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I was happy when Keira wanted to get a costume for Halloween and go trick or treating with her friends :-) As long as you dress up, you can go trick or treating as long as you want to!

She chose to be an elephant. I giggled because it’s a redo. 13 year old elephants are not quite as cute as 10 month old elephants, but still cute and fun :-)





Loved how much fun she had trick or treating with her friends . . . and that she didn’t mind that a couple moms tagged along (in costume, I might add – although no photos of the big people).


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  1. The older elephant is so pretty. I can’t decide what traits represent you and which seem like Hubby. A combination, obviously. We love to read you blogs and we both rush to see if there is a new one. What a popular young woman you are to us. I enjoy all the pictures in addition to the stories. “An old cliché, thanks for the memories!!!” Or maybe you are to young to remember that one.

  2. Shirley says:

    I am really late seeing this but I love the costume and the 2003 to present comparison…really cute!!!

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