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Got Fire?

When you’re driving through Nebraska in 100 degree heat 7 hours into a 12 hour drive, the last thing you want is to be stopped on the Interstate. Then you see why and discover that slowing down a bit isn’t nearly as bad as what these people are doing…




Is It Lent Yet?

In the past I’ve given up sugar and swearing for Lent. This past year, I gave up sugar. I should have given up swearing…

In the car listening to the radio – Waking Up in Vegas

Princess: Oh my gawsh! She just said a swear word on the radio! I thought they couldn’t do that?
Me: She didn’t REALLY say the swear word. She just said a word in place of the swear word.
P: In place of what word?
Dude: Oh! I know what word! But I can’t say it because I’d get in a LOT of trouble.
Me: Yes, you would get in a lot of trouble.
P: Oh. NOW I know what word it is, Mommy. It’s like when you say “Are you BEEP kidding me?!”

Yes. She actually said “beep” in place of the word.

Yes. Apparently I have said that terrible nasty word in front of my children in some of my not finest moments.

Yes. I’m giving up swearing . . . now, instead of waiting for Lent.


Hours in a Day

Title of one of my favorite shows to watch on DVD

Cupcakes sitting on my counter that we’ll have to “get rid of” because we missed the music program we were supposed to take them to.

Yup – I’m a big fat loser – the music program was the 28th. I’m SOOOO disappointed! Disappointed that Jason didn’t get to be in the program. Disappointed that the music teacher didn’t send home a reminder with the kids sometime in the past 2 weeks. Disappointed that Jason didn’t write down what she told him yesterday so we were sure we got it right. Disappointed that I got it wrong on the calendar and missed it.

I’m a FREAK about the calendar. I can’t remember the last time we missed something. I have everything written down. I hate being late. We never miss anything. So this is REALLY really REALLY bothering me that we missed this. I think I’ll go cry in the corner :-(

Jason, he really seems like he could care less . . . he just said “It’s a bummer. I’m a little disappointed because Henry said they got treats after the show!”

Well dude – we’ve got 24 treats up on our counter just waiting to be eaten!

I guess the bright side is the kids both had a blast at the birthday party and we learned a ton at Puppy Kindergarten with Duma . . . we would have missed both of those things for a 10 minute program (I called Josh’s mom and asked her about it) if we hadn’t messed up. Yes, I’m rationalizing me being stupid and irresponsible . . . bad mommy!