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A couple weekends ago, Princess and I went up to Breckenridge for a day of snowboarding. Hubby was on the east coast stuck in a snowstorm, and Dude stayed home because he had too much homework (yay for responsible teenager who may or may not have used homework as an excuse to be home alone all day).

The early morning drive was beautiful, and Princess snapped this photo as we came over Wilkerson Pass:



I posted the photo on Facebook – loved the amazing moon and giggled at the fact that I’d looked at this photo so many times and hadn’t noticed the giant elk right next to the road! A photographer friend commented that I should “Crop that down to exclude the road and balance the moon and elk into opposite corners and that would be really nice.”



I agree. It is really nice that way. Moon. Mountains. Trees. Blurry elk from moving vehicle.

But I still like the original better.


In the original, here’s what I see:

  • The size of the prairie. What a panorama you get to see every time you travel west over Wilkerson Pass.
  • The seemingly never-ending road that winds down Wilkerson Pass along the prairie all the way to Hartsel. You can see for miles!
  • A cell phone photo that Princess took out a dirty window as we drove 65 mph down the road. What a wonderful day we
  • A giant beautiful moon that we’d been commenting on for the past 45 minutes – since we started up Highway 24 in Manitou Springs.
  • A giant beautiful moon that had us so distracted that we missed the giant elk on the side of the road. I giggle when I think about how many times we looked at this photo to check out the beautiful moon and snow-capped mountains and didn’t see that giant elk.
  • The snow-covered prairie and amazing snow-capped mountains in the distance. The trees are just a small part of the photo.
  • The vast blue morning sky as the sun rises above the mountains in the east behind us.
  • The memories a Mom and her teenage Princess made on a day trip to Breckenridge to snowboard together.

Yes – the cropped photo is nice, but I’ll keep my original uncropped memories.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

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