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I Need A Drink

Margarita, Anyone?

Ya – I know, the Corona holiday was a couple days ago (and yes I did indulge in a few too many Margaritas!) . . . but I need another one today.

When I was leaving Princess’ school this a.m., I opened the door to go outside and WHAM! Hit a little kid right in the head with the door and knocked him to the ground. I profusely apologized and asked the boy if he was OK, etc. etc. I must say, I would be DEAD if looks could kill! Boy’s Mom was not happy. In my defense, the glass door is darkly tinted and there were flyers taped to it, right in my line of sight, telling me that picture orders are due Friday, Strep throat is running around the building, Tuition was due last Friday, and Muffins with Mom is today – so pardon me if I didn’t see the little kid standing right in front of the door when I opened it.

Speaking of Muffins with Mom . . . UGH! I’ve had on my calendar forEVER that it was from 9:00-11:00 – stop in any time and have a muffin and some juice with your kid. So we invited QT to come along as well. When I dropped Princess off at school at 7:45, the sign said “Muffins with Mom – 7:00-9:00 a.m.” WTF?! QT wasn’t coming until 9:00 and since it’s a 45 minute drive for her, I couldn’t call her and ask her to leave earlier. So, I explained to the administrator what had happened and could they please leave at least 3 muffins out for us so QT didn’t come for nothing and Princess wouldn’t be disappointed since she was expecting Me, QT, AND a muffin. They obliged – THANK YOU!

Then I get assigned a new project at work – one I’m very excited about – but I don’t have the correct software on my laptop, and I’m not buying it for $999! I find a version here in the office – woo hoo! But, there is no serial number on it – anywhere. Can’t find it in any of our software boxes, it’s not on the CD, and it doesn’t display on the About screen on the one computer it’s already loaded on. (For the record, I’m not pirating – this software allows you to load it on a work computer and a home or portable computer.) So I call the software people to see if they can help me. They can’t find us in the system – the IT guy that no longer works here didn’t register the software – UGH! So I get an order from our accounting department for it . . . turns out we bought this software from Dell instead of from the actual software company – WTH?! So I call Dell and get stuck in HELL! I talk to a guy – he takes my inforamtion and says he’ll transfer me to the right department – I get hold music, then an automatic “select from the following options” loop from HELL that I can’t get out of or ever get to talk to someone. I hang up and call back. Same thing happens. I hang up and call back. SAME DAMN THING HAPPENS! It has now been 45 minutes and I’ve accomplished nothing. I call back one more time, with FEELING. Lady takes all my information and says she’ll transfer me . . . I STOP her and explain what’s happened to me so far with this transferring crap. She stays on the line until someone answers . . . woo hoo! He transfers me . . . ugh! I talk to the next lady, she transfers me. One more time after that I get transferred! Finally, a guy who says he knows what I needs, but “You’ll have to call back tomorrow because the guy who can help you is out of the office today.” WTF?! I say to him “Are you SERIOUS?! You mean to tell me that in ALL OF DELL, there is ONE person who can give out a lost serial number? AND, he happens to not be working today?” Yes, Ma’am, that’s what I’m telling you. Oh. My. GAWD! So he gives me the dude’s extension. I’m like, um, I can I have his phone number please? He INSISTS he just gave it to me. I tell him that he gave me his extension, and since I’ve been transferred 5 TIMES I have no clue what actual original number to call. He gives me the number. 1 hour and 10 minutes later, I hang up with a phone number, an extension for a guy who’s name I can’t pronounce, and instructions to call back to Hell tomorrow.

Then, I went to the grocery store deli to grab lunch. I got “Ma’am”ed by a teenage girl. While I was proud of her for saying “Go ahead Ma’am” (and almost asked her for her mother’s phone number so I could call and thank her for teaching her daughter wonderful manners) . . . I was also bummed that she thought I was old enough to be Ma’am’ed. Ho Hum.

I cancelled on an invitation to a “Girls That Swirl” meeting tonight. It’s a group of women that get together once a month and have a wine tasting. There’s one woman in the group who grew up on a vineyard and knows what she’s doing and teaches everyone. Tonight they’re exploring wines from the Tuscany region . . . and I cancelled. My FIL came last night, and I want to spend time with him. So yay for FIL – BOO for missing yummo Tuscany wine tasting.

So, I’m off to Dude’s baseball game, then Princess’ soccer practice . . . maybe I’ll get that Margarita around 8:00 tonight. A girl can hope!