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Remembering Seth

Originally posted December 17, 2007

I am so excited to be leaving tomorrow to visit family for 2 whole weeks to celebrate the Christmas holiday. As I prepare to leave, I can’t help but think of those who will be celebrating without all of their family members present. Even though we are not military, we live in a military town. Every time I go to the airport, I see soldiers leaving to return to Iraq from their break, sharing tearful goodbyes and forever hugs with wives, husbands, and children. I see soldiers coming home on break, meeting their infant children for the first time . . . it’s heartbreaking, and I can only imagine what they go through to protect our freedom. I also work with many wonderful people who have direct ties to the military, whether it be a friend, husband, wife, brother, sister, or child serving in the military. One year ago today, a dear coworker lost her 19 year old son in Iraq. I can’t imagine how difficult that day and every day since has been for her and her two sons.

So please take a moment to remember Seth today – a brave young man who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could celebrate our freedom with our families.



Following is the e-mail message Seth’s mom sent regarding her wonderful son.

PFC Seth Stanton – Lost December 17, 2006 – Never Forgotten…


To All Who Knew My Brave and Honorable Son, Seth Stanton, and to those of you who didn’t get the honor:

Seth Stanton died in Iraq Sunday, December 17, 2006 from complications from injuries he sustained in an explosion that occurred when the Upper Armored Humvee he was Vehicle Commander of, struck an IED (aka roadside bomb).

When the rear detachment officer for his unit called me at 4pm on Saturday, Seth was listed in stable, but serious condition.  He gave me the details that his unit was out on patrol, on a recon mission, when thru no fault of their own, his vehicle hit the IED. The explosive went off with much damage. The soldiers following his vehicle were able to immediately assist the wounded soldiers to a safer location.

His injuries at that point were: broken jaw, broken elbow, broken shoulder, fractured collarbone, fractured tailbone. Shrapnel injuries included, but were not limited to: Lacerations to his liver and colon, which were repaired.

I was told that on Sunday, he would be flown to Germany for continued care and medical attention and from there would be flown to Walter Reed in Washington DC and that I would be flown there next weekend to see him. At least there was hope – they said he was in stable condition and was going to be fine.

A knock on the door Sunday morning changed my world forever.

Two uniformed officers were there “please, God no.”  As I listened to the news that my 19 year old son, my brave, strong son, my baby had died in Iraq earlier that morning, everything became a blur. I begged them to tell me this wasn’ true, they had said he was fine. They said I could see him at the end of the week – this couldn’t be true.They sadly shook their heads and said: No ma’am, this is an official record that your son has died due to complications sustained from his injuries while in Iraq.

You can only imagine the horror as all of this began hitting me – the questions, the repeating of what I was told the day before about getting to see him, the questions regarding his being stable and ok – my heart is broken for this fallen soldier. I will miss him so much. He was the apple of my eye, as are my other two boys.

Nate and Dylan have been going thru the grieving process the same as me. None of us can believe it. There is a lot of hugging and crying and lots of holding each other.

As there is so much more that I could probably share, I will end this letter to all of you. Lots of you have already heard this news, and have asked: what can I do? The truth is I don’t know. I appreciate your prayers, love and support. I know your thoughts are towards my family, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Proud mom of a fallen soldier, a brave war hero, my precious angel, Seth.




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  1. Mom says:

    And on this day…Seth, Anna, Nate and Dylan are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Proud American of a fallen soldier…a brave war hero…Anna’s precious angel.


    Jodie’s Mom

  2. Regina says:

    My heartfelt prayers and blessings pour out for this family. I am proud to have men like Seth who are fighting to secure our future. Words can never even begin to express what that family is going through and there are no words that can bring peace to this mother.
    all I can say is, Anna go with God and rest in His Loving Grace because your baby is at Peace now and safe from all harm of this world. So until you see him again just know that he is standing along side Jesus, looking down and smiling at you with Love in his eyes and heart.

    Blessings & peace,

  3. Deb says:

    I just found out another friend of ours is in Iraq. It breaks my heart that his family will be without him for Christmas. We are so lucky that we have so many men and women willing to fight for us. And all they ask in return is a simple thank you.

  4. Leeann says:

    No words I can say would express how heart-touching that letter is. No mother should know that pain.

  5. Sharon says:

    That was very touching. My heart goes out to this mother–how horrible.
    I have a nephew in Iraq right now. He lost three guys from his command the other day.
    I pray for all those who have lost loved ones in the service.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Pam says:

    What a heart touching letter! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Deb says:

    I can’t even imagine. It chills me to bone and I don’t even know anyone in Iraq or Afganistan this year. They are our heroes!

  8. Touching…


    We are thankful to your Co-worker’s family for the sacrifice they have paid for our nation…


  9. Kerry says:

    A nice tribute to Seth and his family. I’m so sorry for the loss of this soldier, son and brother.

  10. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    That is a mother’s nightmare. What a brave young man.

    I think it is interesting that when I am in the Denver airport, everyone that passes someone in uniform says thank you. We need to pray for these young people who are giving up their lives for us. And for the people who have lost sons, husbands, brothers, sisters and fathers.

    God Bless you Seth. We will be praying for your family who have lost you forever.

  11. Shirley says:

    There are no words to express the appreciation we all have for Seth and others who made the ultimate sacrifice for us. He is in our thoughts and prayers. Love…Jodie’s Mom

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