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I Overruled His Decision

Dude brought home his class sign up sheet for 7th grade. He chose French, but he did not sign up for Band. I disliked that decision. Yes, I told him he HAD to try 6th grade band. He didn’t want to. So I let him not choose it. Then he ended up wanting to, so he changed his class schedule and played the trumpet this year.

He likes it. He’s good at it. He’s been taking lessons. He still wants to be the Bugler for his Boy Scout troop.

He does not like his band teacher; therefore he does not want to be in band next year, although he says wants to continue to play the trumpet – just not in band.

Hubby asked Dude if he didn’t sign up for band, then there was a different fun teacher next year, would he be disappointed? Dude said yes.

Hubby asked Dude if he signed up for band, would he be disappointed to not get the other discovery classes that band takes the place of? Dude said no, not really. They’re choir, art, and drama.

He had no other good reason for not wanting to do band than he doesn’t like the teacher. She’s boring. They don’t play any fun music. They have those annoying practice records to keep and hand in.

Next year, they get to play fun music because the kids know how to play. They also play as a whole band, not just parts of a band while they learn. And, if they take private lessons, no practice records.

Without a good reason, I highly recommended he choose to stick with band next year.

He did not want to.

I was disappointed.

There may have been sighs and frowns – on both our parts.

Dude may have huffed and puffed, said “Fine!”, walked to his room, and checked the box for band.

I usually let them make decisions on things that I don’t consider earth-shattering; however, for some reason, this time I didn’t.

I didn’t think that not liking the teacher was a good reason to quit doing something he likes. You’re not going to like every boss or coworker you encounter. You gotta figure out how to get past it and enjoy yourself anyway.

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  1. Shirley says:

    I understand both sides of this one. I did not like our band teacher in high school…that may be putting it mildly…I actually despised him!! I stuck it out through 10th grade and then hung it up because he was going to be the band teacher all thru high school. However, Dude’s situation is a bit different in that he has the possibility of getting a different band teacher…and it may be one that he likes…and also the opportunity eventually to play music that is more fun. I’m glad that he signed up for band and is going to give it another shot. I really hope he enjoys it more this year and that he is lucky enough to get another band teacher. Have a good one…Love…Mom

  2. Chelle says:

    Good for you. Although it’s very important to give them opportunities to make their own decisions, sometimes they really can benefit from your experience, hindsight, insights, etc.

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