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The Bus

I was never so happy as yesterday to see my kiddos get on the bus.

They were both home all last week with the flu. Missed all 4 days of school.

They both felt very well and better on Thursday, but I had them stay home anyway so they could rest and make sure.


Oh. My. GAWD!










Shoot me now!

Dude had some buddies over Saturday because I told him he could have the guys over during the long weekend (no school Friday or Monday). They were great and fine and had fun and went home Sunday at 1:00.

Princess had some friends over Sunday because I told her she could have the girls over during the long weekend. They were great and fine and had fun and went home Monday at 3:00.

Needless to say – I got nothing done. Yayaya – they’re old enough and know what’s happening when they have the flu, so it wasn’t awful. But both of their bathrooms needed to be cleaned. Then we finished unpacking both of their rooms and hanging stuff on their walls.

Then I finally got my hobby/craft room unpacked and organized (yay organized!).

Then Princess and I made her warm window shades for her room. For those intertwined in the saga – yes I DID find the buttoneer AFTER we got a new one and finished her shades. It was IN HER PAJAMA DRAWER! No, I have no idea why.

Then I finished unpacking and organizing the family room downstairs (DVDs, Wii games and controllers, XBox games and controllers, board games, poker table, Lego table…).


Still have the shed and garage this weekend (no, that didn’t happen last weekend) . . . but that I can handle.

Now to get some WORK done since I’ve been on hiatus for far too long.

And then to get taxes organized and done for personal and business.

Yay me!

I have a feeling my whiskey mug will be making an appearance or two this week again!

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  1. Shirley says:

    I know what you’re going through…been there…done that. It is a real pain but such a good feeling when it’s all done and you’re truly settled in. And now that the kids have both had friends over to see their new home that part is done as well. The garage and shed will take some time but will probably seem minor compared to the house with all its detail. You’re almost there!! Can’t wait to see the finished product. Love…Mom

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