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We are THAT family

Wordless Wednesday – There Are No Words

We’re Trying To Save Money On Gas

Well, we cut down our Christmas tree this past weekend. Hubby’s parents are coming for the week, and we decided to celebrate Christmas while they’re here. Here’s the tree we chose :-)


What? You see a mailbox in the picture? Why yes, yes you do! Not many options for a live Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. We usually head to the forest and cut one down ourselves, but the cutting area isn’t open until after Turkey Day. And I refuse to have a fake tree . . . so, we took matters into our own hands and walked all the way to the end of the driveway to pick a tree :-) Hey, the cluster had to be thinned anyway!


Princess and Dude didn’t have to walk far to carry the tree into the house. Notice how full and nice it looks? Ya – not so much – only one half of the tree had branches on it. We’re getting ready to watch Charlie Brown to get us in the mood :-)


Here it is in all it’s glory in the tree stand. Doesn’t look so scrawny in the house now does it. What? You’re wondering what that white stuff around the trunk is?


Well, it’s Duct tape of course! Huh? You don’t wrap duct tape around your Christmas tree trunk? But it’s a great secret to keeping them fresh and moist all season long! You don’t believe me? Fine. So we had to cut down two trees since none of them had branches on both sides. Then we stuck the bare sides together and wrapped them with duct tape. But hey, we have one good lookin’ tree now! Just wait until it’s decorated :-)

Oh, and we have all of our decorations up inside and out, as well. Very painful for me, the woman who really really REALLY dislikes to even think about Christmas before December 1st!

Yes – we are  THAT family this year :-)