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Hittin’ The Slopes!

Yesterday, the Boedies logged our 3rd day on the slopes this season. One of the bonuses of both of us being self-employed and working for our own company – Thursdays on the mountain!

We typically avoid the slopes during holidays, but Hubby was feeling a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders since quitting his “other” job, and I wasn’t ready to actually do any real work yet, so we packed up the kiddos and headed to Breckenridge for the day. It was CHILLY out there! When we got to town, the thermostat in the car said -24! Cold? Yes! But it was sunny and there was no wind, so we were good to go. At this point, I wish I had a photo of how differently the 4 of us dress for a day snowboarding.

No matter what the temperature . . . Hubby and Princess wear:

  • Long underwear
  • Another pair of Underarmourish pants
  • A 3rd pair of warm pants
  • A pair of super warm wool snowboarding/skiing socks
  • An underarmour shirt
  • A warm sweatshirt
  • Another warm wool shirt or sweatshirt
  • Snowboarding/Ski Boots
  • Toe warmers inside boots
  • Boarding/Ski pants
  • Boarding/Ski Jacket, with liner
  • Mittens
  • Hand warmers inside mittens
  • Head covering fleece gator thingy
  • Helmet
  • Goggles

Those two can single-handedly fill up the back of the SUV with their stuff.

Dude and I, on the other hand, were born polar bears. No matter the temperature, we wear:

  • Sweatpants (him) / running pants (me)
  • Underarmour
  • T-shirt
  • Regular boarding socks
  • Boarding pants
  • Jacket, without liner
  • Mittens – without hand warmers
  • Snowboarding boots – without toe warmers
  • Helmet – without fleece head cover gator thingy
  • Goggles

Hey – whatever gets you on the mountain, right?

Back to yesterday … -24 when we arrived, but sunny and no wind. Our oldest Colorado friend, E, brought his daughter, L, up to ski with us for the day. We had a blast! E was a huge skiier before Hubby and I got into it. Then he got married and had a daughter at the exact same time Hubby and I started snowboarding with Dude and Princess. This was the first time in the 17 years we’ve known E that we got to spend the day on the mountain together. It was awesome! L is 6 and sooooo cute in her little outfit! She and Princess had a blast cruising down the runs together, with E skiing right beside them trying to take pictures – most of which are blurry because the girls were going too fast! Fearless – I love it!

Dude had fun trying out all the little jumps and moguls on the sides of the runs while Hubby and I enjoyed cruising down the runs without injuring ourselves :-) For the first time I can recall, the Boedies didn’t head down to lunch at 11:00 on the nose. It was 12:30 before any of us even realized we were hungry! Then we looked at the lift line and realized everyone else had gone to lunch, so we couldn’t resist another quick run with such a short line during the Christmas holiday season.

After an awesome run with the mountain pretty much to ourselves, we actually decided to have lunch. A quick gondola ride and short 2 block walk to Subway and we were all refuelled and ready to go! We did one more run before calling it quits. The sun was setting behind the mountains, so half of the lift ride was FRIGID with no sun – and half the run was shaded, too. Hubby, Princess, L, and I all got our boards and ski’s off to head to the Gondola for the ride down, then realized Dude and E were heading up for one more run. E hasn’t gotten to “ski ski” as he puts it for at least 10 years. And we all know that the rest of us are just holding Dude back 😉 So they headed up for one last last frigid ride on the lift and run down in the shadows. Of course it was a race . . . the almost teen-aged snowboarder against the 40-something skiier.

Alas, my Dude was outsmarted yet again by the older wiser Uncle E. They had agreed to go through the moguls to see who could do them faster . . . but E was sucked in by the steep icy slope and couldn’t resist a bomb down the empty run while Dude navigated his way through the moguls as quickly as he could.

Had it been a warmer day, I’m sure the 4 of us would’ve been sitting at the bottom of that run while those two raced each other until they were kicked off the lift.

We were pretty chilly at that point, so we got a lift to the lodge on the shuttle for some hot tub time! After everyone was sufficiently thawed, E and L headed home while the Boedies headed to Dorothy’s in Fairplay for some bigger than your head bison burritos smothered in bison chili – soooooo good!

We had a great day and can’t wait for it to snow so we can get back up there again!

What did you do on one of your last days of Christmas break?

Spring Fever?

The Minnesotan in me loves winter. I love snow and cold and fires in the fireplace and game nights with the fam on nights that get dark way too early.

Here on the front range, we didn’t really get winter. It’s really quite a bummer. And this past week, it’s been in the 60s. Yes 60s. No snow. Kiddos wearing shorts to school! It actually rained the other day instead of snowing.

Last weekend, Dude and I spent the weekend at the baseball field for Little League tryouts, and we didn’t freeze to death! It was beautiful out. No hot chocolate. No stocking caps. No gloves. No long underwear. No fleece pullovers. No little kids so bundled up they can’t even swing the bat. Just regular old short-sleeved baseball jerseys and baseball attire.

We couldn’t take it anymore, so despite the warm temperatures they’re having up in the mountains, we decided to spend a day on the slopes with some friends on Sunday. Apparently, we were slightly challenged packing for this trip – or at least I was. The problem was that I had all day Saturday while the boys were at Scout training and Princess was at a friend’s house. Instead of going through my regular packing routine, I meandered around, getting distracted do other things in between packing our stuff. I didn’t forget anything important, but we did forget the two-way radios and a camera. After a slow start in the hotel after the time change, we finally made it to Copper, where I discovered a screw had fallen out of my binding on the drive up. I went to get that fixed while Hubby and the kids waited for our friends to text back where to meet them on the mountain. The fix it shop didn’t have the right stuff to fix my binding, so they jimmy-rigged it for the day. Turns out our friend’s phone battery ran out that morning, so we couldn’t get a hold of them either since I forgot the radios. We decided to head up the lift and see what happened. We did hear from them a while later, and were able to meet up right before lunch :-) It was great to be able to hang out with them on the mountain for the rest of the afternoon after our incredibly inefficient start to the day.

It was rediculously warm, there were  a lot of people, and the snow was craptastic, but a day hurling yourself down the mountain on bad snow is better than a good day in the city any time :-)

Spring is in the air . . . and the baseball gear is in the car right along side the snowboards . . . life is good!

What I Learned Over Spring Break Part VI – 03/22/10

I learned that . . .

. . . when you expect crappy snow on the slopes, you may be pleasantly surprised.

. . . when you expect large crowds and long lift lines during spring break, you may be extra pleasantly surprised.

. . . 9 year olds will not listen to you when you tell them they need to take it easy the first run or two to get the feel of a brand new board.

. . . 9 year olds will whine and complain and fall a lot when they refuse to adjust to their new board.

. . . it takes approximately 2 runs for a 9 year old to relax and just “feel” the board instead of trying to control it.

. . . trying out lots of new runs is a TON of fun!

. . . boarding with friends is always great.

. . . getting random calls from friends who happen to be on the same slopes on the same day is awesome!

. . . the more kids you have in a boarding/skiing group, the funnier it gets.

. . . my kids are fearless.

. . . my friends’ kids are fearless.

. . . it takes a lot of self-control to let your kids be fearless and experiment on the slopes.

. . . kids love to go through the trees and launch themselves off the jumps on the other side.

. . . kids are very flexible.

. . . kids bounce and bend when they fall.

. . . boarders and skiiers can have a great time together on the slopes.

. . . skiiers are awesome for being patient enough to wait for you to strap in at the top of the runs every single time.

. . . 1 fruit cup and a Gatorade costs $8 on the mountain.

. . . $8 is enough to instantly rejuvenate a drooping child near the end of a full day of boarding/skiing.

. . . my kids LOVE the mini terrain park.

. . . Dude thinks that because he rode a small slope up onto a wide rail and rode the rail to the end that he can “grind.”

. . . Princess gets pissed when she doesn’t go fast enough to make it across the entire rail and has to jump off in the middle.

. . . Princess will not make the same mistake two times in a row.

. . . it’s so fun to see your kids so excited about something new.

. . . I’m so glad my kids are willing to try new things.

. . . my Hubby will go in the terrain park with the kids.

. . . I was not willing to go into the terrain park on my last day on the slopes.

. . . I was SOOOO excited to end an entire boarding season without the slightest injury!

. . . we have wonderful friends who will invite us to their condo for awesome spaghetti dinner after a long day of boarding.

. . . friends are priceless.

Stay tuned to see what I learned in Part VII of Spring Break!

What I Learned Over Spring Break Part IV – 03/20/10

I learned that . . .

. . . for the 3rd morning in a row, my kids did not eat a good breakfast.

. . . Hubby took the kids to get donuts while I showered and packed.

. . . my kids could probably live on sugar if I let them.

. . . they were ready to get in the car and drive home so they could play with their friends.

. . . they were less than thrilled when we said we wanted to walk across the bridge to shop.

. . . they were very excited when we took the GPS with and found an earth-cache!


. . . the hot spring earth cache is cool!

. . . you need to answer some questions and post a picture of yourself by the cache before you can consider it found.

. . . skunks do not survive when they climb into a hot spring.


. . . one reason Hubby loaded the 2nd cache into the GPS was because it was at the airport.

. . . Dude refuses to believe that the GPS isn’t exactly on target.

. . . Dude will stand exactly where the GPS told him to be and pout when he can’t find the cache.


. . . Dude will refuse to consider the clues for the geocache when trying to find it.

. . . Hubby and I will continue to look for the cache while we consider the clues.

. . . Dude will be ecstatic when we find the cache.


. . . Dude will be bummed when there aren’t any cool things in the cache.

. . . Princess is more than happy to trade her really neato Hot Springs Resort and Spa hotel card for a rubber purple bracelet.

. . . a hotel card fits perfectly into an Altoids tin.

. . . all pilots will think that a plowed runway with mountains in the background is cool.


. . . my Hubby will wade through shin deep snow to try to get a picture of said runway and mountains.

. . . my kids will moan and groan when you tell them we’re eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant before we leave town.

. . . my kids will love the food and eat a ton of it.

. . . the drive back on Saturday is more car-filled than the drive to there on Wednesday.

. . . when semi-trucks have an accident on the highway outside of Alamosa, the cops will flag you to take a detour.

. . . the detour is not marked.

. . . the detour is not paved.

. . . the detour is a sand road in the dessert.

. . . you just drive around on the sand roads and hope you get back to the highway.

. . . you may run into a semi truck that looks like it got stuck in the sand 10 years ago and have to turn around and find a different sand road to take.

. . . following the dust from the vehicles in front of you is helpful.


. . . someone had big plans for this area of land.

. . . someone went through the trouble to plot lots and even name roads with road signs for the new neighborhood.

. . . the neighborhood would have had a great view of the Great Sand Dunes National Monument.

. . . the neighborhood never happened.

. . . the road signs are all rusted and bent.

. . . it was kind of sad to see someones dreams and hard work not completed.

. . . driving over Wolf Creek Pass in the snow gets your car wet.

. . . driving on a sand road with a wet car makes your car dirty.


. . . snowboards on a hitch rack also get dirty.


. . . there are still small towns out there that are actually small towns.

. . . gas stations do exist that sell only cans of pop.

. . . the drive over La Veta pass is pretty.

. . . you need to pay attention and be ready to completely stop on the highway behind a huge line of cars.

. . . you need to be flexible enough to realize there’s nothing you can do about it.

. . . you need to be fun enough to push your kids into the snow when you turn the car off and get out.

. . . 11 year old boys think they’re the smartest people on the planet.

. . . 11 year old boys think that 37 year old women don’t know what rumble strips on the side of the road are for.

. . . 11 year old boys need to know when to stop talking.

. . . kids think walking down the middle of a 2-lane highway is really cool.

. . . it is possible for there to be 2 different single-semi accidents on the same highway in the same day, causing detours and backups.


. . . Texans need to take courses in gas station etiquette.

. . . two vehicles with Texas plates will pull into a busy gas station and stop at the first pump, making you throw your hands in the air and mouth “Um, really?”

. . . owners of two vehicles with Texas plates will innocently mouth to you “Oh. Do you want me to pull forward to the next pump?”

. . . those kinds of things annoy me.

. . . my Hubby is much better at not getting annoyed by those things.

. . . gas station bathrooms are still gross.

. . . taking swimming suits used in natural hot springs out of plastic bags is yucko.

. . . even if you unscrew the hose from the faucet, the water in the hose will freeze.

. . . when there’s frozen water in a hose, you can’t use it.

. . . when you can’t use the hose, you have to use a bucket and sponge to clean off dirt-covered boards and bike/board racks.

. . . cleaning dirt-covered snowboards and bike/board racks in 30 degree weather makes your hands chilly.

. . . my family sleeps really well when get into our own beds after an awesomely fun mini-vacation.

Stay tuned to see what I learned in part V of Spring Break!

What I Learned Over Spring Break Part III – 03/19/10

I learned that . . .

. . . one night makes all the difference!

. . . sunny warm weather with icy snow on Thursday can turn into cool cloudy weather with awesome powder on Friday.

. . . I will never tire of driving over Wolf Creek Pass, especially if we’re headed to the Hot Springs Spa and Resort to get the “free” lift tickets that come with our room.

. . . even 9 year olds can board hard enough to wreck their board.


. . . it’s difficult to complete your turns when you’re missing an entire edge on your board.

. . . Texans go home on Friday.

. . . there are no lift lines after the Texans go home.

. . . every lift at Wolf Creek requires you to walk up a hill.

. . . Dude doesn’t care if he has to walk up hill as long as he has a cool rental board instead of his broken board for the day.


. . . the bottom of Hubby’s board is as fun as the top.


. . . Dude is very proud of the board he picked out for Hubby.

. . . boarding on powder is much more fun than boarding on ice!

. . . the same runs are completely different when it’s snowing out than when it’s sunny.

. . . the moguls are much easier with powder than with ice.

. . . flat light makes it difficult to see the moguls.

. . . with the fresh powder, you never know if the moguls are going to go “poof” when you hit them of stop you in your tracks.

. . . it’s a lot of fun to try all the new runs on new lifts.

. . . I don’t like riding up chairlifts that go almost straight up at the end to get above a double black diamond run.

. . . this is not what I want to see when I get off the scary chairlift.


. . . I would like to have more visibility than this at the top of a run I’ve never been on before.


. . . moms will always worry about their kids getting hurt.

. . . even though my kids care less that there was a bazillion foot drop off right at the edge of the catwalk to our blue run, I will always be nervous for them.

. . . watching my family board off into the great unknown makes me nervous.


. . . boarding down new runs in the fog is fun!

. . . it’s easier to board when you can see what’s coming.

 . . . when you can’t see what’s coming, you slow down too much and get stuck on the one flat part.

 . . . you don’t make that mistake the second time you do the run.

. . . you board out of the clouds about half way down the run.


. . . the run was beautiful.

. . . there were some steep hills on the run.

. . . I made it down the steep hills safely, and even completed turns on them!


. . . when you turn around and don’t see your Dude behind you, you should stop.

. . . when you hear your Dude yelling at you from the trees you just came out of, you should listen.

. . . 9 year olds forget that you shouldn’t board close to trees because of the huge sink holes.

. . . Dudes that forget this and try to go over a jump between two trees will fall into said sink hole.

. . . it takes a 9 year old Dude approximately 3 minutes to dig himself out of a sink hole by a tree.

. . . it would probably take Dude less time if he’d unstrapped himself from his board.

. . . I’m the kind of mom that will sit there and watch my kid and laugh while I dig out my camera.

. . . Daddies and Daughters are awesome!


. . . we have all gotten considerably better at skiing/boarding this year.

. . . we are willing to try just about anything and have fun doing it.

. . . I am willing to pay a bazillion dollars to eat mountain food for the second day in a row.

. . . our second day of skiing/boarding does not last as long as the first.

. . . even though you’re going downhill, it’s still a great workout.

. . . it’s very difficult to board on a board that needs wax.

. . . when they say it will take 10 minutes to wax your board, they really mean 30.

. . . my little Dude is old enough to take $5 and go to the cafeteria by himself to get a Gatorade.

. . . my little Dude is sweet enough to realize that if his costs $2.50, he has enough to buy one for his sister.

. . . my little Dude knows that I will be OK with him buying a Gatorade for his sister, even though I told him to bring me the change.

. . . Paradise is a short 30 minute drive from Wolf Creek ski area.


. . . Paradise is apparently 108 degrees.

. . . the Hot Springs Resort and Spa is worth every penny.


. . . 21 natural hot spring pools are beautiful.

. . . 21 natural hot spring pools do not smell beautiful.

. . . kids will always think a window seat is cool.


. . . kids will moan and groan when you tell them they cannot sleep on the window sill.

. . . there is a free coffee/capuccino/juice bar in the lobby of the hotel.

. . . I couldn’t have anything there because I gave up sugar for Lent.

. . . the Lobster Pot is hotter than Paradise.


. . . my kids make cute lobsters.

. . . I’m fortunate to be able to do fun things like this with my family.


. . . my kids understand how fortunate they are that we get to do fun things like this.

. . . my kids are spoiled.

. . . my kids are not rotten.

. . . the natural hot spring water is, well, hot!


. . . too many parents allow their kids to run wild.

. . . too many kids need more attention from their own parents so they don’t hang all over me in the pool.

. . . I will never understand people who sit in a 109 degree hot tub with a hot Starbucks in their hand.

. . . waterfalls are always neat.


. . . a camera does not take a good picture when there is a big water spot on the lens.

. . . your kids are more than willing to get out of the pools to go eat dinner if you tell them you can get back in the pools after dinner.

. . . all you can eat catfish and shrimp at the Dogwood Cafe is AWESOME!

. . . it’s easy to eat too much catfish and shrimp.

. . . even when you’re incredibly full, your kids will remind you that you did indeed tell them they could back in the pools after dinner.

. . . the Lobster Pot is not the hottest pool.

. . . the Burg is 114 degrees F.

. . . the Burg really smells like sulfer and the rest of the cocktail of minerals that make up natural hot springs.

. . . the resort controls the temperature of each of the pools by adjusting the rate at which the water is pumped into each pool.

. . . the hotter the water, the more it smells.

. . . it snows in the evening.

. . . natural hot tubs feel really nice while it’s snowing.

 . . . your ears get cold when you’re sitting in a hot tub while it’s snowing.

. . . your body gets cold when you walk between hot tubs while it’s snowing.

. . . the Burg does not feel so hot when it’s snowing.

. . . wet robes don’t keep you very warm on your walk back to the hotel room.

. . . snow-covered flip-flops do not keep the bottoms of your feet warm when you walk back to the hotel room.


. . . the smell from natural hot springs stays in your hair through multiple washings, just like campfire smoke.

. . . the minerals in the hot springs make your swimming suit stiff.

. . . the smell from natural hot springs stays in your swimming suit through multiple washings.

. . . I really really really like hot springs!

Stay tuned to see what I learned in Part IV of spring break!

What I Learned Over Spring Break Part II – 03/18/10

I learned that . . .

. . . in addition to the size of the hotel room, my kids base the niceness of a hotel on the content of the free continental breakfast. Apparently a hotel rocks if it has one of those cool flipping waffle makers . . . and blueberry muffins.

. . . Princess will ALWAYS be the last one to get regular clothes on, and the FIRST one to get her winter gear on if you’re heading outside.

. . . driving through tunnels never gets old:



. . . people from Texas are afraid to drive through tunnels. I know this because they slow down to 20 and turn their flashers on 50 yards before entering said tunnel.

. . . ice glacier thingies on the sides of the mountain are way cool!


. . . parking is free at Wolf Creek!

. . . Wolf Creek is old school. I haven’t seen a wire holder and folding sticky lift ticket since 1985!


. . . I am not above using my child’s small size to lie about her age and save myself $30 per day on a lift ticket.

. . . a purple striped lift ticket is all it takes to make Princess happy – because it matches her outfit.

. . . people from Texas spend all their money on the clothing for one week of Spring Break. That Roxy person who sold them all that gear must be rolling in the dough! :-)

. . . Princess might actually DIE if we don’t get going!


. . . Hubby looks good in his new jacket and board!


. . . I will NEVER get tired of looking at mountains.


. . . there are approximately 50 different games Princess can think of to play while riding up a chairlift.

. . . Princess expects you to play every game she can think of.

. . . Princess does not need help getting on the chairlift!

. . . black does not always make you look slimmer.


. . . everyone should be required to take mountain etiquette classes before being allowed on the lift.

. . . too many people think saying “excuse me” gives them license to be rude.

. . . 50 degrees is great weather to be outside boarding in.

. . . 50 degrees makes snow turn into ice on the slopes.

. . . you’re never too old to try something new. My first time in moguls!


. . . you cannot float like a leaf through moguls.

. . . no matter how soft the moguls look, they are not actually soft.

. . . not all blue runs are the same.

. . . it’s impossible to not try a run called Kaa The Snake.



. . . Kaa The Snake is a fun run, even after the 6th time.

. . . people from Colorado wear helmets while riding.

. . . people from Texas do not wear helmets while riding.

. . . people from Texas do wear goofy hats while riding.


. . . my kids think people from Texas are crazy for not wearing helmets while riding.

. . . I’m very happy my kids think people who don’t wear helmets are crazy.

. . . people from Texas think jeans and t-shirts are great clothing choices for riding.

. . . Dude has the best blue eyes ever.


. . . Dude needs a haircut.

. . . I’m willing to pay ridiculous prices for lunch on the mountain as long as I don’t have to drag food along in a cooler on a mini vacation.

. . . Wolf Creek does not accept credit cards for food.

. . . Princess will always be charmingly goofy.


. . . boys will always think snow caves are a great place to be.


. . . it just feels wrong to open the moon roof on the car when leaving the mountain after a great day of boarding.

. . . my kids will try just about anything we suggest. Snow roll anyone?


. . . Princess is more daring than Dude.

. . . there are some great little, and big, houses in South Fork.

. . . a 12 year old girl will not go into the men’s restroom under any circumstances, even if it means she has to throw up on the floor of the restaurant instead of in the toilet.

. . . the local church has free movie nights. On the 18th, it was G-Force.

. . . the local church gives you popcorn, kool-aid, and cookies to have during the movie.

. . . G-Force is as bad the 2nd time as it was the first.

. . . I love that my family has so much fun together!


Stay tuned to see what I learned in Part III of Spring Break!

Swingers For A Day

We were going up snowboarding this past Saturday, so we invited some friends along. Turns out, they already had plans to go to another mountain, so we looked for some discount tickets so we could join them. We found there was a Swinger deal, which made me giggle 😉 Click the link to read and watch the video – hee hee. Clever.

Anyway, we found a deal and decided to join them. We got lucky Friday afternoon when someone cancelled at the hotel we usually use points at for a free room, so we did a quick pack and left for the mountains right after the kids got out of school. We ran into some pretty nasty weather – it took us forEVER to get to Vail from Frisco! But we made it safely AND they upgraded us from a regular room to a suite  – woo hoo!

We were so happy to get to sleep in and take our time getting ready on Saturday. We headed downstairs nonchalantly and got ready to pack our luggage in the vehicle to head out to breakfast when our bubble was burst. The bellman told us that Vail pass was CLOSED! There had been a mini-avalanche and they were clearing the snow. CRAP! We decided there was nothing we could do about it, so we headed out to breakfast and called our friends that we were supposed to meet to tell them we were trapped on the other side of the pass. We figured that if the pass was still closed at 9:30, we’d just stay and board at Beaver Creek or Vail since we could get discounted passes with our season pass for the other mountains. We called the CDOT numbers and got an inkling that they’d opened the eastbound side of the Interstate. When we got back to the hotel, Hubby went to watch the news while I got our boards from the ski valet. Hubby saw traffic moving eastbound over the pass on the news – he couldn’t tell if they were regular vehicles or snow removable vehicles, but we decided to give it a shot. This is what the road looked like . . . not too awful . . .


We didn’t see any cars on the westbound side, except this one CDOT pickup. When we got about half way up the pass, we saw this coming at us on the other side and just giggled . . .


Apparently they had JUST opened up the westbound side of the Interstate – all these cars had just been waiting for them to clear the avalanche and finish the avalanche reduction.

We made it to Copper Mountain, met up with our friends, and got our swinger passes :-) Up the lift and we were ready to go! Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE where I live? I can’t imagine not getting these views every morning.


Here are the four kiddos (ages 7, 8, 9, and 10) ready to go. The really cool part? Dude and T met when Dude was just 10 weeks old – Princess and C met when they were babies as well. Yup, all these kiddos went to the same in-home daycare as babies. I think it’s so awesome that they are still friends!


Dude thought it was awesome that T had the same gear as he did . . . same sale at Kohl’s 😉

Princess found a comfy seat while she waiting for the fam to get ready. Such a bummer being the only skier in a family of snowboarders . . . always waiting for us to strap in!


She was very excited to go skiing with our friends because they all ski and she’d finally have some ski buddies! Mr. David was nice enough to give Princess some lessons, which she desperately needs. Her need for speed has outgrown her ability to keep her ski’es parallel so she can turn and stop fast enough. She was happy as a clam to get some lessons while the boys were excited to be let loose. Riff Raff on the mountain – watch out!


We’d never been to Copper before, and we’d never had the opportunity to ride in nice powder – yup, 2 years of boarding without any good snow! We were way excited for all the snow they’d had up in the mountains the past week. Here are the boys coming out of the moguls . . .


Where are me and Hubby? Um, we were trying to figure out how to board again. Oh we were getting all kinds of cocky thinking we were getting pretty good and knowing what we were doing. Thing is . . . we got our asses handed to us! We’re used to riding the nice smooth blue runs at Breck . . . not the bumpy runs at Copper! It was a GREAT workout, that’s for sure! We were huffing and puffing every time we got to the bottom. It was definitely a wake up call when we realized we had to turn when the bumps and terrain dictated, not when WE wanted to.

But the powder . . . oh the powder!


We had a GREAT day. We got tons of runs in, got a wonderful workout, had a bazillion dollar lunch of pizza and soda on the mountain, and got some more runs in after lunch. The perfect boarding day was made even better because we got to spend it with good friends.

This picture of Princess and C sums up pretty well how we all felt at the end of the day.


 We were looking forward to getting home and climbing in our nice soft warm beds. Turns out – the drive took FOREVER! The roads weren’t bad at all, but there was sooooo much traffic that we went between 5-20 mph all the way to Denver. ACK!

When all was said and done, we conquered the weather, we tried to conquer a new mountain, and we had a great first experience as Swingers :-)

We Boycotted The Super Bowl

The Vikings or Packers weren’t in the Super Bowl, so we headed up to the mountains on Super Bowl Sunday. We figured we’d have a double good chance of a slow day up there – the Super Bowl would take some people and it was Sunday, always slower. The bonus was that it had snowed a couple inches the previous 4 days and was supposed to snow Sunday – so we were all over it!

Turns out the weather could not have been any better . . . it was 25 degrees and slightly overcast with a light flurry. Dude was way happy because he got some new duds!I’m a sucker for a sale, and we got his entire “outfit” for $60 . . . you can’t tell, but his jacket has the same pattern down the sides as his pants. The Pink Power Puff is still gushing about her blue and pink ski’es with butterflies on them :-)



I just had to giggle again – we did a few runs, then rode Four O’Clock To Town so we could take our standard walk to Subway for lunch. The run can get pretty flat in spots, which means Princess and Dude have some trouble because they’re so light. Princess did her air pole and tuck routine again . . . I was in front of her this time, but it was just as cute from the front as it is from behind :-)



I also took the opportunity on Four O’clock to catch my first baby air! Woo hoo! You MIGHT have been able to fit a credit card between my board and the snow, but I was so excited I actually did it! Baby steps – literally . . . maybe I’ll even try a little jump next time :-)

My kiddos aren’t quite as chicken as I am . . . they went right for the little mogul field after lunch on one of our favorite runs. Hubby even did the moguls on his board! The kids are so funny because the moguls just swallow them up – it’s more like skiing/riding around hills than it is navigating moguls for them.



At the end of the “bumps” as Princess calls them, there is a little ramp-like jump thingy right behind the lift pole. Princess decided to catch a little air after her second time through the moguls. I missed the air in the pictures, but she certainly got more air than I did!



Dude decided to try it, too. He caught some air, and his front edge! He did pull this out though and didn’t wipe out :-)



After we all had a full day of fun trying new runs (oh ya – we added 3 more blue runs to our quest for the blues!), catching or first air, and trying out the moguls, we took Four O’Clock To Town again and walked across the street to check out the ice sculptures. The festival was a couple weeks ago, and it’s been pretty warm so some of the parts had fallen off a couple of them, like a guitar handle, but they were still way cool to look at!







We got back home in the regular 2 1/2 hours, just in time for some warm soup and hot showers before bed. Winter Sundays don’t get much better than that :-)

I Laughed So Hard I Wiped Out

Princess and I went to Breckenridge this past Saturday  – Hubby stayed home with Dude because he didn’t feel well that morning :-( We met Queen Taunya, our friend Betta, and her coworker Eddie from California for a day on the slopes. We had a GREAT time. It was pretty chilly with the wind and driving snow – first time in a long time we’ve had cold fingers and toes up there . . . but we still had a good time.

Princess was particularly happy because Mr. Eddie skis and he can ski fast, so she followed him around all day. We just are not fast enough for her 😉 The last 3 runs of the day, they went off the run a bit to try out “the bumps” – Princess thought the moguls were fun! At the top of the run, she and Mr. Eddie would take off and bullet down the mountain until they got to the part with the moguls. Then they slowed down while Eddie showed Princess how to do the moguls – which gave me time to catch up :-) Betta and I would hang out and watch her do these little moguls that swallowed up all 44 inches and 44 pounds of her Pink Power! After they came out, Betta and I were cheering and happy for them – and they were off – cruising down the mountain while we stood there celebrating for them 😉

On the very last run of the day, it was just Me, Princess, and Mr. Eddie. They did their moguls, and I told them to take a different trail down to the bottom, so they followed me to the trail. Then they were off! The trail slopes to the side and has some large rolling hills on it – it’s tons of fun! Then it shoots you out to the main trail – a straight line to the lift. At the top of the last big hill, I saw this flash of pink straighten out her wedge and heard her squeal like nothing you’ve ever heard! Apparently she was mad that Mr. Eddie was quite a ways ahead of her . . . so she did 3 HUGE air poles to go faster (she doesn’t have real poles) and scrunched down into the smallest little ball she could get into to try to catch up with Mr. Eddie. I’m cruising down the hill behind her as this little ball of pink goes FLYING down the mountain screaming “Miiiisstterrrrrrr Eddddiiiiieeeee! Heeeeeeere I coooooooome!!!”

I just about DIED laughing! Literally – I wasn’t paying attention to my own boarding self and hit a bump I didn’t see and totally bit it! But damn – that image will be burned into my eyeballs forever . . . it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m STILL giggling about it!

Quest for the Blues

The Boedies are off and running – errrr skiing/riding – on the slopes. We were so bummed we didn’t get to ski and ride in MN that we took the first Saturday after we got back, put cleaning the house on the back burner, and headed up to Breckenridge for a BEAUTIFUL day on the slopes.

The parking lots were full when we got there at 10:00 a.m., but the slopes didn’t seem that busy. Lift lines weren’t too bad. The weather was PERFECT – 33 and partly sunny with a light breeze. It was actually balmy and toasty :-)

Since we don’t suck as bad as we did last year, we decided that our quest this year is to ski and ride all the blue runs at Breckenridge this season. Ya – I know – all you pros out there are on the blacks, but this is only our 2nd full season! We’ve had 3 days on the slopes so far, and we thought we were doing really well checking the blue runs off the list . . . however, it looks like we’ve only conquered 3 of them! In our defense, the first 2 days we were up there, not many of them were open, and even yesterday quite a few of them had caution signs indicating that grass and small trees were not covered by the snow . . . so we stuck to the ones that were pretty safe.

Now that we’ve got our legs under us, we even tried a few small jumps on some of the bumps – Dude wins the award for the most air caught – about an inch – and also the award for the best wipe out with a score of 7/10 for 2 complete rolls ass over tea kettle before he stopped :-) We also skied 4 O’clock to town a few times so we could ride the snowflake lift – the kids love the bumpety bump in the middle when it turns 90 degrees. We discovered that OMG 4 O’Clock doesn’t suck nearly as bad when you know how to feel the edges of your board! But man did I sympathize with the new boarders that were trying to make their way down that run – I remember all too well how much it sucked to try to make it through the flat parts.

So anyway – we’re off and running and had such a great time up there! We can’t wait to go again :-)

Score: 3 down 19 to go