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Tiger Sharks Swim Team

Tiger Sharks

Princess joined the YMCA Tiger Sharks swim team in January. She loves the water and swimming as much as I do and had learned a lot in the few refresher lessons she’d taken in November and December. Her strongest stroke is the backstroke, followed by freestyle. Butterfly and breastroke need a lot of work yet, but she’s getting there!

She had her first meet the third Saturday in January. One thing I’ve discovered is that “game” means fun action-filled team sport with constant movement while “meet” means bring a book and sit around and read while you wait for your kid’s turn to participate in their event, lather, rinse, repeat. Having grown up in the world of team sports, it’s been different watching my kiddos choose semi-individual sports like cross-country and swimming. I love it, but it’s an adjustment :-) Anyhoo – back to Princess’s first ever swim meet!

She was signed up for the 25 meter backstroke and 50 meter freestyle. She had to sit around a while and had plenty of time to get nervous before her first event, the backstroke. Here she is in her orange team swim cap, ready at the start, getting some last words of encouragement from Coach Katy :-)



Her lane was too far away to get any pictures of her swimming, but she took 2nd in her very first race ever! Woo hoo! After another long wait while the other heats raced, it was finally time for her 50 meter freestyle. She likes this stroke the best, so I was excited and nervous for her.

***Watching little kids compete in any kind of sporting event is always fun! You know how they’re supposed to look entering the pool, swimming, turning, and getting back, but what you get is totally different and entertaining :-)

For her freestyle, she was in the lane closest to us, so I got to try to get a couple pictures. Here is Princess’s entrance into the pool at the start . . .


I had to giggle! Not quite the splashless dive we’re all used to seeing at say, the Olympics, which is the only time we watch swimming :-) In fact, since we were sitting in the Splash Zone, we all got quite wet! But she did great for her first time entering the pool in a race. She did really well – got tired on the way back, and I really have no idea how she didn’t swallow the entire pool on her breathing strokes!



But she didn’t swallow the pool and kept right on swimming. She made it to the finish, with Coach Katy cheering her on to a 3rd place finish, which earned her another ribbon.


We were proud of our nervous Princess for earning two ribbons in her first ever swim meet! She enjoyed it, although I think she actually enjoys practice more, and asked me to sign her up for February, which of course I did. So I guess I’m now a Pool Mom who spends an hour every Tuesday and Thursday at the pool for practice and 2 hours at meets the 3rd Saturday of every month :-)