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New Is Not Better!

It was beautiful this past weekend, so we spent quite a bit of time out at the barn with Cowboy. We towed his new trailer out there and were going to introduce him to it. He’s always been great at getting in the trailer and going for rides. You walk him up to it, get within a couple feet, throw the rope over his neck, and he walks in and stands there while you shut the door. Easy Peasy.

Apparently he was not at all impressed with his shiny new trailer! And the smart little pony also knew that WE weren’t sure what we were doing – he took full advantage of his knowledge ;-)

Princess got him haltered, walked him to the trailer, and figured he’d go right in. Nope. He stopped, sniffed the trailer, threw his nose up, and took off running, right back to the barn where he threw the lid off of the grain bin and had himself a little snack.

Princess got him, walked him right back to the trailer, and tried again. This time we stood in the way of his escape route. He put his front feet in the trailer, sniffed around, and bolted. We were not standing in the way of a 1000 pound horse! This time, he ran to the front yard and munched on some yummy new green grass :-)

The little turd was not interested in a shiny new trailer that smelled – not like horse!

Lather, rinse, repeat.

We finally decided to contaminate the trailer. We grabbed some of his stall shavings and poop and littered it in the trailer (seriously hard to purposely put poop in a trailer when you spend your time trying to keep it OUT!). We gave it a few minutes to get all smelled up, and Princess tried again. He got all four feet in. He didn’t stay long, but he did get in, and we did keep him from bolting when he got out!

He got lots of love and pats and a couple peppermint treats. We figured that was enough for the day.

We headed back out on Sunday to work on it some more. Amara was there and gave us a couple pointers. Always learning – it was amazing how a couple little things we were and weren’t doing made a huge difference! He finally realized he couldn’t push us around – literally and figuratively – and that was that. We once again have a pony that runs right in the trailer and stands there waiting for us to do our thing. To prove how grateful he was for his new trailer, he promptly pooped in it ;-) We left it in there to get some new smell in it . . . Princess gets to clean that out tomorrow!

Chalk one up for the Boedies!!!


In other news, it was so nice out and the arena was finally clear of snow, so Princess saddled up Cowboy and they did some light jumping. A good ride in the pasture and he was nice and sweaty. Since it was sunny and 80, Princess thought he deserved a nice sponge bath, which he did love :-)

But what happens the minute you release a clean, damp pony from the hitching post?

He finds the dirtiest spot he can and rolls. And comes out looking like this :-)

Dirty Horse

He even got his face dirty! He was quite proud of himself and went about his day having a mid-day snack while we shook our heads and walked away. Gotta love our spunky pony and his awesome personality!

Spring In Colorado

Crazy weather – one of the many things I love about springtime in Colorado Springs :-)

Monday, Keira and I went to the barn for a couple hours to do some light jumping on Cowboy. Had to get him warmed up after 5 days of doing nothing but standing around eating!




And today, baseball was cancelled because we have a mini-blizzard happening.



Great excuse to hang out inside and watch movies this evening!

Happy spring break, everyone :-)

Weekend in Words

Da Girls: Picked Princess up from school and we booked it up to Denver (where we promptly un-booked it in crazy traffic – still hate Denver!). We headed straight to the National Western complex for the Friday night portion of the Horse Expo. Our friend, MS, was riding in the Mane Event evening show and we wanted to be there! It was lots of fun :-) We got to help get a couple of the horses ready – letting down awesome long beautiful tails, brushing, etc. After the show, we headed to a hotel – just the two of us. It’s not very often we get to spend time like this alone. It was nice and fun and relaxing.
Da Boys: As far as I can tell by the credit card bill and the new clothes bags, they stuck to their plan of going to the sporting goods store for baseball gear (darn boy keeps growing!) and meeting some fellow Scouts at REI to shop for the high adventure trip this summer. Those are the only “details” the talkative men in my life were willing to share.

Da Girls: Up bright and early. Princess made me promise to get her up early enough so we could eat breakfast and make it to the Horse Expo by 8:45 so we could be in our seats at 9:00 for the class she wanted to attend – Techniques for Trainers. Yep – given the opportunity to sleep in as long as she wanted, she made me wake her up so we could go learn how to train kids on horses. Spent a few hours walking around the Expo looking for things to buy (we succeeded) and getting quotes on stalls for our barn (yikes!). We may or may not have been sucked in by a live infomercial starring Princess herself – and we may or may not have bought a straightening iron that CURLS your hair. Last year, Princess loved watching the Colt Starting in the main event arena, so this year that was the 2nd must-do thing at the Expo. Sat our behinds in bleacher seats for 2 hours watching trainers break colts ranging from 2.5 years to 4 years. It’s actually pretty interesting and fun to watch! We left mid-afternoon to catch up with the boys at Dude’s baseball games. He had a double-header in South Denver.
Da Boys: Best I can tell, they got up, went out for breakfast, went to Denver, bought more baseball stuff, and headed to the ball field.
All: We had a great time watching Dude’s team play. He’s loving the high school baseball. He’s struggling a bit at the plate . . . hasn’t gotten his groove back after getting his cast off, but he’ll get there. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, and the facility was amazing! Private Christian school has some MOOLAH! It was fun for them to get to play on awesome fields. The games started late and ran late, so we all bolted the minute they were over.
Hubby and Me: Raced inside, cleaned up a bit, put on something nicer than shorts and a t-shirt, and headed out to a fundraising benefit with silent auction. Enjoyed lots of wine samples, yummy appetizers, and fun with friends. We may have ended up winning quite a few of the items we bid on ;-) Next time we might want to bid together!

All that fun on Friday and Saturday meant catching up on responsibilities on Sunday. The kiddos were tasked with cleaning their rooms – like their entire rooms. For two kids who swore they had nothing they didn’t need, we ended up with 3 large trash bags and one large tote of clothes (2 to donate, 2 to put into a consignment sale in a couple weeks), 2 trash bags of trash (yuck!), and 2 totes of “stuff” they’re ready to get rid of. All is well in the land of the scary teenager bedrooms downstairs. Princess and I also made it out to the barn for a couple glorious hours of loving on Cowboy – brushing, cleaning his stall, giving him a massage . . . life is good!

And where are the photos of the horse expo and baseball games and before/after of the cleaning spree?

In my  melon. We were having so much fun just enjoying time with the kids and together as a family this weekend that none of us pulled out a phone or camera for a photo. I love photos, but this was a nice fun, relaxing, weekend with family and friends :-)

Now we’re off to the races again this week – horses, baseball, work, scouts, volleyball – Let the games begin! Woot!

Quick Learner

So ya. 2+ hours to plow the yard and driveway on Sunday, not to mention the gravel I moved by accident, etc.

Monday? 45 minutes start to finish and it looks pretty darn good.

I DEFINITELY learn better by doing and making my own mistakes than having someone tell me how to do something.

Note To Self RE: Plowing the Driveway

Dear Self

I know this was your first time plowing with the tractor. And since Hubby was gone, you can forgive yourself a little bit for some of this, but c’mon, really? For next time, please remember the following:

  • The tractor drives much better without the parking brake on
  • If you can’t get the parking brake off, ask Dude instead of calling Hubby
  • The tractor will NOT go in reverse with the ballast box down
  • The tractor drives much better with the ballast box raised
  • You can raise and lower the blade while you’re moving, which actually saves time
  • The float on the blade actually works – trust it and use it
  • Duma will happily run along side, behind, and in front of the tractor the entire time, but this does not mean she will move out of the way if you’re about to run her over or hit her with the blade
  • Snow clears better if you turn the blade the right way and don’t plow snow into the just cleaned path
  • No matter how hard you try, you will NOT be able to get “John Deere Green” out of your head while actually driving a John Deere tractor

I hope these hints will prove useful next time you find yourself at home without Hubby during a snowstorm.

Your Self

Need More Bubble Wrap!

A couple Saturdays ago, we were up in the mountains snowboarding. It was foggy and snowy and the ground was “flat” in those conditions, even with clear goggle lenses. Dude and I were in the trees. He decided to go over a jump. Bummer was, there were TWO jumps. He didn’t quite clear the second one and his board flew out from under him. He fell back, put his hand down, and bam, broken wrist (told him many times that his wrist braces do no good in the car!). So he’s in a cast for a few weeks, then a splint, then we’ll see. The ultimate natural consequence to not wearing your wrist braces . . . you miss the baseball season you’ve been working all winter for.

Yesterday, Princess comes home from school holding her right arm weird. She was playing tag, stepped in a hole, fell, and put her hand down. Sore wrist. We iced and rested and iced and rested last night. No change this morning, so took her to the Urgent Care. Doc said that while she can’t see any breaks on the x-ray, she’s not convinced it’s NOT broken. The fact that she can’t move it up and down is a tell-tale sign. Also, the area of pain is where the nevicular bone is – which is hidden behind another bone and doesn’t show well on x-rays. Usually need an MRI to see that. She said to treat it like a bad sprain for 10 days – wear splint, ice, rest, raise, lather, rinse, repeat. If after 10 days there isn’t marked improvement, then we do an MRI.

This is in my office:

 Yet, I still feel like I need MORE bubble wrap for my kids. Sheesh!

Kids Watching Kids

Today, Dude had a kid-sitting gig for one of our old neighbors after school. Unfortunately, Dude woke up sick this morning. Princess immediately volunteered because she is 12, FINALLY  ;-) I contacted the boy’s mom and she said she’d love to have Princess take over for Dude today.

So my baby is currently at her first kid-sitting job.

I find it totally unacceptable that both of my kids are of babysitting age.

Boo hoo!

Out of Shape Ownership

No, I’m not delusional about my current state of fitness. But OMG!

Dude’s first pitching lesson, I got one of his buddies to catch for him.

His second lesson, it was all me. For the entire hour. I LOVED it! Had a blast. It’s fun to see – and feel – his progress from behind the plate. And it’s just fun to catch :-) That was last Saturday morning.

Sunday  morning, WOW! Legs were a bit on the sore side ;-)

Tuesday he had another lesson. Again, it was just me catching. I was happy to do it and looking forward to it!

And all was fine, until the last 10 minutes. He learned another pitch and they were sailing a bit high to start with.

Let me just say that my MIND and ARMS were totally ready to jump up and catch those balls. They were not out of reach with a little effort.

But my LEGS had a totally different plan!

Once I tried to jump for a ball and . . . nothing. Seriously, NOTHING happened. My legs had decided enough was enough and I got shut down ;-)

They didn’t even hurt. Weren’t even sore.

They were just done.

For someone who once caught 8 games in a single tournament weekend, this was SO disappointing! And enlightening :-)

It actually made me giggle. Coach and Dude both looked at me like WTH are you giggling about?

I just smiled and giggled more, limped to the ball, and threw it back . . . and forced myself to catch the rest of the 10 minutes.

Thankfully, he got the pitch down. In the dirt is catchable without much effort :-)

Friday he has another lesson – and I’m going to catch.

At least I know I’m getting a good workout!


I was a catcher for many years . . . throughout middle school, high school, and a couple years in college. But it took until I was 42 to actually own my own catcher’s mask :-) I bought this yesterday:

 The glove is the Mother’s Day gift my fam gave me a couple years ago (do they know me or what?!).

Why, do you ask, did I purchase a catcher’s mask at 42?

Because Dude decided he wanted to give pitching a real try. I’ve been catching for him forever when he messed around and it was fine. But when he really decided to give it a shot with a pitching coach for a few lessons, I felt the need for a mask.

Let’s just say that when I could HEAR the ball coming before I could SEE it, I figured it was time for a little protection.

Ideally, we bring an actual catcher with us to his lessons (one of his besties is an awesome catcher). But we can’t always find a catcher to come to his lessons, so I’m the default if there isn’t one available – which I secretly (or not so secretly) LOVE when there isn’t one available :-)

Will he like pitching and actually be good at it and want to do it? Who knows! But why not give it a good shot, right? :-)

That’s A Lot of Stuff!

Courtesy of a thrift shop in Sioux City, IA, $197 and all we bought was Stuff ;-)