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More than 2 eyes

A New Set of Eyes

On october 17, 2008, my little Princess got her first pair of glasses. I was all relaxed about it, figuring we’d be replacing them a few times in her first year. I mean, she was just 5 afterall! To my surprise, she made it almost an entire year without so much as a scratch on them!

Almost. On October 12, 2009, they broke. Unfixable. The problem? You guessed it . . . insurance will only pay for an eye exam once every 12 months. We were so close to the year timeframe, that we kept her appointment for the 18th and she went blind at school for a week.

At her eye exam, we found out her eyes had gotten considerably worse – 20/250 now AND she needed bifocals. Yup, near sighted and she crossed her eyes when reading. We picked out a pair of glasses, paying attention to the cost of the frames because you know what else? Insurance will only pay for new frames every TWO years, even for kids. Seriously? What kid under 13 can go two years without breaking their glasses? Sheesh.

Anyhoo . . . we picked out a pair that ended up costing us $240 with the bifocal lenses, etc. OUCH! Have I mentioned that she’s 6?

With her bad eyesight, we couldn’t wait 2 weeks for them to come in from the factory, so we headed to Lens Crafters to get her a pair in about an hour :-) I limited her choices a bit more here, paying VERY close attention to the price since this entire pair, including lenses, was coming out of my pocket. Thankfully, Lens Crafters gives all kids under 12 50% off . . . whew! We got out of there with another $200 pair of backup glasses (bifocals are EXPENSIVE!).

So she goes a whole year without breaking her first pair. This time? She made it one month before the screw fell out and she lost a bow on her “good” glasses (they have pink butterflies on the bows, so are certainly her favorites). We were on vacation, so we got a glasses kit at the gas station and put a temporary screw in. Then we went to the eye doctor and had them replace it with one that actually fit. Good to go?

Um, no. Exactly two weeks later, she bent the crap out of the bow when Dude pushed his buddy onto Princess and he kicked her in the face. Thank goodness for backup glasses again! We head back into the eye doctor to see if they can fix them. They heat them up and can bend them back into place without breaking them. Whew! Pretty soon they’re going to start locking the doors when they see us pull up.

We’ll see how long the cutest toothless Princess in bifocals can go without another glasses mishap!


That’s her making a candy cane reindeer at her first Girl Scout sleepover. And yes, all she wants for Cwithmuth is her two front teeth (and a real live kitty)! 

A Couple Extra Eyes

Not only did she need glasses, but she has astigmatism. We’re not surprised . . . my mom has terrible eyesight and astigmatism, as does my brother. Hubby’s family has even worse eyesight – Hubby was legally blind without glasses before lasik. I had bad eyesight, too . . . man I love lasik!!!

I wasn’t there for Keira’s exam. I did not get to help pick out her glasses. Hubby and Dude helped her. When they told me they were purple, I was not surprised, but was slightly worried 😉

They did good :-) Isn’t she the cutest thing in glasses that you’ve ever seen?!