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Please Let It End! (Oh, and Vote Today!)

I am so thankful that today is election day. Oh. My. GAWD! Has this election “season” gone on forever for everyone else as well?

Don’t get me wrong. I am patriotic. I absolutely believe that everone who can vote MUST vote in all elections. I filled out my ballot at home a couple weeks ago, with my 8 year old son by my side. I got to explain every reason for each selection I made. I even got to explain why I voted yay or nay on the gazillion judges we get to choose to retain or not this time around. The ballot was enormous! It took almost 2 hours to complete it. I can’t imagine doing that at the polling station. Even with a cheat sheet, ICK!

But with all that said, I so can’t wait for all the name-calling, history bashing, blah blah blah bluckety bluck bluck to be over with. I’m so done with political commercials. And political calls. Sorry, but if a machine-recorded voice mail sways someone to vote one way or another, they haven’t done ANY homework and can’t possibly make an informed decision when voting. I guess I got to use these commercials and calls as a way to let my son know that you can’t vote based solely on what you see/hear on the news or a phone message or out of someone else’s mouth. You have to do your own research. It takes time. It takes effort. But it’s well worth it in the end.

Every vote counts. Please get out and vote!

I Did It

I filled out my mail-in ballot and put in the mail this morning. It feels good to be done – the ballot was HUGE! Now if the whole election was done and all those political adds were off the TV . . . yuck!