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Get Your Kicks – Day Nine – Barstow to San Bernardino (and Santa Monica)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
131 Miles

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Day Nine – our last day heading west! We got up and on the road pretty early. No alarms were set, but we were all itching to get going because – SANTA MONICA PIER! Princess and I grabbed Starbucks while QT and Ed gassed up for the drive. Our first stop was at the Route 66 Museum. I give you one guess which day of the week the museum is closed. Yep – Wednesday! So we walked around and looked at some of the stuff outside. Loved the old Studebaker!

After that, we pretty much cruised I-15 to San Bernardino. Not much to see on the way, so we arrived at our destination, the Wigwam Motel, around 10:00 a.m.

Our plan was to drop QT and Ed’s vehicle and camper, unload the FunRunner, and all 4 of us and the dogs drive the FunRunner to Santa Monica. Can I just say the owners of the Wigwam are AWESOME! They had one of our “rooms” ready, so they gave me the key and let us have it. We unloaded the FunRunner, locked up the camper, and away we went!

Of course traffic through LA was horendous, but we made it. Finally – the end of Route 66!

Princess had never seen a pier, and she thought it was especially cool that there was an entire amusement park right on the pier.

But what she was MOST interested in was THE OCEAN! I’m not sure if you know this, but Princess is part Mermaid. She LOVES the water! When we went to Atlantis last year over Thanksgiving, she wasn’t allowed in the water because of all the stitches and staples from her horse riding accident. She was awesome and didn’t complain, but boy was she disappointed she couldn’t play in the water. So the first thing she and I did was walk down to the beach so she could check out the ocean.

Glasses on. Hair still in a neat bun. Clothes dry. “I’ll just get my legs wet” she said. OK! 47 seconds later, this is what I see.

Having never been in the ocean, she had no clue about the undercurrent, even in shallow water. She was wiped out and soaked from head to toe! “Well, since I’m wet, I might as well swim!” And swim she did. She had a blast playing in the water, and I had a great time watching her enjoy it so much! This was probably the highlight of her trip :-)

After she was sufficiently water-logged and ready to leave the water, we caught up with QT and Ed, who had been wandering around on the pier. It was warm out, but the air still was chilly for a wet girl. So she and I walked a few blocks to the pedestrian mall and headed into the Nike store. We found some shorts and a t-shirt, which she changed into in the fitting room. Then we tracked down a guy who worked there, told him she was wearing what she wanted to buy, had him scan the tags right then and there, gave him the moolah, and we were off :-) Dry and happy! But hungry, apparently! We caught up with QT and Ed back at the pier and grabbed some bean and cheese burritos from the food truck. Yummy!

Of course the drive BACK to San Bernardino was even worse than the drive to Santa Monica. Traffic was absolutely terrible! Back at the ranch, Princess ran around with Max and got rid of whatever energy she had left.

Ed and I got out our lawn chairs and relaxed with some wine and whiskey.

Behind us . . . the NBC Nightly News crew! They were doing a story on Route 66 and our Wigwam Hotel owners. Our mini brush with fame. Check out the story here . . . at 2:08 our very own Max has a cameo as does my FunRunner.

After everyone got unpacked and settled and had a few minutes to relax, we were back at it again. It’s amazing how some wine and whiskey can convince you that setting out for even MORE driving at dusk to find a giant orange is a good idea! But we did it! And who couldn’t resist going to a town called Rancho Cucamonga? Bono’s Historic Orange. This orange was built in the 1930s and was a roadside stand where Route 66 travelers could get fresh orange juice.

Of course chicken and horse had to make an appearance!

And seriously . . . who could drive by a place called The Crazy Chicken without stopping for a photo op?!

In her road-tripped induced dilerium, Princess thought it would be the funniest thing ever to wear her horse head in the car and wave at people as we sat at stoplights. Love her sense of humor!

When we got back, we all congregated in our Wigwam and traded photos from the trip before heading to bed. The only plan the next day was to high tail it to Cedar City, UT. I hadn’t expected there to be any photo ops, but believe it or not, we found some! Check back to see what happened on Day Ten of our road trip!


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  1. Shirley says:

    I absolutely love the picture of Princess looking at the camera with a huge smile on her face but totally surrounded by splashing water. That is one I would enlarge into poster size for her room. I’m sure it was kind of sad to come to the end of your Route 66 drive but then it always feels to get back home too. I’m sure this was a vacation Keira will always remember. Love…Mom

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