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Eternal Easter

The new-to-us house is coming along . . . hoping to move in sometime in the next 7-10 days.

I’ve been able to unpack most of the kitchen since nothing is changing in there. All we’ve kept at the current house is stuff we need to use while we live here for another week or so instead of going out all the time. Love having a room unpacked and ready to go for when we move in! It’s fun to see our own stuff in there . . . makes it feel like home.

While I LOVE the kitchen, one thing I want to change is something I probably never will. The previous owners were very proud of a painting they had done on the tile backsplash to the commercial grade Viking oven. They spent a lot of time and money all over the house making it “Colorado” – the wood on the stairs is from Woodland Park and the tiles around the fireplace have Colorado animals carved into them. Previous owners did not want to leave the kitchen out of All Things Colorado, so they hired an artist from Manitou Springs to paint the backsplash with Colorado wildflowers, mountains, birds, and animals. Apparently, this artist from Manitou Springs also painted something in Oprah’s kitchen – which according to the previous owners means it’s a big deal 😉

Colorado Mountains – check.

Native Wildflowers – check.

Local Birds – check.

Rabbit – check. (Instead of moose or elk or mountain lions or something cool, there is one single rabbit)

Basket – check.

Wait – what?! A basket?

Yup – the artist took something that could’ve been really cool and made it Eternally Easter in my new kitchen.


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  1. Shirley says:

    I agree that he could have left the basket out but it is still nice. I LOVE the outline of the mountains. Your house is so nice and I don’t think it will take long for it to totally feel like home. Love…Mom

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