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Ma Baaaay-be!

Dropped Dude off at school last night for a Prom week volleyball fun night.

I get this text around 8:45 p.m. . .

“We’re gonna go get food after and C can drive me to get it.”

After a few more texts, they were all off to Freddie’s.

Hubby picked him and a buddy up at 9:45.

Today at 11:30 a.m. I get this text . . .

“Can I go to the park at 2 to play soccer?”

After a few more texts, I took him to Fox Run Park at 1:00 to play soccer.

Then I get this text . . .

“Hey. It’s crazy snowy here so we’re going to Davinci instead where there is none. C can drive me there.”



If you haven’t guessed, C passed the 6-month mark and can have a non-related passenger in the car with him.

How did this happen?

WHEN did this happen?

When did this guy get old enough to get dropped off at one place and picked up at another place 4 hours later?!

Jason Boedigheimer

Ma Baaaaaay-be! Is growing up :-(


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  1. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    It happens so fast that it seems impossible. Soon, he will be able to drive by himself, which will make you uncomfortable sometimes, but take a lot of the burden off you. I love it that he is so involved and having so much fun. Soon he will be off to college and have a lot more responsibility and then the post college and a job. I remember standing in the garage with RJ, when he was leaving for his wedding, and asking him if that meant he would never live at home again. And yes, the answer was yes, I won’t be living here full time again.

    Every day is a transition. I can’t believe RJ’s daughter is 5’8″ tall. I am shrinking and I hate it. She will be speaking at a conference this summer about computers. She is always texting and does not have time for grandma. Time marches on.

    Love you,

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