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I May Grow Older But I Will Never Grow Up

Alien Blasters!

On our way to Carlsbad, we were passed on the Interstate by two Google Streeetview cars as we approached Santa Rosa, NM.

Dan convinced the kids they were Alien Blasters headed to Roswell :-)

Gotta love messin’ with the kids!

Got Mud?

More from WI. No, you’re not supposed to drive until you’re 16 . . . but sometimes I’m willing to break the rules in the name of fun. No, Princess does not have freckles :-)









He Said Swinger

We’re going to Copper Mountain on Saturday with another family. I initially said “no” to the invitation because we already have season passes to Breckenridge and the lift tickets at Copper are $92 for adults and $49 for kids (OUCH!). My friend said they had some kind of deal where if you have a pass from anywhere else in the country, you can get a lift ticket for $39. So I called Copper’s ticket office to see what the details were and he said  . . .

“Oh ya – that’s our swinger deal if you want to try us out for one day.”

Hee hee – call me juvenile, but them calling it there Swinger Deal made me giggle.

A Little Whitewater Never Hurt Anybody

While the kiddos are getting spoiled rotten at G’ma and G’pa’s house, Hubby and I made impromptu plans to go whitewater rafting through the Royal Gorge with one of his work buddies who was here working. It was so fun to be able to make last-minute plans like that! We hadn’t been rafting in over 10 years.

The weather was beautiful, the river great, the Gorge was amazing, and the rafting was awesome!

*Note – this is probably the only time I will ever post pictures of myself in a swimming suit!


Ted, Me, and Hubby before we got in the raft. Note our VERY stylish river boots! Last time we went, they made us wear wet suits even though it was warm out, so we figured we’d be doing the same this time. Um, nope. But, you can’t raft barefoot, in flip flops, or in Crocs. We hadn’t brought anything but flip flops for our feet assuming we’d wear a wet suit and river boots. Well, we ended up with Boots and Suits :-) I know – we’re irresistable!


Hubby and I enjoying the ride before we get to the bigger rapids. I just have to say, this rafting trip is awesome, even when you’re not working, because the views are AMAZING!


This helicopter buzzed us, literally, a few times on our journey. This tour guide is a MANIAC! Oh. My. Gawd! He would be so close to the water flying through the gorge and then he’d pull up and climb the huge walls on the side, turn and come back down. It made me want to throw up just WATCHING it! But I still wanna do it 😉


Here we are heading into Sunshine Falls . . . the last rapids before the ones that go right by all the people below the Royal Gorge Bridge. We all look so relaxed, don’t we? I’m wondering if our guide knows something we don’t know!


Maybe this was what he was seeing come up. He was getting ready to bark some orders and put us to work! Tellin’ ya – loads and loads of fun!


Here we are after making it through The Gorge. Notice the Suspension Bridge above us . . . it was very cool. The bridge is just as cool from the top as it is from the bottom! Totally a vacation destination for all you out-of-staters :-)


After the Gorge, there are a few more class 3s before you float the last 4 miles into town. We saw all kinds of fun stuff, including a few big horn sheep hangin’ out on shore. Pretty neat!


Ted – all I can say is “It’s hard to look smart in a helmet.”

Finally, kudos to our guide company, Raft Masters – They ROCK! We’ve used them all 3 times we’ve gone rafting through The Gorge – they were just as great this time as they were 10 years ago. AND, they had quite a few of the same guides, which says a LOT about that company. They are professional, knowledgeable, safe, and a TON of fun. If you ever want to raft through the Royal Gorge, definitely check out Raft Masters in Canon City. (No, I don’t know anybody who works at this company – and I live more than an hour away – they are just that awesome that I wanted to give them kudos.)

Frigid and Fun

Two words that describe our weekend :-)

We headed to Breckenridge after school/work on Friday to hang out and play for the weekend. We stayed in Vail Friday night . . . took us 3 hours to get there with the snow and icy roads, but we made it!

Up Saturday to head to Breckenridge for a day of lessons . . . skiing for Princess and boarding for me, Hubby, and Dude. I am soooo proud of the kids! They both did their entire day lesson without complaint . . . oh, did I mention that it was 6 degrees with about -25 windchill and that at times while we were up on the mountain we had to stop and wait because of white-outs due to the wind? So ya – it was a little cold . . . but the kids got to take quite a few hot chocolate breaks, which was cool. I have to say, Breck knows how to do it with the kids :-)

Hubby and I learned a TON in this lesson – our second one. It was so awesome – our unlimited lesson pass will certainly come in handy this season!

Dude was taking a level 4 lesson and did awesome! Only one other kid in his class, so pretty much a private lesson all day :-) Hubby and I were riding up the lift and saw Dude below us on the hill in his lesson. If what they were learning is part of level 4, I want no part of it 😉 They were learning basic free-style moves! Learning how to do twists off of mini-jumps! Ya – I’m sure the boarder dude instructors (who are awesome with the kids!) do this to make it fun for the mini-boarder dudes, but all the same . . . I am so not needing to learn any freestyle moves on my board 😉 I’m 36 . . . I know what pain feels like . . . I’m out of shape . . . freestyle moves are not on my to do list . . . just sayin’.

What else . . .

DewTour ’08 was at Breck this past weekend, so we got to see the pros and top amateur skiiers and boarders doing tricks on the jumps and the half-pipe. During one of the breaks Dude’s group took from their lesson, they headed up to check out the competition. Dude got to meet Shaun White and Hannah Teeter! His instructor said they got their picture taken with them and everything. I asked if we could get a copy and he said he had no clue because it was some random lady who asked if he and the kids would step into the photo with Shaun and Hannah. But COOL! Dude was on cloud 9. Oh, and he got his first taste of Mountain Dew since they were giving it away free :-) This of course brought back memories of Hubby and I living on cold left-over pizza and Mountain Dew through college and early married life :-) Dude thought that was hilarious!

Princess finally got off the magic carpet and got to go up the lift with her instructor! She’s stopping and turning and good to go. One more lesson and she might be able to come out on the slopes with us :-) She did so well and had a blast . . . she’s not our cold weather kid, so we thought for sure she’d have bugged out of her lesson early. But nope, she got back a little late even! We were totally surprised when we saw her and her instructor making it back to the Kids Castle from the lift!

We bugged out of riding on Sunday because it was so friggin’ cold and 2 days in a row would have been a bit much in that weather. Instead, we listened to a pitch for time-shares for a couple hours (hey, they gave us a free room for the weekend for that 2 hours of time – it was totally worth it!). Then headed to the resort where they gave us free day passes and enjoyed the hot tubs and pool – outside. Hubby and I drank too many boat drinks at dinner – it was happy hour – but no problem since we didn’t drive and the shuttle took us back to our hotel. And because we had too many boat drinks, Dude and Princess got the hugest ice cream bars ever for dessert at the restaurant. Guess that’s what happens when mom and dad’s judgement is a bit impaired!

Hubby and Dude went boarding on Monday – it was much warmer and sunny – the sun makes all the difference up here! Princess and I packed up the room and went shopping :-) Hubby and Dude tried out the run that takes them right into town and we picked them up there and headed to the resort for another day in the hot tubs and pools . . . fun fun fun!

Princess turned 6! Woo hoo . . . yes, she turned 6 while we were gone. She got to choose lunch, dinner, and pretty much whatever else she wanted on Monday. And of course she opened her presents when we got home 😉

We all crashed WAY early – all that fun wore us out!

We had a great weekend and can’t wait to head up there again! Anyone want to join us?

Wii Are Resting

UPDATE: As of 1535 we are up to 15 inches of snow and it’s still falling fast! Woo hoo!!!


Since I last visited the Internet, we’ve celebrated Princess’s birthday with G’ma and G’pa so they could watch her open her gifts. We also celebrated Christmas with them . . . this is what they gave Dude and Princess…

We are totally not a video game family. Outside of a couple plug-n-plays (I just HAD to have Ms. Pac Man!), we don’t have any – until now! And man did we have fun with it! It’s the best video game ever! We all had a blast bowling . . . even G’ma and G’pa. We tried out a ton of the games and our arms were even sore after playing for a couple days – straight 😉 Yes, we are getting older!

Grandma and Grandpa had to leave yesterday, so we got the house cleaned up after they left and then went to see Bolt. Lucky for us – we got to sit in the FRONT row . . . bluck! But it was still fun – I think Bolt is one of my favorite kid movies of the past couple years :-) Then it was home for some quiet time and then off to some friends’ house for dinner, drinks, and fun. And guess what . . . we played more Wii! The kids were downstairs playing with toys and watching a movie, so the adults got out some shots and started bowling . . . and then boxed . . . Oh. My. Gawd! That boxing is an actual workout! My back is even a bit sore today – no need for the gym, that’s for sure! So yes . . . the verdict is in  . . . Wii are getting older :-)

And then today, we woke up and saw THIS!

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you all again how much I love love love snow! And I would like nothing more than to go outside and play in this wonderful light fluffy snow . . . all 9 inches of it as of 8:00 a.m….

It’s supposed to keep snowing for most of the day – big fluffy dry flakes – woo hoo! But alas . . . after such a busy week, my plan is to sit inside and do pretty much nothing useful today – afterall, we do have an entire winter to enjoy here in the snowbelt. Oh, and this wonderful snowstorm means that I get to break out my SNOWBLOWER today – I. Can’t. Wait!

How was your weekend?

Bring On The Ben-Gay

Dad Gone Mad made me laugh out loud at my desk . . . only because I can see all of this happening, and feel his pain.

And it reminded me of the days of my youth . . . when we’d water ski all day long every single day. And once every summer, the “old people” (otherwise known as my actually very young parents, aunts, and uncles) would waterski – for like 2 minutes. We’d hook ’em all up to the backs of the boats and take off with them plowing behind getting a face full of water before finally making it out where they’d skim across the water with two sticks strapped to their feet. We’d go once around the bay and bring ’em back in for the ever-so-graceful-I-can-run-my-skis-into-shore-jump-out-of-my-skis-and-keep-on-walkin’-toward-the-camper-without-a-second-thought landing (no, it never actually happened that way – the dock would get in the way, or they’d forget that they were heavier than they were the previous year and they couldn’t actually skim to shore but would come up about 4 feet short when the skis sunk into the mud – not pretty.) Then the drinking would start . . . it was known as daiquiri day . . . the one day the beer cans were replaced with a blender, some juice, and a lot of rum. The next day was known as “stinky moaning groaning day” – the day none of them could walk because they were so friggin’ sore and they bathed in Ben-Gay. I remembering wondering out loud one of those days “I don’t understand what the problem is . . . why are you so sore after just that tiny bit of skiing. Sheesh! Big Babies!”

Then I got older. At the old age of 25, after taking about an 8 year break from water skiing, I strapped myself in and went for a ride. Oh. My. GAWD! You forget about all those little muscles that you never use! All I can say is that I was truly sorry for every joke I ever made at my parents’ expense about them being so out of shape and sore :-) Especially now that I’m a mere 10 years older than THAT . . . even the THOUGHT of water skiing makes me hurt! That, however, does not make me stop doing stupid things that will surely inure me, like racing my daughter around the park or swinging a bat a gazillion times at a batting cage or learning to snowboard.

So, what’s your “getting older” moment?