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Everybody Else Knew

My friends know me well. Very well. Too well sometimes. Here are a few things I’ve said to them over the past couple of years.

I’m NEVER buying a hard-sided camper! I love the popup!

This lovely little thing now lives in my barn


We’re not going anywhere. I love our house. The neighborhood is awesome. We love it here.

As of February 1st, we reside in this dwelling


We are NOT getting a horse.

Um ya – you guessed it. Meet Cowboy!

Yes, yes we did. We bought Princess a horse. She can no longer say we never buy her anything! 😉

He’s a 17-year old palomino pony. His previous owners shaved him so he’d cool off faster after indoor workouts this winter. He’s so cute when he gets all of his hair – he’ll be the color of his legs! Beautiful. We’ve seen him at almost every show Princess has ridden in. He’s a highly trained jumper and very well-behaved. Princess was so comfortable and happy on him when we went to check him out for leasing options. Owners were set on selling him for personal reasons. Hubby and I chatted, did a ton of research, talked to people, and went for it! I won’t bore you with details of our arrangement, but Cowboy will live at Princess’s trainer’s house. While we have a barn, we are not ready for a horse to live here. Princess is a horse girl, we are not a horse family. Cowboy will be only about 5 miles away, which I guess means I’ll be making lots of trips to his house and back in the coming months :-)

We are so excited to have Cowboy! Not something I thought I’d ever say, but it all felt so right and seemed to fall in place. Sometimes you just know.

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  1. Doug says:

    … so I have to stop asking when you are buying a horse… ?
    dangit. I really enjoyed that …

  2. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    How cool! Cowboy is a beautiful horse. How exciting.! We are very happy for all of you. It will be a very good thing. How does Tonk’s feel about it? Good decision. I wish we lived there.

    Did you save the realtor’s pictures of the house? I would sure like to have a copy of those. I did not know how to copy them from the site and then they disappeared. Can’t wait to see you all.

    Love you all so much,

  3. Shirley says:

    Love the pictures…thanks!! Cowboy looks like he approves of his new home…he looks like he’s smiling in the last picture! So happy for Keira…I think it was a good choice. Love…Mom

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