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I was happy when Keira wanted to get a costume for Halloween and go trick or treating with her friends :-) As long as you dress up, you can go trick or treating as long as you want to!

She chose to be an elephant. I giggled because it’s a redo. 13 year old elephants are not quite as cute as 10 month old elephants, but still cute and fun :-)





Loved how much fun she had trick or treating with her friends . . . and that she didn’t mind that a couple moms tagged along (in costume, I might add – although no photos of the big people).


Oh Jim!

When your girlfriend is a fan of the show The Office and you need a last-minute Halloween costume?

Three-hole Punch Jim – BAM!



The “real” Three-hole Punch Jim for comparison – I think Jason nailed it :-)


What Is It With Men And Giant Christmas Trees?

Seriously – why do men always have to have the biggest Christmas tree on the planet?

A few years ago, we purchased an artificial tree after we discovered Dude was totally allergic to the real ones we were cutting down and stuffing in the house every December. It’s a beautiful artificial tree – full and covered in lights and 6 feet tall.

What’s not to love (except that it’s fake)???

Last year, Hubby and Dude were let loose shopping alone AFTER Christmas . . . and we all know what that means – SALE!

They bought a new artificial tree. They told me they bought it and I said they were ridiculous why would you spend money on that when we have a beautiful tree already! Sheesh!

They said “It’s taller. We needed a taller tree for the new house.”

Whatever. They put it in the barn without me even seeing it.

Totally forgot about it.

Then this year when I went out to get the totes of decorations, I saw two tree boxes and remembered.

Grrrrrrrr. Two friggin’ trees. Seriously?!

I looked at the box – 12 friggin’ feet tall? WTH are we going to do with a 12 foot tall Christmas tree? We are NOT tall people? Even with a ladder we won’t be able to decorate the top!

Then we put it up. And I was happy because it was a skinny tree. Very tall and skinny.

And I have to admit, it fit perfectly in the spot where we put our Christmas tree.

And I love it! As always, Hubby did good :-)


And if you’ve been to my house, you know how high up those windows are, and you realize that yes, that is indeed a 12 foot tall Christmas tree! We did indeed get the topper up there and manage to put ornaments near the top. Hubby may even have taunted Princess and put a bunch of the candy canes up where she can’t reach them. Dude got in on the fun, too. He told Princess to reach as high as she could, then he put a candy cane just out of her reach :-) Hee hee! Brothers!

PS – Clearly we have plenty of ornaments for this tree and will continue to add our annual “family” ornament. Our new quest? A Christmas Story tree! We’re going to use the 2nd tree in the family room downstairs and decorate it in A Christmas Story theme. If you see anything on sale, lemme know so I can start shopping for the new old tree ornaments!

Christmas in Pictures

And a few words (because it’s me!)

We traveled to MN for 10 days for Christmas. We were fortunate to get to spend time with all 3 families!

First, the Boedies :-)

Love this pic of Grandpa and the Grandsons

Grandpa, Grandma, and the Grandkids


The whole fam

Then we were off to the Millers! The last time Dude and Princess saw their cousins on this side, one of the cousins (who is now 5) wasn’t even born! Dude had a blast with the boys, which rekindled his requests for a little brother – um HELL NO!


I think the boys liked having a “big brother” around, too :-)

They reluctantly took a break long enough to let Princess in a Cousins photo

The whole Fam



Last, but not least, was the Baker family. We do things our own way, for sure! Like spending Christmas day bowling and playing mini golf and shooting each other in multiple cut-throat games of laser tag. Princess used this time to show off her style :-)



Hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas and wishing an Exceptional 2015 for all!

Merry Christmas!

We’re in MN for Christmas this year, so we had our family Christmas at home before we left. One thing we were ALL excited about was the very high ceilings our new house has . . . the tree fit AND we were able to put the topper on! Woot :-) Here we are in all of our Christmas readiness before we headed out for dinner with awesome friends, QT and Ed.

 After an amazing dinner, we came home, got comfy, and had our little family Christmas. Christmas music, drinks, and fun. One rule we have is you have to put on anything you get that you can wear. Princess got Hubby and Dude A Christmas Story costumes 😉

 Got Ralphie?!


After opening gifts, I saw this. I don’t even know what to say except for if this man could have run for office before, he certainly can’t now 😉

Merry Christmas from The Boedies!


As a fam, we love to “do” – we love being out there doing things, seeing things, being active, being together.

But my GAWD this fall of a lot of “nothing” has been AMAZING! Very therapeutic.

The minute we got back from our last baseball tournament in Steamboat Springs, we bought the Audi.

Driving around in a convertible you’ve wanted for years is definitely good therapy.

We ordered our hot tub and have had it installed for a month now. TOTAL therapy.

We’ve come home after school and – TALKED. Have done homework without time stress. Have spent time at the barn with one awesome horse. Eaten dinner AT THE TABLE – TOGETHER. Watched some favorite shows on TV together. Done whatever tickled our fancy on the weekends.

It’s been a great break that we all desperately needed.

With that therapeutic break in crazy comes a renewed anticipation of one of my favorite times of year – THE HOLIDAYS!

Instead of feeling like just one more thing I HAVE to do, I’m downright excited!

We decorated for Halloween.

I’m looking forward to decorating for Turkey Day.

I’m anticipating decorating for a party with some friends.

I can’t WAIT to decorate for Christmas.

And, I’ve wrapped a couple Christmas presents already.

Yep – you read that right. She who groans audibly when walking into any store that has Christmas stuff out before Halloween has wrapped gifts. Two of ’em – sitting right there in my hobby room all wrapped and ready to go under the tree that may or may not make it out of the box before Thanksgiving.

Yes – we’re a little excited for the holidays this year.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The new Bass Pro Shop is way too close to our house :-) We had a good time wandering around last week! Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh Christmas Tree!


I give to you a list of my favorite things about our 2012 Christmas tree… in no particular order:

#1 – The white tinsel. Princess wanted tinsel on the tree this year. We had red and white. She insisted I do red and she do white. She is just over 4 feet tall, as is the white tinsel :-)

#2 – The quilted tree skirt that my MIL sent me.

#3 –  The fact that the tree was too tall for our house and we had to bend the top even though when we bought this artificial tree at the end of the season last year, we knew exactly how high our ceiling was and how tall the tree was.


#4 – The tree did not make my Dude stuffy and miserable for the entire Christmas holiday with alergies.

#5 – The annual kid picture ornaments.

#6 – The family “event” ornaments – Alaska floatplane, camper, yellow lab, hot air balloon, snowboarding Santa.

#7 – The handmade ornaments from the kiddos.

#8 – The skydiving Santa ornament. Can’t find it? Here it is!


#9 – No needles to vacuum after we took it down.

#10 – No daily watering and wondering if today will be the day the fireplace sets the real tree that has dried out on fire!

#11 – The candy canes that my kiddos insist we decorate the tree with every year. I’m certain this is because “it looks good” and not because they want to eat one every single day.

#12 – The Sock Monkey ornament. It just makes me giggle.

#13 – How warm and inviting it makes our family room look for an entire month.

#14 – The feelings of joy, happiness, love, and gratefullness we feel when we sit around it.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of love, happiness, and family!












Boo 2012!

Halloween – it came, we saw, we trick or treated, we went to bed :-) Hubby was gone at a conference this year (boo hoo!). It’s usually the previous week, but they moved it a week this year. The even huger bummer was hurricane Sandy made sure a lot of folks couldn’t even make it to the conference – they were down 10,000 people this year – people who had registered but just couldn’t make it. Total bummer he missed Halloween for a conference that wasn’t as awesome as it usually is.

Princess was beautiful as a Black Widow :-)


She chose the costume at Walmart about a month ago. $15? I snagged it and quietly did a happy dance in my own head! This was her all dressed up for a Halloween party last Saturday. She was very excited about the fake eyelashes, which were awesome until she decided to bob for apples and they fell off in the bucket :-) We met some friends for trick-0r-treating last night . . . but barely! Princess wasn’t feeling great – sore throat and cough – but she wanted to go. We ended up doing one big block with our buddies, then headed home. She was in bed sleeping by 7:45! Bummed she wasn’t feeling well, but kinda happy there isn’t a lot of candy in the house.

Dude decided to hang out with a couple of his neighborhood buddies this year and scare trick-or-treaters as they came to his friend’s house. I guess when you’re 12, that’s what you do on Halloween! The 3 boys dressed up creepy and scary and had a blast putting on a show for the kids who dared walk down the street. Dude was a Weazer . . . don’t know what that is? It’s a creepy character from the Furnace series of books that he and I read last summer… here’s the cover he used as inspiration for his Weazerness:


And here’s Dude in his costume, complete with syringe ink pens:


He was pretty creepy looking in the dark jumping out of the ditch! He and the boys hit a few select houses for some trick-or-treating before heading back to scare unsuspecting visitors. The 5 choice houses they hit were the ones that gave away a full bag of candy (yes, seriously), a King-sized Kit Kat, and full-sized Baby Ruth, Snickers, and Milky Way – one of the bonuses of living in a neighborhood without a lot of trick-or-treaters . . . the houses that buy candy buy well!

We had fun this year with parties and friends, and I’m way happy about the much smaller amount of candy we have in our house!

What’s next? Down with the Halloween decorations, leaving the few that can also be considered Turkey Day decorations . . . then getting ready for Christmas! I’m way excited for it this year, so we may be THAT house with our Christmas decorations up rediculously early :-)

Easter Egg Garden

We always have a fun night coloring eggs, but this year I bought a couple fun kits for us to play with. The result was a fun Easter Egg garden in addition to our regular eggs:



This egg has accepted its fate:



This egg apparently just found out about his fate:



This two-headed guy apparently found frightened guy’s epiphany funny:



This guy:



. . . is laughing hysterically at this guy:



Mr. Cool Monster with the sleepy eyes and . . .


. . . Bunny tattoo :-)

Hope you all had a good Easter!