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Little Voices

I Like Her Confidence

I found this on the counter when I got home the other day . . .


Princess’ response when I mentioned that it was only November and possibly a bit early for a thank you note to Santa… “I’m crazy busy and I wanted to get this done while I had a minute.”

I have no idea where she’s heard that :-)

While I like her confidence that Santa will indeed visit the House of Boedie, if her behavior this morning was any indication of the next 3 weeks, she may be sorely disappointed.

*** I also like that she’s actually thinking about thank you notes on her own now – yay!

Fifty Dollars

Me: Hands birthday card from my Mom to Dude. Hey, Dude. Look what Noisy Grandma gave me for my birthday!
Dude: What?! No way! You got $50! Sheesh – I only get $5!
Me: Um, what (pause for dramatic effect) EVER! Dude, you get $5 just for EXISTING . . . like “Oh here Dude, here’s $5 because it’s Thursday. Love, Grandma.”
Dude: Ya. That might be true.
Me: I can’t wait! Now I get to call and schedule my facial!
Dude: What are you going to do with the rest of the money?
Me: Um, that will use all the money.
Dude: What?! You’re going to spend ALL of that money on a FACIAL! Seriously? Do you KNOW how many Legos you could buy with that much money? Walks away shaking his head and mumbling . . .  What a waste.

How our lives change…

To The Point

On our hike to Pancake Rocks, or any hike for that matter, Dude and Princess always look for walking sticks. Conversation with Dude on the way down . . .

Dude: These really are some cool walking sticks I found this time.
Me: Yes, they are. They worked well today.
D: Yup. And this one – it’s got like little things on the top so if I broke my leg or something I could use it like a crutch.
M: Ya – that is pretty cool.
D: And this one, it has that cool pokey end on it, so if a mountain lion or a bear came to attack us I could just stab it with my sharp stick and it would run away and we could run down the mountain.
M: Yup. That sounds like a good plan, too.
D: Man, it sure would be nice to have sticks like this every time I go hiking.

Pause . . . pause . . . pause . . .

D: Yup. These walking sticks sure are really cool. It would be a bummer to have to drop them on the trail somewhere.

Pause . . . pause . . . pause . . .

D: Um, Mommy? I was trying to get you to say that I could bring them home. So can I?


Of course I said Yes after he went through all that trouble 😉

The Other Ball

April 2010
: Hey Princess. It’s time to sign up for a spring sport. Do you want to play Little League coach pitch or play YMCA soccer?
Princess: Totally soccer!

And so we did . . .

June 2010
Me: Hey Princess. It’s time to sing up for a summer sport. Do you want to play YMCA coach pitch or do gymnastics again?
Princess: I want to do whatever that game you play with the ball is.
Me: Baseball?
P: Yes.

And so we did. And I’m coaching her team.

August 2010
Me: Hey guys. This is our last week of YMCA baseball. I’ve had a lot of fun, but it’ll be nice for baseball to finally be over.
Dude: Ya. I like baseball, but I’m ready for a little break.
Princess: I don’t really like baseball.
Me: What?! But you said you wanted to play, and that you wanted me to coach your team!
P: Ya. But after I got to play, I remembered that’s not the game I wanted to play. I wanted to play that one that you do inside where you hit the ball up into the air.
Me: Volleyball?
P: Yes.

I just about died laughing! Seriously – she watched Dude play baseball 3 nights a week from April-June. I don’t believe she actually didn’t know what it was called 😉

I guess I’ll have to find a volleyball camp for her somewhere this fall/winter.

Two Tickets To Paradise

In the car with Princess and Dude . . . listening to the radio on the way to summer day camp . . .

“I’ve got, two tickets to paradiiiise! Won’t you pack your bags, we’ll leave tonight! I’ve got . . .”

Dude: Hey Mom. Where’s Paradise?
Me: What?
Dude: Where is Paradise? That guy said he has two tickets to Paradise?
Me: Well, paradise is wherever you think is a great place to be. Like my paradise is in a cabin on a lake in Northern MN. Or maybe on a beach . . . but that’s just a short-term paradise . . . my real paradise is that whole MN thing with my family. Where’s your paradise?
Dude: Oh totally in a cabin . . . but mine is in the mountains, where I have to drive a 4-wheeler to get there. And I’ll have a yellow lab dog that rides it with me. And someone brings me groceries once every month, and the rest of the time I’ll just fish and stuff and eat that kind of thing. Oh, and there has to be a stream through my yard, and maybe a small waterfall I can see off my back porch. So ya – that’s my paradise.
Me: I like that paradise! How about you, Princess? What’s your paradise?
Princess: Um. A cabin on a lake in Northern MN, with a stream and a 4-wheeler and a dog and a waterfall.
Me: That sounds a lot like mine and Dude’s put together. Is that really YOUR paradise?
Princess: No. My paradise is just in MN.
Me: All of MN?
Princess: No. Not all of it. Just wherever the grandmas and grandpas are.

Smart girl . . . I would have to agree that paradise is indeed wherever your family is!

Is It Lent Yet?

In the past I’ve given up sugar and swearing for Lent. This past year, I gave up sugar. I should have given up swearing…

In the car listening to the radio – Waking Up in Vegas

Princess: Oh my gawsh! She just said a swear word on the radio! I thought they couldn’t do that?
Me: She didn’t REALLY say the swear word. She just said a word in place of the swear word.
P: In place of what word?
Dude: Oh! I know what word! But I can’t say it because I’d get in a LOT of trouble.
Me: Yes, you would get in a lot of trouble.
P: Oh. NOW I know what word it is, Mommy. It’s like when you say “Are you BEEP kidding me?!”

Yes. She actually said “beep” in place of the word.

Yes. Apparently I have said that terrible nasty word in front of my children in some of my not finest moments.

Yes. I’m giving up swearing . . . now, instead of waiting for Lent.

Rabbits Berries

OMG I’m still laughing!

In the car with Princess . . .

Me: So, did you have fun at your Valentine’s Day party today?
Princess: Totally! We had so much yummy food and we were all so full.
Me: Cool – glad you had fun.
P: And you know what else? You know how Aspen is so small? Well, she had about 6 of those breakfast treats with the rabbits berries inside!
Me: stifling a giggle You mean raspberries?
P: Ya – whatever they’re called – but she loved ’em!

I would hope that Aspen doesn’t love rabbit berries – but hey, who am I to judge!

Crackers and Cupcakes

On my typical Monday morning yesterday, I was volunteering in Princess’ 1st grade classroom. One of the things they were working on was identifying cracker (dry, boring) words and changing them to cupcake (fun, exciting) words. So the sentence “My mom is very pretty.” would end up being something like “My mom is extremely beautiful.”

Last night at dinner. . .

Me: Princess, where are you going?
Princess: I’m full.
Me: Sit down. You haven’t eaten any of your chili. You are going to be hungry and there will be no snacks.
P: Oh fine.

She eats a couple Fritos dipped into her chili and gets up again.

Me: What are you DOING?!
P: I ate some more.
Me: Um, you ate some more chips. Try 2 more big bites of chili.
P: OK – fine!

She takes two small bites of chili and starts to clear her stuff from the table.

Me: Seriously? That was not two big bites.
P: looking over her should as she walks away to the kitchen with her bowl in hand . . . Well, it WAS two bites, and you said TWO bites. Anyways – BIG is a cracker word. You should use something better like LARGE or  GINORMOUS!

Oh how I LOVE her big – er ginormous – personality :-)

I’m Just So Happy!

The fam went snowboarding/skiing last weekend. Beautiful day. Good times were had by all. Even though Princess could get down the hill twice as fast as the rest of us, she chooses to follow me “so she doesn’t get lost.” On one of our first runs, she is squealing and whooping and hollering all the way down. At the bottom . . .

Me: That was FUN! Princess, you were squealing the whole way down!
Princess: I know. And I cried lots of the way down, too!
Hubby: Cried? How come?
Princess: Because I was just so happy!

4 Summit Passes . . . $1000
Lunch at Subway . . . $22
Hearing your 7 year old tell you she’s so happy she cried . . . Priceless

Mr. Ford

Dude and I are standing in the kitchen after school, doing the customary empty the backpack, check the planner, look at the homework routine.

Me: Dude, looks like you have another big book report to do before winter break.
Dude: Yup. It has to be on an inventor or scientist of something like that.
Me: Do you know who you want to do it on?
Dude: Not really. I thought about it in the library, but there are too many to choose from.
Me: What if you did it on Henry Ford?
Dude: Why would I do it on Henry Ford? What did he do that was so amazing?
Me: Um, he only invented the CAR!
Dude: Oh totally, then! I totally want to do it on Henry Ford. That’s so cool that Han Solo invented the CAR!”
Me: (gasping for air from laughing to hard) Um Buddy, they are NOT the same person. HARRISON Ford was Han Solo – HENRY Ford invented the car.
Dude: Oh. Bummer. Oh well, inventing the car is cool anyway – I’ll guess I’ll do Henry Ford.