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Green Metal Roof

As you may know, our house and barn both have green metal roofs. Since we live in the forest (and right NEXT to the forest that burned last year!) this is an awesome thing. Stucco house + metal roof = reduced chance of ignition during a fire.

Anyhoo . . . another benefit of the green metal roof is that it gets cooler at night and warm during the day. When there’s precipitation in the air (geez, I sound like Mr. Science!), it freezes on the roof during the night. Then during the day, it slowly melts. When it slowly melts throughout the day, we get really cool ice formations on the gutters, like the ones in this post. When it melts off the barn roof, we get cool stuff going on like this on one of the pasture fences:

But when it heats up fast and melts quickly, like this morning, Duma better watch out! I’m sitting at my desk and I hear these loud booming noises on the deck. I run over to see what’s up and notice that huge sheets of ice have fallen off the roof and shattered on the deck, right where my 4-legged child usually takes a nap! (Eskews/Costas – too bad this didn’t happen Saturday – we could’ve had ICE for our drinks!)

Ya, we have those plastic thingies on the roof that are supposed to divert the ice and keep it from becoming a large sheet, but really all they do is make many smaller sheets of ice come crashing down all at once.

Anyhoo . . . note to self that the metal roof is really neat, but remember to keep Duma in the house during the “warming up hours” of the day after precipitation and freezing night-time temps!

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  1. Shirley says:

    Cool fence picture!! Love…Mom

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