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What Is It With Men And Giant Christmas Trees?

Seriously – why do men always have to have the biggest Christmas tree on the planet?

A few years ago, we purchased an artificial tree after we discovered Dude was totally allergic to the real ones we were cutting down and stuffing in the house every December. It’s a beautiful artificial tree – full and covered in lights and 6 feet tall.

What’s not to love (except that it’s fake)???

Last year, Hubby and Dude were let loose shopping alone AFTER Christmas . . . and we all know what that means – SALE!

They bought a new artificial tree. They told me they bought it and I said they were ridiculous why would you spend money on that when we have a beautiful tree already! Sheesh!

They said “It’s taller. We needed a taller tree for the new house.”

Whatever. They put it in the barn without me even seeing it.

Totally forgot about it.

Then this year when I went out to get the totes of decorations, I saw two tree boxes and remembered.

Grrrrrrrr. Two friggin’ trees. Seriously?!

I looked at the box – 12 friggin’ feet tall? WTH are we going to do with a 12 foot tall Christmas tree? We are NOT tall people? Even with a ladder we won’t be able to decorate the top!

Then we put it up. And I was happy because it was a skinny tree. Very tall and skinny.

And I have to admit, it fit perfectly in the spot where we put our Christmas tree.

And I love it! As always, Hubby did good :-)


And if you’ve been to my house, you know how high up those windows are, and you realize that yes, that is indeed a 12 foot tall Christmas tree! We did indeed get the topper up there and manage to put ornaments near┬áthe top. Hubby may even have taunted Princess and put a bunch of the candy canes up where she can’t reach them. Dude got in on the fun, too. He told Princess to reach as high as she could, then he put a candy cane just out of her reach :-) Hee hee! Brothers!

PS – Clearly we have plenty of ornaments for this tree and will continue to add our annual “family” ornament. Our new quest? A Christmas Story tree! We’re going to use the 2nd tree in the family room downstairs and decorate it in A Christmas Story theme. If you see anything on sale, lemme know so I can start shopping for the new old tree ornaments!

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  1. Sue Boedigheimer says:

    It is so beautiful!!! How wonderful. It gets one in the spirit. I love it. It fits the home so well.
    I think it is funny that dad and Dude are giving Keira a static about the candy canes. It reminds me of our driving around looking at houses and we had the contest of finding CCCCCandy Canes!!!! That was so funny. And Dan driving around the same neighborhood to pass the same 24 candy canes!!!! What a blast!!!
    Love you all
    I love reading your blog. I makes both of us happy. Thank you!!!

  2. Shirley says:

    Your tree is absolutely beautiful and fits the room very nicely. Love the decorations. OMG…that’s a lot of Xmas presents under that tree!!! Love…Mom

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