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Get Your Kicks . . . Day Eight – Kingman to Barstow, CA

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
206 Miles

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Day Eight was another day where Princess and I split from QT and Ed. We wanted to drive the Needles Highway and go through Oatman. RVs are not advised, and in fact, there is a sign that says “No vehicles over 40’ allowed” right next to a huge turn-around for anyone who had thoughts of actually trying it :-) The road to Oatman is anything but well-kept. It was fun and small and had sharp turns and had some great views. This photo shows the twisty windy road and just why RVs are not advised.


Here we are enjoying the view from the “summit” which always makes me giggle since our summits at home are 11,000’ and higher :-)


Here we got a good look at what happens if you speed and don’t pay attention.


We finally made it to Oatman, and pretty early in the day! We had fun checking out the old mine . . .


Taking goofy pictures in goofy cutouts . . .


And wandering around the many shops that had some fun and different stuff, like a Mickey Mouse shaped cactus :-)


But the real reason anyone makes the drive to Oatman is for the burrows! Every morning, the burrows come walking up the road into town, looking for food. They were a little late today because they’re all pregnant and it took them a little longer to get up and moving. Love how they just own the road (the UPS guy in the background was clearly miffed that he didn’t make it through town before the burrows got there!).


While we were shopping, we bought a bag of alfalfa squares to feed the burrows.


People feed them everything, from crackers, to french fries, to pancakes! Yup – we saw one guy feeding them pancakes! When our alfalfa was gone, we decided to get in the FunRunner and head out for the rest of our trip since we’d been in Oatman for a few hours. Little did we know, the burrows would come right up to the vechicle looking for food!


Princess reached into our food bag and pulled out the granola we’d been toting around for breakfast. Of course the burrows loved it! Princess, however, did not heed my advice and hold her hand out the window. Instead, she held it INSIDE the FunRunner so the burrows could stick their heads in the window and knock granola all over the floor :-)


On the road again, we saw some fun sights. Loved this wagon!


And of course, since we were travelling with our very own Ed, Princess had to take a photo of Ed’s Camp for him.


Princess was way excited to make it to CA! Boy was she disappointed when it looked the same as AZ :-) No palm trees? Dessert? What?! Then we made a turn to try to get on the old Route 66 and ended up at a resort. She was BESIDE herself when she saw palm trees :-)


We continued our actual Historic Route 66 drive by heading to Chambliss, Amboy, and Ludlow. And while we’d gotten the “fake” Route 66 road sign photo at the Midway Café, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t tell my kid to “hurry up – get out and go stand in the road while I set the camera on the hood and set the timer for a picture before a car comes!” of a real Route 66 road painting.


While pretty much nothing on this stretch of the Route is actually still open and functioning, we did see some fun stuff along the way, like this mural (it’s too fun to be called grafiti!) on the wall of an old building.


When driving Historic Route 66, you never know which towns are actually open and functioning and which ones are just placeholders for towns of the past. We got in the habit of filling up for gas almost every time we got off the interstate just to make sure we weren’t “those people.” Glad we did this time! This gas station, in the middle of the loop, is open. But WOW!


The main draw of this part of the road, other than the drive itself, is the Amboy Crater . . . an old volcano. Pretty cool!


After the crater, we booked it to Ludlow where we’d get back on the Interstate for most of the rest of the drive to Barstow. We hadn’t been in contact with QT and Ed because no cell service out in the boonies! As luck would have it, we caught up to QT and Ed in Ludlow! Perfect timing! We got some lunch at a café, Princess and I grabbed some yummola ice cream from Dairy Queen, and we headed out.

We half followed QT and Ed and half did our own thing. There were some random things to see along the way, like the Bagdad Café (QT and Ed went there) and the Ski Lodge Roof House (we were together again and none of us could find it).

It was another hot day, so we pulled into our respective hotels (QT and Ed decided to hotel it again with the hot temps and windy windiness!) in Barstow to relax. Princess and I were thwarted again at the pool – this time the hot tub was broken and ice cold! So we hung out and relaxed before getting some dinner.

Tonight was drive-in movie night! We picked QT up at 7:30 and headed to the Skyline Drive In! It was $10 Tuesday – $10 per carload.


We got a great parking spot, opened up the back of the FunRunner, turned on ‘Party Mode’ for the back speakers, and blew up the air mattress. What better way to enjoy How to Train Your Dragon 2 than lying on an air mattress in the back of the FunRunner with surround sound, a giant popcorn, and an even more ginormous sprite?


Another fun day of adventure and surprises on our Route 66 road trip. Looking forward to Day 9, where we get to our final destination, San Bernardino and the Santa Monica Pier!

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  1. Shirley says:

    Another wonderful day on Route 66. Love all the pics and the commenary . Thanks…love…mom

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