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Long long ago (1975ish) in a land far far away (Minnesota), my Mom got a dresser from my Great Grandma – because Great Grandma had an extra one and Mom needed one. It had been used and had oil stains on the top, so Mom said thank you, took the dresser, and painted it white so Pat and I could use it in our bedroom.

My bro Pat around 1975ish – with the newly painted dresser (I wish I still had those piggy banks!). And yes, I do believe that Pat, in all of his 1970s coolness, is indeed wearing a short-sleeved turtleneck shirt.



I saw this dresser every now and then at Mom’s house. I wanted this dresser. I’ve always wanted this dresser. I never got the dresser.

Until last summer. I spotted it in a crawl space under Mom’s stairs. She agreed that I could have it, and she sent it home with a friend of hers who was driving to Colorado Springs.

This is what it looked like when I got it.


A little worn, and definitely used, but Keira loved having it as a nightstand in her room – and also as a place to store American Girl Doll clothes :-)

I finally got around to having it stripped, sanded, and stained – back to the most natural state we could. I got it back a couple days ago and absolutely love it! Especially the top drawer with all the fun grain.


I’m hoping that some day down the road one of my kiddos will want to have this awesome dresser!

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  1. That was a wonderful story. It is a beautiful dresser. I believe it is quarter cut oak. I love the grain (spelling). We but a lot of pieces, just because they were quarter cut oak. Did you have any idea how beautiful this was, maybe from pictures when your great grandma had it or was it painted then?
    I have never seen pictures of your brother, when he was young, but Keira looks like him.
    What a tradition! My mom was a weaver and made rugs that all my family used and sold them to other people. The rugs were very artistic. She would have me sit on the roller of the weaver put the treads through the needles, because she could not see to tread it. The job passed on to my nephew, when I could no longer sit in that small space. I have three rugs of hers that are all cream and I have never cut and tied the strings or separated them.(So they are connected with the threads.They are so old and virgin. I kept them on the shelf in the basement. When my mom, Lizzy, sold the weaver, I asked her to keep one of the shuttles and I have that in my closet. I also have the wool carder that my grandma had in the 1880’s. Again in the basement on the shelf.

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