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While Dude rehabs his elbow for baseball, he decided to get a job umpiring for Little League.

He’s loving it! And earning some money.

I’m enjoying watching the kiddos play from a completely different perspective than I had when Dude was 12 and playing Little League (oh how I’d love to talk to some of those parents!).

They are so cute and innocent and just out there playing baseball.

To end the game on Thursday, a kid hit a fly ball to center field for out #2. The base runner walked back to 2nd and didn’t make it before the center fielder threw to 2nd and got him out for a double play.

Dude had to call the runner out.

When we got to the car, he said “I wanted to yell to him to run back, but we can’t do that. After I called him out and the other team started cheering, he just started crying. I felt so bad for him! They’re so little!”

I love that my Dude has such a huge heart :-)

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  1. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    Dude is such a good young man. I am sure, knowing him, that it broke his heart. How sweet to care about someone else that much—I am sure he wanted to comfort him and explain that, in his position, he couldn’t do anything else.’
    Do you see that is Princess, also?

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