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Ice, Ice, Baby!

So ya – it’s been snowing here a lot since we moved! It’s been great fun trying to navigate the driveway in the blinding white snow since we were so awesomely brilliant and didn’t mark it. I spent many minutes driving up and down the driveway to make tracks that wouldn’t get covered over in new snow just so we had some chance of knowing where it was the next time we left the house!

Please give a big shout out to our plow guy Jeff (we hired him for this winter until we see what we need to buy for our own snow needs for next winter) who happily came to our new house early on moving day and plowed the driveway for the delivery truck and the moving truck. He even went above and beyond and plowed the road to our driveway since the road grader hadn’t been by yet. Yay Jeff!

Having a metal roof is awesome, especially when you’re getting insurance for a house with a zipcode that screams “FOREST FIRE!” It’s also fun because it heats up and cools down with the sunny days, which means very cool icicles!

Like this one, that grew right outside my bedroom window on the East side of the house. I’ve never seen one grow like this! The extra neat thing is that it’s very narrow . . . not thick  like a typical icicle, but thin.

 I like the ones that seem to be growing straight out, too :-)



And then there’s the front deck. The icicles out there could kill someone! Or at least break your glasses and give you a bruised cheek (You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!).

Dude grabbed this one off the deck last week and tried to impale Princess with it before school . . . it wasn’t even the biggest one!


While they’re cool and awesome and fun to look at and play with, they’re really uncool when it comes to our deck. The deck serves as our front door (house is backward on the lot – deck, mountains, views, etc.) and with the giant row of icicles growing off the roof and dripping onto the deck all day long, it creates an awesome skating rink right where people walk! Luckily, you can put that melting salt stuff on Trex decking, and it works wonders.

So for all of you potential visitors, if there are icicles, please be careful on our deck!

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  1. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    I like the new red furniture. I also like your lamp. I can’t wait to see your decorating. I sure miss all of you. Hope the kidos are feeling better.

    Love you,

  2. Shirley says:

    The icicles are truly different and quite amazing…who would have thought!!! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one as big as the one that Dude has…let alone bigger ones that you have. Tony is gone and I barely made it out of the driveway this morning with the snow and blowing yesterday but I did make it. Had to do the rocking back and forth thing for a while but I made it!! They are forecasting 2-4 more inches tomorrow…I might be in trouble…I have to get into the office and work all weekend…very busy. Love…Mom

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