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Spring Sports

Apparently, they are upon us, since I’ve received notices that registrations for spring sports are now open!


It’s negative one million degrees out this week!

Anyhoo – Dude decided to play Rugby instead of baseball this spring.

So how is it that he convinced me to let him try out for a travelling baseball team on Tuesday?

There Are Some Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Mother

So Dude comes home from school late last week and says “Well, Mom. I learned a couple things today. One, I learned how dangerous football and rugby could be. One of the 8th graders fractured his neck and got a concussion at the football game yesterday. He was running with the ball with his head down and the other guy hit him and squished him. The second thing I learned is that you shouldn’t run with your head down.”

He starts Rugby today.

I told him there are some things you shouldn’t tell your mother, or she just might wrap you up in bubble wrap before she lets you out of the house.