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It’s official! My Dude is in high school and doing Highschooler things :-)

We kept asking him if he was going to the football game and the dance. He kept saying “I dont’ know.” We kept saying “Just get the guys together and go. You don’t want to miss it. It’s a blast!”

Then we find out he asked a girl to Homecoming! It was sweet (and last minute – less than a week before the dance!).

He said they were all going as a group (11 of them) but K was his date. They wanted to go out to dinner then they were all going to S’s house to hang out and have fun – no dance.


They were all terrified of the whole “dancing” part . . . 5 guys and 6 girls and they’re all afraid of the dance. LOL!

Since he had a date, we had to go shopping for dress pants (NOT easy to find 28/30 black dress pants!). Then we had to find a tie to match her salmon colored dress (OMG what a pain! Apparently salmon was ‘so last year’ and nobody had salmon colored ties! We ended up at Men’s Wearhouse for the tie.) And shoes – OMG finding black dress shoes for a boy’s/men’s size 7 1/2 was a nightmare! The only thing that was easy was the grey/silver dress shirt he wanted. I’m quite sure that after all was said and done, Dude’s ensemble cost just as much if not more than K’s beautiful dress. Don’t believe me? His pants were $98. Yes – you read that right! $98!!! For a pair of pants! We went to a dozen stores before we found a pair that fit. We were more than ready to settle for pants that would be “good enough” and found NOTHING. Anyhoo – add a not cheap tie and not cheap shoes and you get the picture.

In the end, they all decided to go out for pizza and then to the dance (YAY! I was so happy!). We met for photos at a park in the neighborhood where most of the kids live. Then they walked to the pizza joint. Then they got a ride from a couple of the parents over to the school for the dance.

When Dude got home around 10:45 (K’s mom brought him home) he was PUMPED UP! He said it was the most fun EVER! They had a blast and they all danced and it was packed and it was loud and there was an actual DJ and there were strobe lights and did I mention it was FUN?!

Um – sounded like Homecoming to me 😉 Hubby and I keep telling him “We’ve been there. We’ve done that. Times have changed, but events like this really haven’t!”

Was so glad he had a great time. He and the others were so pumped up that they were up until 1:00 a.m. texting and Instagramming and sharing photos of the night and talking about it – nevermind that they’d all just spent the past 6 hours together at the actual event 😉

They were all so awesome and had such a good time – and they looked dazzling :-)

 So glad my Dude is enjoying his high school experience so far!

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  1. Shirley says:

    I think it is just marvelous that they all went as a group even tho J had a date. It is really a nice looking group…the guys are all handsome and well dressed and the girls are all beautiful dressed so nice. I couldn’t help but think that the guys got their heads together and decided on the color palette for their attire for the event. J looked really nice and his date is really cute!! I am soooo glad that they decided to go the dance and that they had a really fun time. Love…Mom

  2. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    J looked so handsome. $98 pants–I don’t buy $98 pants. I think it is great that he had so much fun and with a group of friends. His girlfriend is very pretty, as are all the girls. I wondered if either of you had taught him how to dance. Going to Homecoming will be a wonderful memory. I am happy that you didn’t miss it!!!!!!!

  3. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    I forgot to say my hubby said, “when are we going to get a Common Mom on the Homecoming event?” He asked me the other day. So he was excited about this one and so was I.

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