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One of My Favorites

This is one of my favorite photos from this past weekend’s horse show. Princess was so excited about the show and wanted to do the walk/trot/canter classes. She’s been working so hard! I knew it would be a challenge for her once she got in the arena with 10+ other riders. She’s still nervous around other horses. Cowboy was amazing. He was calm and knew what to do for her.

After the first class, she placed 7th out of 10 and rode over to me. She was almost crying and said she didn’t want to do more. She wanted to be done.

I said no. Go back out there and do the next class. We’ll see how it goes.

She turned around and went back out there.

If she REALLY didn’t want to, she would’ve protested, but she didn’t.

She took 5th in that class.

She came over and said she wanted to be done.

I said just do one more and see how it goes.

3rd place.

2 classes later, this was what happened.

A smile and a blue ribbon for 1st :-)

So proud of her for sticking it out and overcoming her fear! She so loves her horse and riding and even the shows . . . and I couldn’t let her run out after the first couple of classes (even though I could see the stink eye of other show moms thinking I was such a terrible person!).¬†She was supposed to ride in 4 classes Saturday. She asked to be in every class she could after that, which meant 10.

Many thanks to my friends, MS and QT, and her trainer, Amara, for understanding why I made my daughter go back out there when she was begging to be done.

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  1. Shirley Baker says:

    Can’t describe how proud I am of her and Cowboy!! Her for sticking it out even when she felt like quitting and Cowboy for hanging in there and doing his best even though I’m sure he could feel her nervousness. I do think this is a good lesson for her for the future and for her life in general…there are benefits to not quitting even though you may be afraid or frustrated. Sometimes those benefits will be big and other times minimal. Sometimes you won’t be successful but that’s also part of life. Good going Princess!! Love…Mom

  2. Gail says:

    And you get a blue ribbon for being the right kind of mom at the right time. She’s a lucky girl.

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