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Out of Shape Ownership

No, I’m not delusional about my current state of fitness. But OMG!

Dude’s first pitching lesson, I got one of his buddies to catch for him.

His second lesson, it was all me. For the entire hour. I LOVED it! Had a blast. It’s fun to see – and feel – his progress from behind the plate. And it’s just fun to catch :-) That was last Saturday morning.

Sunday  morning, WOW! Legs were a bit on the sore side ;-)

Tuesday he had another lesson. Again, it was just me catching. I was happy to do it and looking forward to it!

And all was fine, until the last 10 minutes. He learned another pitch and they were sailing a bit high to start with.

Let me just say that my MIND and ARMS were totally ready to jump up and catch those balls. They were not out of reach with a little effort.

But my LEGS had a totally different plan!

Once I tried to jump for a ball and . . . nothing. Seriously, NOTHING happened. My legs had decided enough was enough and I got shut down ;-)

They didn’t even hurt. Weren’t even sore.

They were just done.

For someone who once caught 8 games in a single tournament weekend, this was SO disappointing! And enlightening :-)

It actually made me giggle. Coach and Dude both looked at me like WTH are you giggling about?

I just smiled and giggled more, limped to the ball, and threw it back . . . and forced myself to catch the rest of the 10 minutes.

Thankfully, he got the pitch down. In the dirt is catchable without much effort :-)

Friday he has another lesson – and I’m going to catch.

At least I know I’m getting a good workout!


I was a catcher for many years . . . throughout middle school, high school, and a couple years in college. But it took until I was 42 to actually own my own catcher’s mask :-) I bought this yesterday:

 The glove is the Mother’s Day gift my fam gave me a couple years ago (do they know me or what?!).

Why, do you ask, did I purchase a catcher’s mask at 42?

Because Dude decided he wanted to give pitching a real try. I’ve been catching for him forever when he messed around and it was fine. But when he really decided to give it a shot with a pitching coach for a few lessons, I felt the need for a mask.

Let’s just say that when I could HEAR the ball coming before I could SEE it, I figured it was time for a little protection.

Ideally, we bring an actual catcher with us to his lessons (one of his besties is an awesome catcher). But we can’t always find a catcher to come to his lessons, so I’m the default if there isn’t one available – which I secretly (or not so secretly) LOVE when there isn’t one available :-)

Will he like pitching and actually be good at it and want to do it? Who knows! But why not give it a good shot, right? :-)

That’s A Lot of Stuff!

Courtesy of a thrift shop in Sioux City, IA, $197 and all we bought was Stuff ;-)

Wordless Wednesday – Dig Dug

Christmas in Pictures

And a few words (because it’s me!)

We traveled to MN for 10 days for Christmas. We were fortunate to get to spend time with all 3 families!

First, the Boedies :-)

Love this pic of Grandpa and the Grandsons

Grandpa, Grandma, and the Grandkids


The whole fam

Then we were off to the Millers! The last time Dude and Princess saw their cousins on this side, one of the cousins (who is now 5) wasn’t even born! Dude had a blast with the boys, which rekindled his requests for a little brother – um HELL NO!


I think the boys liked having a “big brother” around, too :-)

They reluctantly took a break long enough to let Princess in a Cousins photo

The whole Fam



Last, but not least, was the Baker family. We do things our own way, for sure! Like spending Christmas day bowling and playing mini golf and shooting each other in multiple cut-throat games of laser tag. Princess used this time to show off her style :-)



Hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas and wishing an Exceptional 2015 for all!

Merry Christmas!

We’re in MN for Christmas this year, so we had our family Christmas at home before we left. One thing we were ALL excited about was the very high ceilings our new house has . . . the tree fit AND we were able to put the topper on! Woot :-) Here we are in all of our Christmas readiness before we headed out for dinner with awesome friends, QT and Ed.

 After an amazing dinner, we came home, got comfy, and had our little family Christmas. Christmas music, drinks, and fun. One rule we have is you have to put on anything you get that you can wear. Princess got Hubby and Dude A Christmas Story costumes ;-)

 Got Ralphie?!


After opening gifts, I saw this. I don’t even know what to say except for if this man could have run for office before, he certainly can’t now ;-)

Merry Christmas from The Boedies!

A Shed and Two Bike Racks

That’s what Dude did for his Boy Scout Eagle project. One of the local schools is starting a mountain biking program and they needed a structure to store the mountain bikes. So Dude offered to complete the project for him. He worked REALLY hard on his proposal, which was accepted, and immediately got going on the project.

The basics: They were going to level the ground a little, put down a rock floor, erect the shelter (the school had already purchased it), and donate a couple of bike racks for inside the shed.

All of that happened, except they also ended up having to build a retaining wall and direct water flow around the shelter and the existing shed. Putting up the shelter took a lot longer than planned, too – Hubby says the instructions that say 2 1/2 hours for 4 adults is a marketing ploy ;-) It took them almost 5 hours! But they got it done and it looks awesome.

Can I just say that Dude has the awesomest friends in the world! His baseball buddies were more than willing to help and were amazing. The Scouts that showed up to help on the last day were great, too. A huge thanks to all of them (and to Hubby for guiding Dude through the process, which was not easy!).

A former Scout who has moved on to college shows the guys how to level the ground with the tractor and bucket.

Dude and one of his baseball buddies help move dirt during the leveling process.

Dude and another baseball buddy help build a retaining wall.

Dude apparently supervising baseball buddy while he shovels rock out of the trailer to create a base for the shed and bikes.

Day 3, it’s chilly and they’re working on putting up the shelter. Lots of hands in pockets in this photo – no wonder it took them so long!

They’re getting there!


If you’ve never worked on an Eagle project, know this . . . the actual doing the Eagle project is the easy part. The amount of paperwork and planning and getting approval required is amazing. This is all part of the learning to lead process, which is the main point of an Eagle project. So proud of Dude, Hubby, and everyone who helped complete this project!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. —Margaret Mead

Boarding in Breck

Last year was a snowboarding bust for the Boedies! The snow was terrible all season and we had so much going on with baseball and other things that we just didn’t make it up to the mountains nearly enough. So this year, we’re determined to get up there a LOT! We started by taking Dude and a friend up during Thanksgiving break. Princess was going to just take a shot on the greens with me to see what she remembered from 3 years ago, but she got sick, so she and I hung out in the lodge while Dude and his buddy boarded all day. They had a blast! Great early season snow. This photo of them in South Park on the way home makes me giggle :-)

 Last weekend we were determined to get up there and have some fun and get Princess a lesson. Dude and Hubby headed up on Saturday since it was Dew Tour weekend. It was way warm out, but they still went and had fun! You can tell it was warm because Hubby is NOT wearing a jacket – only a hoody! This is the guy who’s dressed for a -50 degree blizzard every time we board no matter what the weather forecast.


Dude has ALWAYS wanted to snowboard in shorts and a t-shirt. Don’t know why, it’s just been a dream of his. So he took a couple runs in his new (Thanks QT and Ed!) hoodie with shorts to test it out.

He determined he could indeed do some runs in just a t-shirt and shorts . . . and being the 14 year old boy that he is, he did it!

42 degrees or not, BRRRRRRRR!

Princess and I came up later that night after her horse riding party and met them at the condo. A nice early night to bed before waking up to 7 inches of snow on the vehicles! It was going to be a GREAT day on the mountain! Even Dude bundled up for this one! What a difference 12 hours can make :-)

 We dropped Princess at her lesson. She’s determined to get good enough at snowboarding so we can all go have fun in Whistler, Canada in March. She did AWESOME! She lucked out and got a private lesson all day. She and Mike had a great day and she worked hard. She even asked if they could skip snack breaks because she wanted more time on the mountain. So proud of her and all she accomplished in one day. She’s looking forward to getting up there again when we get back from our Christmas vacation.

 The rest of us had a good day on the mountain. Dude was always waiting for us at the bottom, but it was fun. When Hubby and I were ready to take breaks (old people alert!) Dude would just cruise up the lift and do another run by himself. He was having a blast trying new tricks on the jumps and through the trees. He’s discovered that with trying new stuff, you wipe out a lot! He got cheers from the lift on many occasions . . . some for awesome jumps and tricks, others for spectacular wipe outs :-) Some photos of the 3 of us boarding.


Of course we found some time to visit the Dew Tour booths. Dude and I even got to hang out in the Rav4 Photo Booth with the Toyeti! Fun :-)

Dude and Hubby left early to head back so Dude could make it back for his hitting league. I got to hang out at the base of Peak 8 and watch the Slopestyle Snowboarding finals of the Dew Tour. Got to watch most of the runs on a giant outdoor screen and then got to see the riders do their last 2 ginormous jumps live right in front of us. There were some SPECTACULAR tricks and some even MORE spectacular wipe outs. Amazes me how high they go, how hard they fall, and how quickly they just pop right back up.

Princess and I enjoyed a relaxing drive home with awesome burritos and sopapillas at Dorothy’s in Fairplay.

An all around awesome weekend!

A Girl and Her Horse

I’m still amazed that we own a horse. Never in my wildest dreams did I see that as part of our lives. Princess loves Cowboy, and I love him and everything that goes along with owning him, too.

And this? This just makes me smile :-)

A Busy Princess

What, you must be wondering, has that Princess been up to? Well, she’s up to GROWING, that’s for sure! I’d like her to stop, but I know she won’t, so I’ll not so silently accept the fact that she’s in fact maturing and growing up in every way possible.

She had her birthday party a couple Fridays ago. Kinda sucks having your birthday on December 22nd, so we try to have her party early so we can have some holiday separation AND so people are actually around to come to it! This year, it was awesome! She wanted to have her party at Sky Zone – an indoor trampoline park. Um – yes! That is a check I will gladly write. The boys play dodgeball there every Friday night, so it worked out perfect! Dude hung out with the guys while Princess and her friends had a blast jumping and playing their own private game of dodgeball and just having a good time.

She invited only 2 girls from previous years . . . the rest are new friends from middle school and a couple of her horseback riding buddies. It was awesome! Had I known how easy and uneventful and drama free it would be, I would’ve brought a book! Basically, the girls went and did their thing while the party host set up the room. After an hour and a half of jumping, we went to the party room where the girls had pizza, pop, and cupcakes before Princess opened her gifts.

It was interesting when QT said “It’s weird. They’re growing up. The gifts are actual GIFTS this year – like stuff she’ll use.” And she was right! Very thoughtful gifts from the girls – it was fun to see this group together!

2 1/2 hours after the girls got there, their parents showed up and took them home. I asked Dude to bum a ride home with one of the guys after dodgeball and that was that.

An all around fun evening!

Princess always loves a snowman theme for her parties, so she and I made these :-)

 She loves blue, so of course the extra cupcakes had to be mostly just blue :-)


And the awesome party attendees – love these girls! Yes, she’s still the shortest! Although I will say, the girl on the far left just turned 13, so she suffers from the same vertically challenged affliction as Princess does :-)