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As a fam, we love to “do” – we love being out there doing things, seeing things, being active, being together.

But my GAWD this fall of a lot of “nothing” has been AMAZING! Very therapeutic.

The minute we got back from our last baseball tournament in Steamboat Springs, we bought the Audi.

Driving around in a convertible you’ve wanted for years is definitely good therapy.

We ordered our hot tub and have had it installed for a month now. TOTAL therapy.

We’ve come home after school and – TALKED. Have done homework without time stress. Have spent time at the barn with one awesome horse. Eaten dinner AT THE TABLE – TOGETHER. Watched some favorite shows on TV together. Done whatever tickled our fancy on the weekends.

It’s been a great break that we all desperately needed.

With that therapeutic break in crazy comes a renewed anticipation of one of my favorite times of year – THE HOLIDAYS!

Instead of feeling like just one more thing I HAVE to do, I’m downright excited!

We decorated for Halloween.

I’m looking forward to decorating for Turkey Day.

I’m anticipating decorating for a party with some friends.

I can’t WAIT to decorate for Christmas.

And, I’ve wrapped a couple Christmas presents already.

Yep – you read that right. She who groans audibly when walking into any store that has Christmas stuff out before Halloween has wrapped gifts. Two of ‘em – sitting right there in my hobby room all wrapped and ready to go under the tree that may or may not make it out of the box before Thanksgiving.

Yes – we’re a little excited for the holidays this year.

The Over 40 Cabinet

Yesterday was one of those days. It wasn’t particularly bad for any reason. I was just having a personal not so great day. One of those days where I try NOT to interact with people – for their own sake ;-)

Forced myself to take Duma on our morning walk because not doing that would only have made me more annoyed all day. That was good :-) I may have even sat in the hot tub when I got home – an attempt to loosen up my back and elevate my mood before starting actual work. It worked – a little.

Anyhoo – got through the day without incident, other than just being generally annoyed for no real reason at all.

Took Dude to his hitting lesson. Again – yay! Love his hitting coach and love watching his lessons and love his mood when he’s done with them. He has a great time, gets a big workout in an hour, and just has fun. Everyone left the facility about 10 minutes before his lesson was over.

So when his lesson was over, I helped him shag the balls, then I stepped into the box. Dude soft tossed to me for awhile, then actually pitched a little.

Neither one of us rocked the batting cage at this point, but man was it FUN!

Coach told Dude that he better be careful – throw and duck – or I was going to kill him :-) Hee hee!

Now THIS little 10 minute episode definitely elevated my mood. It’s always fun to “play” a sport I’ve loved for a long time. It’s even more fun when your kids are finally old enough and big enough to actually play with you for real.

My plan was to head to the hot tub last night – I am over 40 afterall – hoping to lesson the muscle pain I’d feel today.

That didn’t happen – I watched a horse movie with Princess instead.

So this morning, I made a visit to the Over 40 Cabinet . . . I’m not nearly as sore as I thought I’d be. I’m actually expecting it more tomorrow! It’s like my body is old enough that it can’t even catch up with the soreness sensors!

Or, my increased physical activity the past month might actually be helping . . . who knows.

At any rate . . . it was a blast to have that kind of fun with Dude. I’m glad I have access to ibuprofen in the Over 40 Cabinet. And I can’t wait to do it again!

What Did You Do?

We had a mini fall break with Friday off last week for conferences at school.

In true Boedie fashion, we took our empty calendar and . . .

Dude had a hitting lesson. FINALLY he had a hitting lesson. He’s been driving me crazy since his back has felt better. Thank goodness we could get him back in for a lesson! He had a blast and did great :-)

Princess and I made halters for her American Girl Doll horses. It’s amazing what some ribbon, a couple of tiny rings, and a little hot glue can do!


Dude went north of Denver ALL DAY Saturday and played airsoft with his buddies. All. Day. Long. He came back pock-marked and scraped up and dirty and smiling from ear to ear!

We decorated for Halloween. Among other things, we finally have the space to display (and store!) a giant spider I’ve always wanted. He’s proudly hanging out on his glow in the dark spider web on our deck. He’s even got flashing red eyes!


We carved pumpkins. Hubby and Dude carved pumpkins. Princess and I went a different route this year.

Hubby’s caterpillar pumpkin
(those are glow in the dark spots)

Dude’s traditional pumpkin

Princess’s Frankenstein pumpkin, complete with glow in the dark decorations

My boring glow in the dark (but better under a blacklight) dripping paint pumpkin (my wrist disallows carving – boo hoo!)

We did 7 loads of laundry.

Enjoyed time in the hot tub.

Went to ride and play with Cowboy. Seriously, this girl would just sit in his stall or in the pasture and “be” with him all the time if she could!

Watched a movie Saturday night.

Princess and I worked on our puzzle.

Painted our nails for Halloween.

Dude bought a ukulele and a method book at the guitar store. Then he bought some “training tools” on iTunes and taught himself how to play the ukulele. He says it’s soothing and fun and he can’t wait to be sitting around a campfire just strumming his ukulele after he gets better at it. Love his eclectic self and attitude! Princess sat in his room for a LONG time listening to him learn to play. (Click the link to open the video and listen.)

Jason Plays the Ukulele

Watched the Packers kick butt and the Vikings slip up.

So ya – that’s what we did – how about you?

Favorite Words

There are some things our kids say that will always be a parental “favorite.”


On our way home from riding Cowboy yesterday, Princess said “I’m just so happy and I don’t know why!”

Um – I know why!

You got to spend time with your horse.

You got to have an awesome last-minute surprise private lesson with Amara where you got some great tips on how to improve on everything you’ve worked so hard on this summer.

You got to jump your first oxer!

******* Don’t know what an oxer is? I didn’t either! It’s this . . .

You were informed by Amara that she thinks you’ve come too far and worked too hard this summer to ride cross rails in the November show. She’d like you to canter the 18″ verticals course instead.


Sooooooo proud of you and all you’ve done this summer!

Here’s a bonus shot of Cowboy and Apache loving on each other at the farm last weekend :-)



*** I will admit I did not watch the first jump over the 2′/18″ oxer. I felt the need to go to the car to get moolah for the lesson :-) I did watch the other jumps. It is NOT EASY watching your teeny tiny child canter a 1,000 lb horse over a jump!

*** The last show Princess rode in was in June. She trotted over piles of poles. All other shows this summer were cancelled due to the horse virus going around Colorado. We assumed she’d step up to cross rails for this show. She has worked so hard and Princess is really excited that Amara is confident that she can canter a vertical course! Mom is nervous that Amara is that confident in her . . . but I will do my best to be nervous on the inside and supportive on the outside!


It’s official! My Dude is in high school and doing Highschooler things :-)

We kept asking him if he was going to the football game and the dance. He kept saying “I dont’ know.” We kept saying “Just get the guys together and go. You don’t want to miss it. It’s a blast!”

Then we find out he asked a girl to Homecoming! It was sweet (and last minute – less than a week before the dance!).

He said they were all going as a group (11 of them) but K was his date. They wanted to go out to dinner then they were all going to S’s house to hang out and have fun – no dance.


They were all terrified of the whole “dancing” part . . . 5 guys and 6 girls and they’re all afraid of the dance. LOL!

Since he had a date, we had to go shopping for dress pants (NOT easy to find 28/30 black dress pants!). Then we had to find a tie to match her salmon colored dress (OMG what a pain! Apparently salmon was ‘so last year’ and nobody had salmon colored ties! We ended up at Men’s Wearhouse for the tie.) And shoes – OMG finding black dress shoes for a boy’s/men’s size 7 1/2 was a nightmare! The only thing that was easy was the grey/silver dress shirt he wanted. I’m quite sure that after all was said and done, Dude’s ensemble cost just as much if not more than K’s beautiful dress. Don’t believe me? His pants were $98. Yes – you read that right! $98!!! For a pair of pants! We went to a dozen stores before we found a pair that fit. We were more than ready to settle for pants that would be “good enough” and found NOTHING. Anyhoo – add a not cheap tie and not cheap shoes and you get the picture.

In the end, they all decided to go out for pizza and then to the dance (YAY! I was so happy!). We met for photos at a park in the neighborhood where most of the kids live. Then they walked to the pizza joint. Then they got a ride from a couple of the parents over to the school for the dance.

When Dude got home around 10:45 (K’s mom brought him home) he was PUMPED UP! He said it was the most fun EVER! They had a blast and they all danced and it was packed and it was loud and there was an actual DJ and there were strobe lights and did I mention it was FUN?!

Um – sounded like Homecoming to me ;-) Hubby and I keep telling him “We’ve been there. We’ve done that. Times have changed, but events like this really haven’t!”

Was so glad he had a great time. He and the others were so pumped up that they were up until 1:00 a.m. texting and Instagramming and sharing photos of the night and talking about it – nevermind that they’d all just spent the past 6 hours together at the actual event ;-)

They were all so awesome and had such a good time – and they looked dazzling :-)

 So glad my Dude is enjoying his high school experience so far!

The To Do List

You know how on Sunday evening, you’re all excited because you have a whole week to do all this exciting stuff on your list? Stuff like certain household cleaning items, errands, work things, fun stuff with Hubby and the kids?

You’re ready for the week! Bring it on!

***Yes, this happens to me almost every week***

Then Thursday rolls around and you’re like “WTH just happened?! Thursday? It’s THURSDAY?” And you realize you only accomplished a very few of the things you actually set out to do that week. Then you think about all the things you accomplished instead and are bummed, mad, happy, and ecstatic all at the same time.

I used to get all uptight about not getting my stuff done.

Now – meh. It’s just something that happens. When you have kids, a husband, friends, family, your own business, and also do freelance work . . . things happen.

There is at least one thing I accomplish every work day that I can check off my (mental) list – successfully changing from my pajamas to my “work” pajamas to get my day going :-)

It’s the little things that keep a person going.

Happy Thursday everyone! Enjoy the rest of the week and take a break this weekend!


Yesterday while Princess and I were out at the barn so she could ride, she took Cowboy’s saddle off and rode him around the pasture bareback for awhile for a cool down.

Then she asked me to open the gate so she could ride him up to the barn and hitching post for his post-ride grooming.

I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do it bareback (she never wants to ride him out there even with the saddle!).

She said “Ya. We’ll be fine. He’d never do anything to hurt me on purpose.”

I believe we have finally crossed the line from “I’m riding him and convincing myself he won’t hurt me” to “He’s MY horse and I love him and he loves me and he’ll never do anything to hurt me.”

She trusts him (and herself!) enough that she’s been working a lot on cantering cross rail courses and has started jumping 2′ verticals (which is very difficult for a mother to watch – just sayin’!).

I like that we’re back at that place.

It makes me nervous when she gets so comfortable – we have the talk often about how you can’t EVER get complacent on or around horses.

But I really like that we’re finally back at that place where she can ENJOY the horses without fear as much as she loves the horses :-)


***Someday I’ll post a photo or some videos of her jumping. I’ve taken my camera with good intentions many times, but forget to use it because I’m watching to make sure nothing happens! I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a horse show mom.

Moving Truck

Yesterday, I had a nice chat with the neighbors that live up the hill from us. She said she’d keep an eye on the house while we’re gone for a couple days. She joked that “if I see someone driving cars out of your garage or a moving truck pull in, I’ll call 911.”

I giggled and told her that would be awesome.

Today I had to call her back. Why?

Because we have some friends who are moving back to CO from AZ this weekend. I offered up our house as their “in between” home for the weekend since we’ll be gone.

So there WILL be a moving truck in our driveway and they WILL be driving a car and motorcycle out of our shed (they’ve been storing them with us for the past month or so).

I thought it would be a good idea to ask our neighbor to NOT call the cops on our friends ;-)

It all just made me giggle.

Happy weekend everyone!

Dear Celebrities

1. Don’t TAKE the nude photos of yourself in the first place!

2. Don’t store them on THE FRIGGIN’ CLOUD!

That’s basically what I told my kiddos after they heard the “news” of the Apple security breach on the radio on the way to school yesterday.

The end.

The Ultimate Lesson

Some very sad news out of the area yesterday. Saturday night around 1:00 a.m., a Mini Cooper with 4 teenagers in it ran a stop sign, went airborn, skidded into the forest, and crashed in our old neighborhood.

Two kids died (both went to Palmer Ridge High School).

One kid was airlifted to the hospital and is in critical condition.

The fourth kid, the 17 year old driver, sustained minor injuries and is currently in juvenile detention center on charges of vehicular homicide.

Alcohol and excessive speed are believed to be partly to blame.

There was outrage on Facebook and other social media that the news channels published photos of the wreck and of the two boys who lost their lives.

Some parents said it was disrespectful to the grieving families.

Other said it was necessary for other kids to see what happens when you make those choices.

Still other said that no kids read those pages and wouldn’t see them anyway.

But here’s the thing – there were 500+ comments on one of several articles.

As a parent, I took that opportunity to sit my teenage son down and show him the photos of the wreck. Show him the photos of the wrestler and baseball player who will never be showing up to school again.

I said “Starting tomorrow, there are two fewer students at Palmer Ridge High School.”

He got a little huffy and said “Why do you talk to me like I did this? I didn’t do it!”

Then I got to explain that while I know he didn’t do it, I want him to realize how awful the ultimate outcome of a single bad decision can be.

I told him to think about it in this way . . .

Two mothers woke up without sons.

One mother woke up to a son fighting for his life.

Yet a fourth mother woke up wondering how her son’s life would be ruined forever and with tremendous guilt over what the other 3 mothers are going through.

Siblings woke up without brothers.

Friends woke up knowing they’d never see their best buddies again.

Classmates returned to school today to two permanently empty desks.

Teammates woke up knowing they’d never get to practice or play with two of their own.


I asked him to consider this thought:

What if YOU woke up today knowing you’d never see H and H again?

What if YOU woke up today in a juvenile detention center knowing YOU were the reason H and H’s mothers would never see them again?

What if YOU woke up today in the hospital, wondering what the rest of your life would be like if you did, indeed make it?


It’s not worth it. NEVER drink and drive. NEVER get in a car with a friend or peer who has been drinking.

If you do decide to take a drink, or your “ride” decides to take a drink . . . ALWAYS know you and any of your buddies can and should call me for a ride, no questions asked.


I can’t imagine being one of those four mothers today. My hear goes out to each and every one of those boys, their families, and friends.


And to Dude’s geometry teacher, who texts each of his students every Friday with the following message – thank you.

***Have a great weekend. Make good choices in everything you do. Until we meet again on Monday.***