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Get Your Kicks . . . Day Ten – San Bernardino to Cedar City, UT

Thursday, June 19, 2014
395 Miles

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Day Ten is what I call Half Ass Haul Ass day. We’re officially off of Route 66 and on our way home, but there are a couple detours I want to make on the way.

But first, before we get to any fun stuff, I just have to say WTH California? Oh. My. GAWD! What is UP with the 100% complete inability to drive?! Not one person has any friggin’ clue how to drive on the Interstate. It is MADDENING! And it was seriously every friggin’ car with California plates. Yes, I know we’re in CA, but there are just as many out of state plates on I-15 as there are in state plates. And even when we got out of CA into Nevada and then Utah, the cars with CA plates STILL had no clue! I was hoping it was maybe just those that LIVE in CA . . . but nope, it’s everyone.

Now that that’s over, let’s move on :-)

Our first detour was to Hoover Dam. I’ve seen it many times over the past 18 years, but Princess had never been there (Dude still hasn’t!). Every time I see this I STILL can’t believe how much water people use without giving it a thought.


Princess had no clue what to expect. She kept wondering how a dam could be worth driving that far for – she’s used to seeing the dams we have here in CO to create our reservoirs. All I could say was remember how big the Grand Canyon was compared to other canyons you’ve seen? It’s kinda like that.


It was CRAZY hot out, so we drove across the dam first. Then we took a tiny walk out onto the dam just to say we did. When we left, we made sure to drive over the bridge of awesomeness before pulling off to get our official picture of Welcome to Nevada – they didn’t have one of those when we entered the state the first time!


Then, back to Las Vegas to cruise the strip – at 2:00 in the afternoon. Cuz THAT’S a great time to drive down Las Vegas Boulevard. One MILLION degrees! We drove from the far end all the way to the welcome sign, where we dutifully waited in line and chose the person who we thought was least likely to run off with our camera to take a photo of us.


Princess thought all the buildings were really cool and huge and giant and colorful and can’t even imagine what they’d look like at night all lit up :-) We drove all the way back down Las Vegas Boulevard so she could see the other side. At the end, we decided to make Dude a little jealous and stop at the Pawn Stars pawn shop for some photo ops!

We didn’t take the time to go in because we wanted to cruise to Cedar City. The rest of our drive was uneventful. Pretty. Different. Never been there before. One of the best parts? 80 mph speed limit on the Interstate :-) I hung out in the right lane going 90ish and was getting passed constantly. This is my kind of place (take THAT California!).

We pulled into Cedar City around dinner time and were DONE. We put on our suits, played in the pool for awhile, then went back to the room and watched a movie on our last night away from home.

Day Eleven was our final drive from Cedar City to Colorado Springs – 634 miles. Very uneventful and still surprising to me how different Colorado looks on the West side of the mountains compared to when you get into Eagle/Edwards/Vail.

We LOVED our trip, but I have to say it was GREAT getting back to what was familiar. We LOVE Colorado Springs and the terrain and the views and the weather and everything else.

Home Sweet Home :-)

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  1. Shirley says:

    What a wonderful trip with memories to last a lifetime. Love…Mom

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