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Get Your Kicks . . . Day Seven – Williams to Kingman

Monday, June 16, 2014
115 Miles

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Day Seven we were back on the road! It was a short driving day, so we didn’t make any plans to get up and ready to go early. Princess and I were up and ready, so we decided to pack up the car and head out for a walk down Route 66 in Williams. We’d gotten a taste of it the night before on our carriage ride and decided to walk it to see what we could see – and maybe shop a little. After breakfast at a little coffee shop, we headed out and saw some awesome shops and buildings. Williams was the last Route 66 town to be bypassed by I-40, and they were doing a great job of keeping there Route 66ness alive and well. Princess liked these first two shots because Dude is a Coca Cola fan and she thought he’d like this (and after a week without him, I think she was actually MISSING her brother!).


We met up with QT and Ed at the RV Park around 10:00 and headed out of town! This part of Route 66 takes quite a loop north, and there isn’t much to see on it. So we set our sights on Seligman as our main stop, with a few random stops in Hackberry and Truxton. Seligman was a fun little town! They’ve worked very hard to keep their historic Route 66 vibe. At one general store, I asked the clerk what they sold before the movie Cars because they had so many Cars items outside and inside. She said that Cars only brought the Americans – foreigners have been touring Route 66 for decades.

We spent some quality time with Mater and the Gang in between shopping stops.


So glad we found this sign so we knew which direction to go!


Loved the frog band on top of this building.


And we took advantage of a couple photo ops with Route 66 signage.


My personal favorite stop was Delgadillo’s Sno Cap diner. So awesome!


This diner has been around forever! And the most awesome part is that the current owners keep it running just as it always has. Complete with fake mustard spray and hometown personality. This is the view from the counter where you order.


She couldn’t resist the door without a window.


It was great to sit in the shade and enjoy the yummiest lunch on the trip – complete with LARGE malts – none of that sissy small size stuff!


Walking around outside the diner was as much fun as ordering and eating the food. All kinds of fun and creative stuff to see. I’m omitting photos to encourage you to go experience it for yourself. On our way out of Seligman, we made a quick stop at the Road Kill Café – because you HAVE to. Not to eat, but for the photo op of course.


The rest of our drive on Route 66 to Kingman was – HOT and crazy WINDY. Do you sense a theme here? Seriously, so hot and windy that Princess didn’t even want to get out at the Exotic Animal Sanctuary! We stopped at a gas station in Truxton because there was supposed to be some awesome sign like there is in Mash. I filled up even though I didn’t need gas – I got $60 worth of gas because CHA CHING out in the middle of nowhere. We went in and bought some drinks. I asked if we could use the restroom. He said “The one inside is for employees only, but you can use the outhouse out by the road.” Are you effin’ kidding me? I just spent $60 on gas, bought drinks, and you won’t even let me use the bathroom? And by the way – your sign sucks. Couldn’t even take a photo of it because it was behind a fence. So ya – Truxton is OFF THE LIST. Don’t go there. Don’t stop. Don’t make the effort. Onward to Hackberry!

Now this place was cool. Just a little general store out in the middle of nowhere, but with the coolest stuff ever! Princess kept saying how she wished Dude were with us because he would’ve loved all the stuff there. We took some time to USE THE CREEPIEST BATHROOM EVER (clean, but there are creepy manequins in there looking at you while you do your business!), buy a few things, look around at all the cool stuff that I wish I had, and rest in the rocking chairs outside in the cool shade.

The rest of the drive into Kingman was nothing to write home about. Just Arizona in the middle of nowhere on a two-lane bumpy road . . . ahhhhhh Route 66! The minute we got to Kingman, QT called and said “We are totally willing to bag camping tonight and get a hotel if you are. We’re sick of the heat and wind.” Um – WE WERE WILLING! Princess and I had already talked about it – there was no way we were getting the tent up in the wind. This is the dust storm we got to watch the last 10 miles . . . yes, it really was THAT windy.


I found us a family suite at the Best Western Motel. They accepted dogs, so we took it! A nice relaxing room with a pool and hot tub and comfy beds and a shower. And a laundry – so we took the opportunity after the pool to make some drinks and do a little laundry while Princess relaxed in the room with the dogs and TV :-) A good choice if I do say so myself!

Day Eight takes us from Kingman to Barstow, CA . . . on the Needles highway! Can’t wait!

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  1. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures and the details of your trip. Princess will never forget this trip. Great bonding time. I love reading about your adventures.

    Love you so much,

  2. Shirley says:

    Got caught up on all of the Route 66 trip days today. What fun!!! Love…Mom

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