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Get Your Kicks . . . Day Four – Santa Fe to Gallup

Friday, June 13, 2014
198 Miles

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Day Four was the first day of the trip where we actually wanted to be somewhere by a certain time, so we got up and going. We met QT and Ed for breakfast at the awesome Harry’s Roadhouse in Santa Fe. Yum yum yum!


There were a few things on the to do list, so we took a vote at breakfast. Everyone wanted to see the ice cave and volcano as well as Tinkertown. Because Tinkertown was south of Santa Fe on I-40, we went off of our Route 66 road trip and down through Madrid, NM. Nice drive and cool little town!

Tinkertown was amazing! We had no clue really what it was, but we were not disappointed. Basically, a man collected a bunch of things and made a bunch of models of stuff. Then he collected a bunch of bottles and used them to make walls with the cement. Then he collected a bunch of horseshoes and put them in the floor. The end. It was way cool! Nothing you can really see the coolness of through photos. The detail is amazing. Some of the pieces and parts move. The circus big top was amazing!






They even had the biggest man’s pants and marked his shoes on the floor!


After Tinkertown, we hightailed it to the ice cave and volcano. It’s quite a drive off of the interstate, but well worth it! In one location, you can hike to an old volcano caldron, seeing volcanic plants and twisted trees along the way. It’s nothing like the volcano in Hawaii, but it’s still pretty cool.

We’re holding up this wall of volcano stuff :-)


The caldron in the background. It’s been a long time since this volcano did anything, so the “stuff” is falling back in on it.


In the same location, just a mile hike away, is a natural ice cave. It’s so cool – literally! There used to be a bar and restaurant on this location a long time ago. They used the ice cave to keep the beer cold. They also chipped the ice out of the cave for drinks. The ice cave is in a collapsed lava tube. The combination of cold air settling and the insulation of the lava keeps the ice frozen year ‘round.

Princess hiking down the steps to the ice cave.


QT and Princess at the bottom. It’s so weird! It was super hot outside this day. There is one particular step where suddenly, your front side is cold and your back side is roasting.


The ice looks green. It’s very smooth – I wanted to ice skate on it!


Me and Princess being cold down in the cave.


The rest of our ds uneventful. Princess and I continued on most of the Old Route 66 and drove right through Gallup. Interesting little town! USA RV Park was great! We had rented a cabin for the night – it wasn’t supposed to have any electricity or anything – just a bunk bed. Turns out, it had a light, window air conditioner (that was worthless), queen bunk, and regular bunks. The mattresses were horrible, so we blew up the air mattress and put it on the queen bed to sleep :-)


There was a pool that Princess was dying to swim in. So she got all ready, dipped one toe in, and decided it was too cold :-)

After we got cleaned up, we headed out to look at all the fun neon in Gallup before enjoying a couple drinks at the picnic table then calling it a night.

Another fun and interesting day on Historic Route 66! Looking forward to Day Five, where we head into scorching hot Arizona.

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  1. Shirley says:

    What an interesting day. The ice cave looks really interesting and I didn’t know there was anything like that in the U.S. Love…Mom

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