this week for elementary field day. I’m thinking today around 3:00 p.m. is as good a time as any to do that . . . and it’ll just so happen that Dude will throw his bike in the back of the FunRunner and get a ride home.

Lazy? Yes. Smart? Yes. Willing to ride both ways twice later this week? Yes.

A Bug Up His Butt

Dude is active. He loves to be outside – like all the time. Rides bike. Hikes. Swims. Generally plays.

He is starting middle school in 3 weeks – ack and ACK! Last week, he informed me that he wanted to start running with me and Duma in the morning. I mentioned that would require him to actually get out of bed before 10:00 a.m. He said OK. He also mentioned he’d need shoes dedicated for running – running shoes. Um ya Dude, got it. I’m in.

That totally surprised me because last year when he “ran” the 5K with me, he hated it! I don’t know if he hated the running or if he hated the fact that his friends pulled away easily after the first quarter of a mile. I don’t think he liked that. I also think the running bug is due to a couple of his good buddies playing on semi-competitive soccer teams this fall – they each have a running program they need to do weekly. Dude was suddenly interested in track and all excited when it old him it was time to sign up for the Thunderstorm 5K again :-) I’m all for him wanting to run and exercise.

Then he said “We need to ride our bikes to school and see how long it’ll take. I want to ride my bike to school this year.” Um, OK. The only thing is, we live 3 very hilly miles away from school . . . not a huge problem, but the roads are a bit busy in the morning, have no sidewalks, and are narrow (not to mention the neighborhood bears that have been out and about!). This all means that I would “get” to ride my bike to school with him. I’m all for that – not a big deal . . . great morning exercise; however, after I leave him at school, I have to ride the 3 very hilly miles back home (more uphill home than to school). And THEN, I will have the privilege of riding 3 very hilly miles back to school at the end of the day to turn around and ride the 3 very hilly and more uphill miles home with him. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 12 miles of very hilly bike riding for me each day that he wants to do this. If he wants to do it, I’ll do it. But SHEESH! What’s he trying to do to me? Get me in shape or something??? Let’s just hope for some of our regular thunderstorms some afternoons so I have to drive the car to pick up Dude and his bike :-)

For the record . . . it took us 20 minutes to ride to school today . . . we took a 10 minute break at school and rode back home. All told – 1 hour to ride 6 very hilly miles.

Not bad for a middle schooler with pencil legs and and out-of-shape 30-something Mom.

The First 5K Down

We did it! The Boedie fam completed our first (and last?) 5K this past weekend. It was part of a fundraiser for the kids’ school, so we figured why not!

Princess was one of about a half dozen 2nd graders that did the whole 5K. Dude was one of a few 5th graders who did the whole thing. I was so proud of them! Dude, Princess, and I finished in about 42 minutes . . . it was better than the goal I set and we weren’t last, which was my other goal 😉 This is Colorado, so the course was not flat by any means . . . downhill, up hill, flat, up hill, down hill, etc. The kiddos did pretty well sticking to the plan of running the downhills and flats and walking the uphills . . . although they did require a little prodding on the last mile and I did end up giving Princess a piggy back ride up the last hill. But it was fun!

Why didn’t Hubby run with us? Well, he tried. He finished in about 34 minutes. Dude started the race running with a friend, but then he slowed down when his friend kept going. Hubby was trying to catch up to Dude and must’ve run right by him at one point! So he spent the race trying to catch up to Dude while Dude was jogging along with me and Princess quite a bit behind :-)

All in all, it was a great experience! I was so proud of the kiddos for doing the run. We had an awesome pancake/ham/fruit breakfast in the cafeteria afterward. I even won a $10 gift card to It’s a Grind in the raffle – woo hoo! I must say, the Boedies have been pretty darn luck with raffle drawing winning lately 😉

The kids took full advantage of my good mood and joined me on a trip to Castle Rock after the race. I needed some pants and shoes . . . but of course we ended up at the Underarmor and Adidas stores first . . . where I may have been feeling so proud of them that I spent a little more moolah on them than I normally would have 😉 They did allow me 30 minutes at my store to get what I needed, so all was good.

We hightailed it back to town so we could make it to Dude’s soccer game that afternoon – yup, after running the race, he had to run around that ginormous soccer field for 1.5 hours! He was a trooper and did awesome :-)

How about you? What did you do last weekened?

What is 3.10685596?

3 miles + 564 feet + 2.4 inches

The distance in a 5K race.

The distance the Boedies will travel, by foot (some people call it running), on September 18th in a fundraiser for the kids’ school.

What the hell was I thinking registering for this?

I blame it on a brain fart after a long, busy day at work.

Or it may have been the bottle of wine I drank with dinner.

I wonder what the kids will think about this new development when I tell thim in the morning?

Only Before 7:00 AM

As some of you may know, I was sans kids for an entire week – July 13-20th. It was a busy week with work and other stuff, but one thing I did get to do was get up in the morning and take Duma for a walk – I like doing it in the morning rather than the afternoon – gets me up and going and ready for the day. Crazy thing happened the 1st day I did it . . . about 1/4 of the way through our walk, I started jogging. I KNOW! ME! JOGGING! The person who runs only when chased chose to jog – and nobody with a chainsaw or ax was following me!

Even MORE surprising? I didn’t hate it! Apparently before 7:00 a.m., I’m OK with running.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that I only ran 2 minutes, then walked a few minutes, then ran 2 minutes, etc. But it was great!

I did it a few other mornings that week – both Duma and I loved it . . . and I got to run further and further without being tired.

Then in MN I got up one morning and took a little walk/jog . . . OMG it’s easy to run at sea level!

Back to altitude and I’ve gone 2 times since we got back . . . I ran 4 times as far at one time today without taking a break.

So ya – proud of myself for this one.

Oh – and I’ve decided to hike Pikes Peak in September with some friends for a Brain Injury Foundation fundraiser. Not sure what I’m thinking! I’ve only hiked up the Peak twice – and never in one day. Hiked half way up to Barr Camp, stayed over, then hiked the rest of the way up and down then next day. But this one? All the way up in one day . . . 12.6 miles and 8,000 foot elevation gain from about 6,000 feet at the trailhead to 14,110 feet at the summit. There will be no running, but at least it’s motiviation for me to keep trying every morning!

Oink! Oink!

The swine flu has finally found it’s way to my state. How do I know? Certainly not through the gatrillion mentions of this fact on the local news in the past 24 hours. Nope.

I know this because when I walked into Princess’ school the other day, there was a huge sign at the front desk that said “Please use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.” Next to it, a humonstrous sized bottle of hand sanitizer. I obliged. Why not?

I know this because Princess, Dude, QT, and I went to BW3 for wings yesterday evening. Princess and I were washing our hands before dinner and she kept scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing and rinsing and scrubbing and rinsing some more. I told her to get crackin’. She said “I’m washing my hands really well so I don’t get the swine flu. We have to wash our hands as long as it takes to say the alphabet 3 times.” Um, OK.

I’ve got a tip for the school administrator. Try spending as much time making sure there is soap and paper towels in the bathroom as you do giving the kids hand-washing lessons and printing a huge sign and buying a ginormous bottle of hand sanitzer.

And quite frankly, I’m more concerned about that ticking counter on the outside of Princess’ classroom door that counts the number of confirmed cases of strep throat in her classroom since last Thursday (3 so far) than I am about swine flu.

Seasonal Allergies?

Who out there has allergies? I didn’t think I did, but I’m starting to wonder if I haven’t, somehow at the age of 36, developed some seasonal allergies.

I got a nasty cold a couple weeks ago – nasty sinus, chest, cough, throat, fever, etc. Definitely a nasty cold. Then last weekend, I started getting stuffy again . . . but that’s it. It’s just an itchy sinus thing that kind of comes and goes – it’s always there, but worse some days than others. I was thinking I was getting another cold, but I don’t think it is. Then I got to thinking . . . the past 3 years I’ve gotten this weird little “cold” in March. Just about the time we have a warm spell and the trees start to bud.

So, who thinks that I’ve developed some seasonal allergies? Can you just develop them later in life if you’ve never had a hint of allergy ever before? How would I tell if it’s a cold or allergies? I’m a total allergy novice – never had ’em – what’s good OTC stuff to try to see?

I’m Ditching The Gym on Friday

In another life, like just last year, I would have been lying on the couch immobile after the week I’ve had. But this year, I feel GREAT! I owe it all to the family taking up snowboarding with a vengeance this winter :-)

In the past week I:

  • Spent Saturday and Sunday in the mountains for a weekend of sledding and boarding/skiing with the fam. We got our exercise those two days for sure!
  • Played two matches (5 games) of 4 person competetive volleyball on Monday. It’s been a year since they had leagues, and this was our first night back on the new courts. I must admit, my legs were a bit jello-like afterward, but it was great and a ton of fun!
  • Drove back up to the mountains Wednesday after dropping Princess off at school and caught up with our friends who were staying in a condo. I’d planned on boarding a couple runs and heading for the hot tub, but we ended up boarding for 4 1/2 hours! I was totally floored that I still had legs to walk on. We had a blast! The snow was pretty crappy, but it was still a ton of fun. The hot tub and margaritas helped a bit at the end of this day!
  • After a night on the sleeper sofa in the condo (thanks Hubby for bein’ home with the kiddos so I could go play!), QT, Mr. T, and I headed to the slopes again Thursday morning for a couple runs. We went to Peak 7 this time . . . I’d never been there because it’s all blue runs. The run itself would be great on a regular day, but today it SUCKED big time! It was so friggin’ windy that it ACTUALLY stopped me from going down the hill and pushed me back up the hill on my board! And it was total ice . . . but, we made it down safe and sound and headed to Peak 8 for some better snow and less wind :-) We did a few runs and called it a day around lunch time.

So, I’m taking the day off tomorrow and giving the body a rest . . . and drinking about 5 gallons of water!

I am TOTALLY shocked that my legs and arms still feel this good after all that boarding . . . they are definitely more in shape than they were last year, or even at the beginning of this season. Now if I could only find a way to snowboard all summer to stay in shape!

Shaun White snowboarding for the Wii anyone? Hubby, are you listening? All we need is a balance board and the game 😉 Mother’s Day IS coming soon . . .

Or maybe instead of asking for Wii games, I should be begging for you to replace the diamond earring I lost up in Breck last weekend :-(

Day 3 of Lent

It’s the start of Day 3 of Lent. I’m a recovering Catholic . . . in my previous life I was an E and C Catholic. I do, however, still observe Lent, more for my own personal reasons than for any specific religious belief. This year, I decided once again to give up sugar. In past years, I’ve given up what I call “frivelous” sugar . . . cake, ice cream, pop, etc. Anything that is obviously sugar-filled and completely unnecessary. This year, I’m attempting to take it a little further by avoiding anything that has sugar/high fructose corn syrup as one of the first 3 ingredients. Since Monday, I’ve lost 3 pounds!!! So it must be working . . . that along with an increase in the number of trips to the gym :-)

It hasn’t been that difficult so far to avoid things with sugar . . . my biggest vice was drinking too much sugar. Following is a list of some of the things I have to avoid . . . many were obvious, but some surprised me a bit:

  • Pop – Duh! I’ll have an occasional diet something-or-other, but not often. The aspartame is poison and gives me a headache! But sometimes I just need something other than water, milk, and tea.
  • Candy – Duh again.
  • Ice Cream – sure I could get the sugar free stuff, but YUCK! It tastes all chemically. Is it Bryers that is all natural and may have sugar not so high on the list, under cream, milk, etc.? I’ll have to check that one out. Ice cream is hands down the one sweet I would have every day if I could do it with no ill effects.
  • Bread. I’ve been on an egg, turkey, english muffin sandwich kick lately. I had to change to Orowheat whole wheat english muffins because they replace the sugar with honey as the 3rd ingredient. Ya ya ya, still not great, but it fits the criteria so I’ll go with it!
  • Whole wheat bread . . . yup, sugar is the 2nd ingredient. I’ve switched to 7 grain. Tastes the same and sugar is way down there.
  • Cheerios, Rice Krispies, and any other cereal they say might be a bit “better” for you than the others. I didn’t eat these often anyway . . . but I guess there will be more oatmeal in my future!
  • Condiments such as many salad dressings, ketchup, BBQ sauce, etc. They have so much sugar in them it’s not even funny! I love a good salad with a little dressing on it. I usually dip my fork in the dressing then into the salad, so really, not much dressing at all. I’ll have to search for a dressing that fits the criteria.
  • Most potato chips. Baked Lays have moved sugar down to the 4th ingredient, so I’m good to go with those 😉
  • Pancake batter, even the light and fluffy stuff. While sugar is 2nd in almost all premade batters, it moves down to 3rd in the light and fluffy. Still too high, so I have to make homemade batter, where sugar comes in 4th or 5th.
  • Peanut Butter, even the lighter stuff has sugar way up high on the list. This is no surprise. I switched to Adams All Natural peanut butter a couple of years ago. It’s AWESOME! Way better than the other “all natural” PBs out there.
  • Jelly of course has a ton of sugar in it as well. I’ve switched to Just Fruit spread. Yummola!
  • Chicken Wings at BW3. THIS will be tough for me! I love love love them, but they are so so so bad for me! That was my “last meal” on Fat Tuesday – medium chicken wings and Coke :-)
  • Many store-bought flour tortillas have quite a bit of sugar in them. This should be easy to remedy with a replacement, though.
  • G2 – the reduced calorie blah blah blah sport drink still has high fructose corn syrup as the 2nd ingredient. I was a little bummed, but not surprised, by this.

So there you have it . . . a bit of the list of things I’m avoiding for Lent. I’m finding new things every day that I can’t eat, and wonderful new yummy things that I can! My favorite new snack? Frozen red grapes with sugar-free jello-powder on them. Not much aspartame in one packet, and you use one small packet for a bunch of grapes. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this snack as well! Just pour the jello-o powder in a large Ziploc bag, dump the washed grapes in the bag, zip it up, shake, and freeze. Voila! Yummo snack :-)

We’re going up boarding this weekend . . . could be a bit more of a challenge avoiding all of this sugar while I’m not at home and am eating out more! Wish me luck!

‘Tis The Season

Let the GAMES begin! I must say that my family has been very lucky the past 18 months . . . not really an illness to speak of – not even a sniffle.

Alas, today, Princess changed all that. She had a fever when she came home from school yesterday – 101. She acted fine. You’d never know she was sick if you didn’t feel her head and see those bright red cheeks. She played, ate a ton for dinner, played some more, watched a movie, ate ice cream. No symptoms what-so-ever. That’s how she is – totally asymptomatic – she can have total strep and after like 4 days say she’s got a tickle in her throat. Sometimes I wish she’d feel and look more miserable – cuz by the time she complains and I notice symptoms, the doc thinks I’m crazy for waiting that long! But hey – if the kid looks and acts fine and says nothing, how are you supposed to know?

Anyway – Hubby took her to the doc today to get her checked out – we’re travelling a lot in the next week and a half. Turns out, she doesn’t have strep, which is what she usually has when she has those symptoms, or lack thereof. Instead, she has the “mystery virus” that’s going around. Apparently this mystery virus causes you to get blisters on your throat, and oftentimes adds croupe to the whole deal.

This should be a lot of fun with our upcoming travels! It is contageous since it’s a virus, and there’s nothing we can do about it. But doc did say that the contageousness is most likely over since she’s already developed the fever and all that jazz.

So I guess we’ll just keep her hydrated and rested and away from her brother and hope for the best!