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Oxer – A horse jump or fence with vertical poles and another pole spread out a foot or two away that is usually higher than the first set of poles.

I have so much to say about Keira and Remi and riding and jumping and Amara getting married and moving to Florida with Seth and the Air Force and us finding a new trainer and and and and.

But it’s Monday and all of that will have to wait.

So I leave you with this . . . Keira and Remi training over an oxer . . .


Their oxer was a 2′ vertical, spaced by tires, 2′ 3″ vertical. Notice the markings on our ruler jump – Keira is over 4 feet in the air on a young 1,000 pound horse.

As a parent, this is NOT easy to watch, and this is a relatively low jump.

See that 36″ mark? That’s her goal before high school.

I’m gonna need more whiskey.

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  1. That is unbelievable. That would be scary. She certainly looks confident. Something to be very proud of–love the picture. (Great shot!)


  2. Shirley says:

    It actually looks from the ruler jump that they already cleared 36″+!! Granted Remi’s back feet need to also clear but it’s looking good. He is such a beautiful horse and she looks like a professional rider. Love…Mom

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