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The $1k Pet

Most of you know that I own an expensive dog. Not because she’s some amazing dog that comes from a long line of champion labs. Not because she’s a highly trained hunting dog.

No, I own an expensive dog because my dopey, lovey, awesome 80 pound lap dog has had both of her ACLs replaced. That’s $6k people. For a pet. (In my defense, the was only 4 at the time – too young to not fix.)

You also know that we own a horse. A happy, healthy, fun, awesome, horse. So yeah, he costs us some moolah. As a matter of fact, he’s getting new shoes tomorrow! I WANT NEW SHOES!

But neither of those are the $1k pet I’m talking about.

Nope – I took Tonks, Princess’s almost 7 year old,  8 lb rescue, domestic short hair cat to the vet for her vaccinations today. Turns out, the poor thing has 3 absessed teeth – THREE! I can see the roots! Poor kitty!

So Miss Tonks will be getting 3 teeth pulled (extracted according to the doc – I think they use that word cuz it sounds more expensive and they can charge more!) on Wednesday.

To the tune of almost $1k.


For a cat.

What we animal lovers won’t do for our kids and their pets!


Sleeping Princesses

Princess was very tired when we got home for our Turkey Week trip to MN; however, she had missed her Tonks. She just had to see and love and pet Tonks before bed.

Apparently, nature took over and made her actually sleep while allowing her to pet and love Tonks at the same time :-)


A Tu Tu On My Head

I don’t think I’d be real thrilled if I were wearing a Zhu Zhu Pet tu tu on my head, either.


I think Tonks is actually scowling . . . yet she did not get her claws out. Such a good kitty!

Thrilled To Be Here!

Nobody on this planet loves her cat more than Princess.



“See Mom! Look! She LOVES to have me hold her and make her look at the camera!”



“And she loves it even more when I put her in my doll carrier. In fact, I think she’s THRILLED to be here!”



Um ya – thrilled – that’s one word. Let’s get a little closer and see just how thrilled Tonks is . . .


Such a pissed off tolerant kitty.

The Two Princesses


The Princess and The Cat

Tonks the Princess cat is finally settling in to our humble abode. She spends her days napping in the sunny spot. When Duma is out of her kennel, Tonks naps on the couch while Duma takes her regular sunny spot on the floor. When Duma is outside, Tonks takes every opportunity to roll around in Duma’s sunny spot and mark the spot with her scent. Let me tell you how much Duma LOVES that – OMG has she been pouting the past week or so!

I also found a solution to the litter box issues. A $35 plastic cat door and a night light. I started by just taking the cover off the litter box and watching Duma closely so didn’t go fishing for tootsie rolls. Tonks STILL wouldn’t cover her pee or go more than once in the box! Then I bought a night light. She did a little better, but still “hurried’ herself through her business. Then I bought a cat door for the laundry room door. Apparently the Princess Cat is claustrophobic, does not like the dark, and likes her privacy. Now that she has no lid, a night light shining bright, and a shut door that the nasty terrible yellow lab puppy can’t get through, Tonks takes her time and covers up her business multiple times a day.

Dam cat.

She’s obviously living a very rough life here at the Boedie Abode, getting more love from one little girl than any cat should ever expect . . .


Fox Food

It appears as though my little Princess picked out a Princess Cat. Yup – I believe Tonks is a Princess . . . a shy princess, but a princess nonetheless.

I moved her litter box downstairs a few days ago – didn’t want it in Princess’ room. We bought a covered one (to the tune of $25!) so Duma wouldn’t go fishing for snacks. Turns out, Tonks doesn’t like the dark. She’ll go in the litter box, but will only pee right next to the door, and she won’t take the time to cover it up or to cover up her poop. Yesterday, I decided not to have Princess clean the litter box – I wanted to see what Tonks would do.

What would Tonks do? She would choose to pee on the FLOOR next to the litter box rather than walk farther into the dark! The litter box is HUGE, yet she can apparently only pee in it once.

Let me tell you how pissed I was this morning!

And let me tell you how close I was to throwing Ms. Tonks outside as a little snack for the fox!

So am I totally screwed now that she’s pee’d outside the litter box? How do little kitty minds work?

Cats and Dogs

After spending her first few days in Princess’ room, Tonks decided it was OK to venture out into the living room – being carried of course 😉 Duma was happy as a clam to have Tonks out of Princess’ room . . . she’d spent the first 3 days sniffing Princess’ door wondering what the heck was in there! Tonks hung out on Princess’ lap while Duma cautiously walked up to see what she was:


Tonks was used to little dogs at her previous home, but not big dogs. In fact, the paperwork may have even said she wasn’t real crazy about big dogs 😉 But she sat there nicely, watching the freaky 75 lb. lab puppy make some moves to see what “it” would do.


Tonks finally had enough and let Duma know who was in charge!


Hissing is not allowed, and we let Tonks know that. She’s been really good with Duma since then. She still listens for Duma’s collar and watches for her. And for the first week at our house, she wouldn’t even come out of Princess’ room. We started leaving the door open so Duma could go in there and check her out. At first, Tonks hid under the slide.


But there was no hissing, which was awesome! Then she decided to hang out on Princess’ bed and check out Duma from above . . . I was kind of hoping for an ambush, but that didn’t happen.


She finally got bored with the reindeer games and decided to eat dinner. Surprisingly, Duma just sat there and watched her!


It’s now been 10 days since Tonks joined our family. I won’t say that she and Duma are friends, but they’re certainly learning to live with each other. Tonks ventures out of Princess’ room whenever she wants, whether or not Duma is out there. I think Tonks has even figured out that if she runs, Duma will chase her – she is a retriever after all! So Tonks just sits and and jumps from furniture to furniture. She especially likes to sit on the laps of any of us because she knows Duma is not allowed on the furniture – which is really pissing Duma off!

Princess is happy as a clam that Tonks LOVES to sleep in bed with her and that her room is Tonks’ room, too. She tells everyone that Tonks is so soft and cuddly and is just awesome. Yup – Princess did a great job picking out the perfect cat for our family. I never thought I’d see Hubby go in Princess’ room to get Tonks and have her sit on his lap while he watched the Vikings game! So much for “I don’t like cats!” :-)

Meet Tonks

Princess got her cat Sunday :-)


Yes I said cat – not kitten. I was personally happy that she chose a 3 year old cat rather than a new kitten. Tonks was a shelter cat that had been given up because the couple had gotten divorced and couldn’t keep all the animals once they sold their house and moved into apartments. So they gave Tonks to the shelter.

Tonks is the sweetest cat ever! We’ve only had her a couple hours . . . but I think she’ll be perfect for Princess and our family. There were quite a few cats to choose from – some very rambunctious and playful, some huge, some small, and some shy. Princess chose Tonks, the shy one. We spent a long time picking her out – Princess knew she wanted Tonks, but I kept asking her questions about the other cats and saying why I thought she might like them better – there was a beautiful white one and a grey one with white feet like she had originally requested, but she always went back to Tonks. So we took Tonks to the holding room to see how she would do with the kids. Tonks is VERY shy . . . her history says:

Tonks – 3 year old brown tabby. Female, altered, shots in November of 2009. Tonks is very sweet but VERY shy. She loves to cuddle and be petted. She likes small dogs, but does not really like other cats. She is crate and litter-box trained. She loves to sleep at the foot of your bed at night and relax on the back of the couch to look outside during the day.

Aside from the fact that we have a large 75 pound lab puppy, I think she’s a perfect fit. Princess really wants a cuddly cat that will hang out in her room and sleep with her. She didn’t seem to care that Tonks probably won’t play much like kittens do since she’s very shy and laid back. After all that talking about pros and cons, we got Tonks.

Tonks did this when she got home . . .


She found a little spot to hide under Princess’s bed. She’s really cute how she hides her face like a shy little kid. Princess made sure to give Tonks her toys, even though at this point the mice are just smelling Tonks’ backside 😉 She does have a cute little face:


Princess wanted to make sure Tonks felt at home, so she got her food ready for her right away:


I think she’ll be so loving and awesome to her new cat, especially since Tonks likes to cuddle :-)

After a little while, we took Tonks out of hiding and put her in her bed near her hiding spot – she seemed to settle in. She’s still a little shy, but I think she’ll warm up to us and like it here. Princess will certainly give her no shortage of love!


She seems OK – and just about the time she settles in, she’ll get introduced to Duma. That should be interesting!

So wish the new cat owners luck! And if you have any advise or suggestions, I’m more than happy to hear them :-)