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When Pigtails Fly

I’m not sure there are many things out there sports-related cuter than an 8-year old playing soccer in pigtails. I’ll let you be the judge. I just hope she wants me to put pigtails in her hair every Saturday before soccer!

First we have the “watching the game, ready to play with freshly combed and curled pigtails” look



Next up, the “minor flop of the pigtails while I change direction and fake out the other team” look



Here we have the “look at the freaky sticking straight out side of my head ponytail while I move the other way with the ball” look



This is the “I ran so fast to get here that my pigtails are still flying straight back” look



Next up, “the how the hell do pigtails stick straight out anyway” look



And finally, the “keep your eyes, not your backside, on the ball pigails flying high” look



We’ve Also Been Doing This Twice A Week


The Girl Plays Soccer

And apparently, for practice anyway, it does not matter what you wear :-) One of my favorite parts about going to Princess’s soccer practices is to see what the girls are wearing. As an example, here’s my Princess last week . . .


Let’s see . . . neon green t-shirt she got at school for field day so she could be easily identifiable as a member of Mr. Krich’s 2nd grade class. Marroon/pink/light blue plaid capris that matched the lovely marroon shirt she was wearing before she changed into neon green. Light blue headband with all sorts of colors of hearts and other completely necessary designs on it. The pinkest soccer ball ever made. At least she went for full function with her regular soccer cleats (pink accents of course), shin guards (yes, they’re pink), and soccer socks.


On game days, it all changes. This is serious stuff that requires serious uniform coordination!


It’s all about the uniform . . . soccer cleats/shin guards/socks. Of course there are matching red and white soccer shorts. And a white undershirt under the red uniform shirt – the undershirt is of course red when the uniform shirt is white – proper accent colors are a must for every 7 year old girl while playing YMCA soccer. Moving to the head we have 2 red pigtails brought together in one large ponytail, finished off with a homemade red/black/white soccer “pretty” – afterall, it IS all about the accessories :-)

And when Dude goes to practice or games? Same thing every time . . . black soccer socks, black soccer shorts, appropriate World Cup soccer shirt or uniform shirt.


It’s so uniform, it’s almost boring – yet a nice change from the drama involved in dressing one 7 year old for soccer.

Ponies Run Wild

You may not know it from reading this little blog, but baseball isn’t the only sport being played by members of our family this spring. The Wild Ponies are back and on the loose, tearing up the soccer field! Keira only gets to be a Wild Pony ever other year. She’s a year older than the rest of the girls on the team, so for one spring and fall season she plays with the Ponies, then the next year she has to move up to the next level and play with another team. Then she plays with the Ponies again. It would be nice to find her a team she could stick with, but it’s just not happening . . . and we’re not ready to give up the Ponies because we love the girls and we love Coach Nick! So for now, she’s a Wild Pony.

I took this team photo after the first game because 1) the whole team was there and 2) they were wearing actual regular soccer uniforms.


“What do you mean they are wearing actual regular soccer uniforms? Of course they are! It’s soccer!”

Why yes, yes it is soccer; however, it is spring soccer on the front range! For most of our spring soccer games, the girls look like what I think kids of the Michelin Man and Stay Puffed Marshmallow would look like.


The girls could really care less. They’re out there running around having fun and actually staying warm. The parents? Not so much. We get to sit on the sidelines in fog thick enough you can wear it – doing nothing but freezing! We wear 15 layers of clothing. We bring hot drinks. We use huge blankets as wind blocks behind our chairs. We use more blankets to cover our fronts. We clap and cheer, all the while wondering WTH we’re doing out here in this weather!


Thought I was kidding when I said the fog was thick enough to wear? Oh I assure you I was not. Here’s the beautiful view of Pikes Peak that we have at all the soccer games that makes them tolerable in the usually windy, chilly, but sunny, weather.


Jealous of my awesome view? I thought so.

The Ponies could care less that we’re freezing our behinds off. They are having a blast out there playing soccer with their buddies! Which is what it’s all about. They could care less that the fog is so wet and thick that it clouds the far end of a soccer field that is 1/3 the size of a regulation field!


The 3rd Pony game was cancelled due to a foot of snow that covered the field last weekend. Not lookin’ too hot for this weekend either – 49, rainy, and windy. Good times. I can’t wait!

Go Ponies!

More Than Just A Game

She looks like she’s having fun, huh? She was so excited that Grandma and Grandpa could watch her play. She was also excited it wasn’t snowing for the first time on game day this season!

She was so happy she scored a goal while Grandma and Grandpa were here :-)


And it is more than just a game. When you’re 6, it’s all about the snack.


It’s Friday!!!

FINALLY! Whew . . . I can’t believe I made it . . .

Last Saturday was another “beautiful” day for spring soccer in the Rockies. Dude is wearing a rain jacket under his jersey; however, it could have been a t-shirt or parka at any time . . . we had snow, rain, sunshine so warm that everyone took off their jackets, and then hail, all in the course of a one-hour game. Here’s dude playing in the hail :-)

J Play Soccer in Hail

After the soccer game, the kids and I cruised to a birthday party with Queen Taunya. Then we headed back home to set up for Hubby’s birthday party – about 20 people came over to grill out and celebrate with us. A good time was had by all!


Mother’s Day was great! Jason just couldn’t wait for me to wake up. The minute my eyes opened, he ran out to the living room and came back with a handwritten menu from his restaurant - Chef’s Choice. I’ve eaten there before – it’s very good! All kinds of good things were on his menu – eggs, waffuls, blueberry muffens, pancaks, milk, oringe juce, white grap juce, sasage, bakun – and of course all of it was free for Mother’s Day :-) He even brought in a little ordering pad on a tray so he could take my order in bed. Here he is making my muffins:

Jason Make Muffins

Keira came to help out later. She was still sleeping after a late night partying at Dad’s party – and you do NOT want to wake that sleeping giant! Anyway – I love that he’s wearing his apron, and you can see his ordering tray right in front there – yes, he’s conveniently covered up the princess on it 😉

We had a great breakfast! Hubby had to go to work (boo hoo), so the kids played outside all day while I tried to get some work done. Jason informed me that he and Keira were taking me out to dinner, so we cleaned up a bit and headed to BW3 . . . one of my favorite places, and surprisingly (um, not!) not full of Mothers on Mother’s Day :-) We had a wonderful meal and Jason and Keira even paid with the money Hubby had slipped them. Jason realized we had enough left over for ice cream, so off to Maggie Moo’s we went – yummy! A great Mother’s Day!


Then Monday came – and back to work. The sleeping giant was N-A-S-T-Y! But we got out the door. Right after school we took Duma on a quick walk, packed some lunches for dinner, and headed off to my volleyball match. It was the last match of the season – we won!!! Yeah!!! But, alas, volleyball is over until next fall.


Tuesday came and was another wonderful day getting Princess out the door. I have no idea what her problem is this week, but if she doesn’t fix it, she’s gonna be grounded for the rest of summer – sheesh! Miserable to live with that one is right now! I had a haircut after work, so again, rushed home, grabbed the kids, and ran to the haircut. Dinner, playing with dog, and rushing to bed ensued.


Wednesday rolled around a bit too early as always. Dude missed the bus – partly because he was messing around and partly because Princess was being a nightmare and wouldn’t let him brush his teeth. So we take Dude to school, drop Duma off at doggy daycare, and take Keira to school. At approximately 12:00 noon, a sigh of relief was heard from my cube – the house cleaners had arrived at my house and I could feel it from 15 miles away! My wonderful MIL has gotten me a house cleaner once a month for the rest of the year – am I the luckiest person or what?! That’s why I took Duma to doggy daycare – so the ladies could have their way with my house. Soooo nice to come home to a clean house! At lunch I ran to the grocery store and got ingredients to make 8 chicken pot pies with. Dine in Divas is this weekend and Wednesday was my only “free” night to make them. So I stuffed the groceries in the fridge at work (sorry everyone!). Picked up Princess, went home and started making chicken pot pies, picked up Duma, ran through McD’s for dinner, and finished making pot pies around 8:30 p.m. Whew!


Thursday finally rolled around and it was back to work! Nothing new there – lunch with some ex coworkers was a lot of fun! Pick up Princess, head home, kids head out to play while I box up books and posters to ship for Hubby. The kids thought it would be fun to make a water park in our back yard – a waterpark for lego men that is. We have no grass. So water and our yard makes – mud – and lots of it. Duma, who had just had a bath at doggy daycare Wednesday and was squeaky clean, decided to play with them. The result?

Duma Dirty

Um ya – you can tell how deep the mud was by the line on her nose :-) If she didn’t look so friggin’ funny I woulda been mad! She was hilarious – it’s like she’s never seen mud before, and actually – maybe she hasn’t! She would dig in the puddle and dig and dig and dig – then she’d stick her nose in it – then she’d stand there and stare with her head cocked to the side, wondering why she couldn’t dig a hole like in other places of the yard – this hole kept mysteriously filling up with water! Thankfully, she’s a lab and water-resistent – so I made her stay out there to dry off so the dirt would just flake off of her fur.

Off to soccer practice after dinner and back home by 7:30 p.m. for jammies, homework, an bed.


Friday is finally upon us . . . work, soccer practice, and RELAXING after that. Our last week of soccer is tomorrow – kind of a bummer – we’re having so much fun with it this season! But, after that do you know what we have going? N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Really, volleyball and soccer are over, we’re taking a break from gymnastics, and baseball doesn’t start until June 11. So until June 11th, we have not one single solitary weekly commitment on our calendar – a first in, well, ever – I’ve always played volleyball or softball and the kids have had gymnastics and stuff. But nothing until June 11th. We are all SO excited.

So – the week in a nutshell. Next week I get to chaperone Dude’s field trip and pack for our trip to The Black Hills over Memorial Day Weekend. Fun times ahead!!!

Happy weekend to everyone!

Spring Soccer in the Rockies

Well, soccer started Thursday, right on schedule :-) Ya gotta be ready for anything in April! Keira did not wear a princess dress – it was snowing – but she did put on long underwear to be warm :-) I suggested that maybe she would want to put some pants on over her long underwear 😉

Keira Ready for Cold Soccer

Coach Nick is great with the girls – they had a great time, even in the cold snowy weather!

Getting Warm


Here are the Ladybugs/Wild Ponies (they’ll choose next week) at the end of practice :-)


Being the Minnesotan that I am, I love the snow! But, I do hope it’s a bit warmer next week – just warm enough so the snow doesn’t stick to their soccer balls and start making snowman parts as they dribble down the field :-)


As I mentioned earlier, Keira starts soccer practice today. We got an email from her coach last week . . . I was just rereading it to verify time and location and this part made me giggle :-)

“In the meantime, have your girls be thinking of a good team name. Like maybe the Ponies (hint, hint), because Ponies run fast and play hard and have fun!  (I’d like to avoid names that don’t evoke running fast and trying hard.  Already knowing most of the girls, I expect them to want to be the princesses.  I’d like to avoid that.  We don’t want to be thinking of being pretty and twirling, we want to be fast and even a little tough.) I always let the teams pick their own names, if all the girls already want the same name (Ponies? Hint, hint), we can avoid any sadness about our name not getting picked.”

Luckily, my daughter, who wanted to be the Barbies last year, has rediscovered her stash of My Little Ponies and is all about being called The Ponies. I am, however, contemplating sending her to practice in one of her princess dresses today, just to see the look on Coach Nick’s face 😉

Ladybugs and Hurricanes

Alas . . . soccer season has come to an end. I wasn’t so sure about this coaching gig in the beginning, but I must admit that it was A LOT of fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I learned SO MUCH about soccer, it’s amazing. And my little ladybugs were so sweet – I got hugs and thank yous from each one of them, and they gave me a gift card for $30 to Kohl’s! Totally unexpected . . . but I can’t wait to go shopping :-)

Here are my little Ladybugs wearing their medals.

Ladybugs With Medals

My son’s team had a fun season as well. They moved up an age group, so it was a challange for some of the younger ones to keep up, but they had a great coach. The boys learned a lot and so did I from watching them! Here are the hurricanes sporting their medals.

Hurricanes With Medals

Now that soccer is over, what ever will I do with my Thursday evenings and Saturdays :-)

Ladybugs Soccer

Well, the 2nd to last week of soccer is upon us. We have 2 games and 1 practice left. It’s been SO MUCH FUN! Who knew 😉 My little ladybugs are doing so well . . . they are undefeated with one tie. All of the games have been fun so far . . . close games with no more than a 3 goal difference between teams. They’ve come a long way – they’re dribbling so much better, actually passing to each other every now and then, playing defense, and remembering where to go for each part of the game – kick off, goal kick, throw-in. Even the girls who didn’t really want to be there are having a good time and learning – it’s so much fun to see! Who knew you could teach little ones so much in just one hour each week. They are like little sponges :-)

They’ve also become social butterflies. Anyone with girls knows what I’m talking about! The first couple weeks, the girls didn’t know each other and were afraid to talk to each other and weren’t afraid to take the ball from each other when scrimmaging. But now that they all know each other, they’ve become a bunch of Chatty Cathies! They are much more interested in socializing about their day at school, talking about the beautiful pretties in each other’s hair, and figuring out who has matching shoes. And apparently, when the girls on the team are now your newest best friends, you are no longer allowed to take the ball from them during a scrimmage, even if you’re on different teams, because as McKinzie put it yesterday “Well, if I go for the ball, that will make her feel bad, and she’s my friend, and I don’t want to make her feel bad.” Can’t argue with that with 4-5 year olds, can ya! I mean really, we spend the first 4 years of our kids’ lives teaching them to share and not take things from others and to be conscious of other people’s feelings. Then we suddenly thrust them on to a soccer field and all that goes out the window – we’re telling them to “steal” the ball and be aggressive and play hard.

So yes, my little attack ladybugs have definitely become social butterflies . . . and I wouldn’t have it any other way :-)