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Oh Christmas Tree!


I give to you a list of my favorite things about our 2012 Christmas tree… in no particular order:

#1 – The white tinsel. Princess wanted tinsel on the tree this year. We had red and white. She insisted I do red and she do white. She is just over 4 feet tall, as is the white tinsel :-)

#2 – The quilted tree skirt that my MIL sent me.

#3 –  The fact that the tree was too tall for our house and we had to bend the top even though when we bought this artificial tree at the end of the season last year, we knew exactly how high our ceiling was and how tall the tree was.


#4 – The tree did not make my Dude stuffy and miserable for the entire Christmas holiday with alergies.

#5 – The annual kid picture ornaments.

#6 – The family “event” ornaments – Alaska floatplane, camper, yellow lab, hot air balloon, snowboarding Santa.

#7 – The handmade ornaments from the kiddos.

#8 – The skydiving Santa ornament. Can’t find it? Here it is!


#9 – No needles to vacuum after we took it down.

#10 – No daily watering and wondering if today will be the day the fireplace sets the real tree that has dried out on fire!

#11 – The candy canes that my kiddos insist we decorate the tree with every year. I’m certain this is because “it looks good” and not because they want to eat one every single day.

#12 – The Sock Monkey ornament. It just makes me giggle.

#13 – How warm and inviting it makes our family room look for an entire month.

#14 – The feelings of joy, happiness, love, and gratefullness we feel when we sit around it.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of love, happiness, and family!












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  1. SHIRLEY says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your Xmas tree!!! It is really beautiful!!! I always liked your Charlie Brown Xmas trees that you used to cut down in the forest (I know it irritated you when I called your tree that once so sorry I said it again) and I’m sure you miss the adventure of doing that and also the marvelous pine smell but your tree this year is really really nice. For many years I used to take Molly and Kelly to the tree farm and cut down our own tree but eventually it just got to hard to handle the tree (I always did it Thanksgiving weekend and Tony was always gone out of town goose hunting that weekend) and also one year I ended up with a rust stain on my carpet from the tree stand so when I put new carpet in i stopped getting the real tree. I do miss the pine smell but like you I don’t miss the watering and the needle mess when you take it down. Again…beautiful tree!! Love…Mom

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