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We’ve been having a blast with baseball, swimming, and horses :-)

Monday, Dude got hit by a pitch at practice. Smashed into his left hand while he was swinging the bat – ouch! It immediately turned blue and got huge and puffy. Numb fingers. Couldn’t move his fingers. It wasn’t much better Tuesday morning, so I took him to the Urgent Care. Why not the doc, you ask? Because the doc doesn’t have an x-ray machine and we would’ve had to go somewhere else after seeing the doc. I was one-stop shopping!

Anyhoo – doc took one look at it, poked around a bit, and said “Yup. Betting that thing’s broken. We’ll get an x-ray.”

X-ray was negative – woot! She said she couldn’t believe it. He had been hit so hard that his skin broke even through the batting glove! She’s convinced the batting glove absorbed enough impact to keep his hand from breaking. No restrictions – just let the pain dictate the activity – is what she told him . . . while she recommended 5-7 days of no batting or catching.

Wednesday, took him to the regular doc for his regular physical (had I remembered he had this appt., I probably would’ve just made him wait since he wasn’t complaining). Regular doc took a look at it and said he’s surprised it’s not broken. Judging by where the bruise and cut are, the ball hit just the right place so the area between the bones in his pinkie and ring fingers absorbed most of the hit. If the ball was left or right a tiny bit, broken hand.

Of course he tried to put his glove on at practice yesterday and found out that 48 hours does not equal 5-7 days! Also discovered he cannot grip a bat yet (um, duh!). Boys.

So yay! We’re feeling lucky this week :-) He’s bummed he can’t hit or catch, but he can still run . . . which is one thing he does often in the games since he’s the fastest guy on the team. He gets to pinch run for the pitchers.

Looking forward to another weekend of baseball up north of Denver!

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  1. Shirley says:

    I’m glad to hear it isn’t broken but sometimes those bad bruises can take a long time to heal. Hoping he doesn’t have a long recovery time. Tell him we’re thinking of him!!! Love…Mom

  2. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    Oh, I feel so bad. I hope he is not in a lot of pain. I remember, in a baton lesson, when I had to throw the baton and twill around and get it–well I got it on my nose when it came down. It is steel so it really hurt, as did my pride. Tell Dude we love him and are thinking of him. Does icing help?


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