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Horsey Home

Our little farm here is not bad. We’ve got 10 acres – 4.5 of which the horses get to roam freely on daily. They’ve got a nice barn with stalls for shelter and large runs for the days we can’t turn them out. They get fed twice a day and also get to graze during the day. They have sunny spots and treed shelter. We’re building an outdoor arena this spring. They get fresh water. They get blankets at night if it’s cold enough. They get to see their girl daily while she loves and hugs on them and cares for them. They are happy. It’s a good place for a couple horses.

This has been Remington’s home for the past 18 months . . . with daily turnout, temperature controlled automatic waterers, 3x a day feedings, night checks, and blanketing:



The fence on the left of the photo (with the girls riding) is the giant outdoor arena. The large red portion of the barn is the giant indoor arena.

As Princess said when we left Wednesday “Remi is going to be in for a rude awakening when he gets to our house! He’ll have to deal with Cowboy and actually get treated like a horse instead of a king.”

LOL! Just one of the many reasons I love her . . . she absolutely loves animals, but is smart enough to know that they ARE animals and need to be treated as such.

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  1. Shirley says:

    That’s so funny because I just said to Tony yesterday that it was going to be very different for Remington when he goes home to the Boedies. I’m sure he will adjust well and while things will be different he will see Keira and get lovin’ every day! Keira is very grounded and realistic…love her! Love…Mom

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