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Geocaching 2012

Long long ago in a land far far away before baseball schedules and work got in the way, the Boedies headed up to Breckenridge for a few days to get our of town for spring break. Our awesome friends, M and MS, let us use their condo for part of the week. We were way excited to get out of town for a while, but we were bummed that the weather was so warm and the snow was terrible. We didn’t even take our snowboards with! Instead, we packed the GPS, hiking boots, and geocaching loot :-)

We headed up Wednesday afternoon early enough to stop at our favorite Mexican restaurant/bowling alley on the way up for dinner. We got a couple good games of bowling in, ate our favorite most awesomest bison burritos smothered in bison chili, then headed to the condo. The kids unpacked in about 3 minutes and jumped right into the hot tub, which gave Hubby and me an opportunity to hang out, relax, and decompress.

Thursday morning we got up, had yummy breakfast, and headed out for our first geocaching of the year! We snagged our first official cache off of Boreas Pass road. We stopped at a pull-out part way up and hiked down a little way where we met up with the trail. Here are Hubby and Princess on our first forest hike of the year :-)


As you can see, even up at altitude, there wasn’t any snow. That gives you an indication of how warm and unsnowy it’s been up there!  Turns out we could’ve hiked up from the park in town . . . but when you hike up, you don’t tend to see as much of the good scenery as you do on the way down . . . like this awesome view of Breckenridge ski area:



We were all pretty excited when we found the first cache :-)


The kiddos found the regular cache loot in there . . . stretchy people, a deck of cards, other odds and ends :-) They made their trade, signed the log, and we headed back to the car to head to the next trail, which was our actual destination for the day. It was a 1.5 mile hike up to the abandoned Sallie Barber mine. We were on the northwest side of the mountain most of the time, so we had to hike on hard crunchy snow most of the way.



It was such a beautiful day that we took our time, enjoyed the view, and took breaks here and there. Here are my 3 favorite people resting on a fence that seemed to be here for no apparent reason.



We reached the entrance to the mine, and were a bit disappointed. The notes said it was a very scenic area! Instead, we found this:



So we took some pictures and looked around for the cache. Then someone had the very bright idea to actually check the GPS to see where the cache was. Turns out, we were still 1/10th of a mile away! So we kept hiking up the hill until we came out at this!



The views from the back side were very cool. The kiddos enjoyed dropping rocks down the shaft to see how far down it went and exploring the old pieces of machinery used to operate the mine.



Up in the forest a ways, the kiddos found geocache #2 for the day!



Princess was way excited to find a neat deck of cards, and Dude was beyond happy to find a CD of Louis Armstrong, who is his trumpet teacher’s favorite trumpet player guy. Dude decided to take the CD so he could give it to Jon. Can I just say how happy it makes me to see him think of other people and get so excited about it :-)

After some more exploring, we headed back down the trail back to the condo for some lunch and game playing. QT and Ed came to stay with us for the night, which we were very happy about :-) After a yummy dinner at the brewery, the adults played a fun new game, while the kiddos relaxed their tired selves in the hot tub. I had to giggle because the hot tub is right outside the window to the condo. The screens were off the windows when we got there, so the kiddos requested that we turn on The Big Bang Theory on TV and open the windows so they could watch from the hot tub. Ahhhh – a dream come true 😉



After hot tubbing, snacking, and showering, Princess was apparently too tired to make it the 5 feet to her bedroom for the night.



A definite sleeping beauty!

A great ending to fun, outdoorsy day to start the spring :-)

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  1. Shirley says:

    There was some really nice scenery on your hike. Love seeing all of the pictures!! You are sooo lucky to live in such a wonderful place. Love you all…mom

  2. WAY cool adventure!! Some great cachin’ terrain, some wonderful views, and some unforgettable memories!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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