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Never Gonna Happen

Make It A Boy This Time!

I took the kids to visit a friend and their brand new baby yesterday.
Dude was TOTALLY in love with the baby! He could have sat there and started at her forever . . . he kept saying how small everything was and how cute she was and how he wished he could hold her and change her diaper.
Then this conversation happened:
Dude: Mom, can you have another baby? And can you make it a boy this time?
Princess: No, make it a girl!
They continued on with this argument for quite a while . . . at the house and in the car on the way home . . . like they got to make this decision and I had nothing to do with it.
Um, I hate to burst their bubble, but we are NOT having another baby. Ever.
They were CRUSHED that I wouldn’t even consider it.
Next time I take them to see her, she better be unhappy and crying and have diarrhea – not sleeping.