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Still Driving

For the past few days, I’ve let Dude drive up the driveway. Down the driveway. Pull into the garage. Use the emergency brake. Back out of the garage. Drive on our tiny little gravel road almost to the highway. Drive from the gravel road into the driveway, up the hill, and into the garage.

He’s learning to be soft with the brakes . . . not look at the brake and gas pedal (sheesh!) . . . signal his turns (now to have him NOT look at the signal turner onner) . . . use the high and low beams . . . come to a complete stop at the end of the driveway . . . not run into our lovely new boulder indicating that YES THIS IS OUR DRIVEWAY . . . and so on.

So today when we left for the bus, I told him to go get in and start the car so he could drive to the end of the driveway. So far this had been our little secret. I knew Hubby was coming with us this morning and I wanted to see his reaction.

When he saw Dude in the driver’s seat, he just shook his head and looked at me like “Can you believe that guy?!”

Then Dude started the car. Hubby held up his driver’s license.

Then I got in the passenger seat.

Hubby just shook his head as Dude backed out of the garage. And to be a smart ass, just when Dude was almost all the way out of the garage, Hubby smacked the front bumper.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Scared Dude to death! I may have done more than giggle 😉

Dude drove us all down to the highway where we performed a Chinese Fire Drill and headed to the bus stop.

I’m not sure if Hubby was nervous Dude was driving or sad to see him in the driver’s seat. I mean, he did get all upset when he discovered Dude was wearing the same shoe size as he does!

Dude still thinks this is the best thing since wireless controllers for the Xbox; however, I’m pretty sure the excitement of the driveway won’t last 2 years until he gets his permit 😉

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  1. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    I think it is a great idea to ease him into it. It will come more naturally when he doesn’t have to remember as much when he actually gets his permit. You never know when a situation would come up that you needed a driver because you got sick while driving or something. One never knows when something unusual will happen. My Hubby drove a large cat and dozer when he was thirteen and he has always been a good driver–well except when he got his car stuck in between two trees and his dad had to cut the trees down to get his car out!!!

    It is difficult for most parents to see their children grow up. I miss having my boys here. I was thinking the other day about how often we all played games or cards when hubby was gone and the boys were young. And of course, my friends remind me of when I thought my youngest son would never leave home because he was always sitting in the corner, by the stove helping me. It certainly paid off for all of us. Grandpa said that your hubby made the best prime rib. Yum!!!!!

    Love you all,
    Grandma Sue

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