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Side Effects

You know all those lists of side effects that drugs have? I’ve always kind of glanced over them . . . we’re a hearty folk who heal quickly and don’t typically have reactions to stuff.

For the first time last week, we had a reaction. And it was kinda weird!

Dude has been on Singulair for a while now – he finally got close enough to 15 over the summer that doc prescribed it for his allergies. With all the rain we had this spring, everything grew, and then it got way dry and everything started blowing around. Yuck! Everyone seemed to have allergy problems this year – even the horses!

Dude started getting extra stuffy and feeling like he had a cold coming on . . . and it wasn’t improving, so doc said there were a few things he could take WITH Singulair. He also said to ask the pharmacist about specific nose sprays that might help. So off to the pharmacy we went! He came home with Afrin, which he LOVED and it worked awesome and made him feel great!

Until it didn’t.

About 4 days after he started taking it, I picked him up from school and he said “That was weird. I was standing there talking with the guys and I suddenly got all dizzy then my vision went black then it came back.”

Um – not right! He said he felt fine and we chalked it up to dehydration – tough baseball workouts plus hot weather plus dry weather plus lots of school and homework – drink more water and eat better food!

Two days later, he texted me and said “My eyes are doing that funny thing again.” He asked me to get him a doc appt. So I called the eye doc cuz VISION is impt.! She looked in his eyes and dilated him and all that jazz and everything looked fine (whew!). She referred us to an eye specialist guy just to make sure. The appt. was two mornings away.

No big issues that Thursday – yay!

Friday morning, we’re headed to his appt. and we’re chatting and we have an ah ha moment. The only thing that’s changed in the past week is that he started taking Afrin (which the pharmacist said to not take for more than 7 days, so he was cutting back already).

Eye doc asked all the usual questions . . . and looked at his eyes  . . . and said all was well.

Way glad that his eyes were fine.

Then we went online and looked up Afrin side effects and lo and behold . . . dizziness – temporary loss of vision – vertigo . . . all the things he’d been experiencing.

He immediately quite taking Afrin and hasn’t had anything happen since.

I will definitely read the labels more carefully on all new meds anyone starts taking!

And I will also be more persistent with docs – we mentioned over and over to eye specialist guy that he had started taking Afrin (because he asked what was different) and he totally dismissed it.

So all is good with Dude and his eyes and his melon – except he’s a 15 year old boy who can’t think beyond the next 10 minutes . . . a side effect of being a teenage boy :-)

124 and 147

They continue to move up! In four year’s time, they’ve each gained ground :-)

Dude is currently #39,174 on the list
Princess is currently #49,168 on the list

Whoop whoop!


Original Post – 10.10.2011

Approximate ages of Dude and Princess, respectively, when their number for Green Bay Packers season tickets will come up and allow them to purchase  general stadium bowl seats :-)

Dude is currently #45,360 on the list
Princess is currently #55,686 on the list

Wow – Just Wow

So we bought a horse trailer last March. It was a 2014 model, but it was new.

We never used it at night, and I guess on the rare occasion that we might have, we never had anyone follow us.

A couple weeks ago, Princess was packing the tack room for a show. She tried to turn on the light, but it didn’t work. We’d never needed it before because it was always light enough out.

So I tried. Still didn’t work – apparently I’m NOT magic – who knew?

Confirmed that the trailer was plugged into the truck. Checked the light in the horse part of the trailer. It worked. Tack room light still did not work.

Turned on the lights in the truck. Still no tack room light.

Turned the truck on and turned the lights on. Still no tack room light.

Wasn’t the end of the world – got the awesome camping lantern out the camping box o’ stuff I took out the camper when I sold it – worked like a charm.

Went to the gymkhana and the person following us told us that the right tail light and running light weren’t working – BUT the brake lights and blinkers worked (we always check with flashers, so didn’t realize the few running lights weren’t working).

Plugged the trailer into a different vehicle the next day to rule out a short in the truck hookup.

Still had the same lights not working.

I finally get around to taking it to the trailer place we bought it from.

9:45 a.m. – I drop it off and tell them again that the right rear running light doesn’t work and the tack room light doesn’t work. All other lights work. And the right blinker and brake lights work. I hooked it up to another vehicle and they still didn’t work. So I’m guessing it’s a short in the wiring.

10:15 a.m. – Phone rings while I’m driving home. “Trailer is done. There was nothing wrong with the lights. We hooked up our tractor and turned the flashers on and everything works fine. You have to have the trailer plugged into the tow vehicle for the lights to work.”

10:17 a.m. – Are you effin’ kidding me?! Didn’t I just TELL you my troubleshooting steps? Try again! (My filter WAS working and I was nicer. They agreed to continue checking it out.)

11:30 a.m. – Phone rings. “Trailer is done. They had to rewire faulty wiring in the right running lights, but it works now. The tack room light was fine. You have to have the truck lights on for that to work. The total for the labor is $68.” Silence from me while I decide what to say.

1:30 p.m. (really 11:30:36, but it felt like I waited in silence for a couple hours!) – I tell him that the tack room light has never worked. Did they even check it?! Guy tells me they don’t have the tack room key. I tell him I offered to leave it, but they didn’t want it and that we’d unlocked it before I left. He said they couldn’t get the door open. THEN HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW THE FRIGGIN’ LIGHT DOES OR DOES NOT WORK?!!! I said try pushing IN on the door a bit while you pull the handle. He said he’d call back.

1:30 p.m. (for real) – Phone rings. “Ma’am. We got the tack room door open. It was tough, but we figured it out.” ***Seriously? My 12 year old daughter opens that tack room door every day without trouble.*** “Turns out the tack room light wasn’t working. So we went ahead and fixed that wiring for you since we had the trailer here for service. The price will be $74 total. You can come get it anytime.”

O. M. G.

I went up the next day to pick up the trailer, all ready with my spiel about how the trailer is less than 6 months old and should be under warranty and I shouldn’t have to pay for incorrect wiring. But, amazingly, my filter was working yet again 😉

The guy helping me was super nice. But he had trouble, saying he couldn’t find an amount on the ticket. I told him the guy told me $74, but that I didn’t feel I should pay since it was under warranty. He said he had to find the amount for me to pay – didn’t even listen to me. Found another guy. That guy was even MORE confused that they ticket was in the done pile but had no amount on it. Guy #3 – same thing. Totally flabbergasted, and not one of them would listen to me.

Finally, the young guy I usually get to work with walks in. I tell him what we’re doing, which trailer was mine, and that the guys can’t figure out my ticket. After 10 minutes (no joke) of young guy telling original guy + his two buddies that it’s warranty work and I don’t have to pay, they finally say “Well. Nothing we can do about it. We fixed your trailer for you so I guess you can take it and we’ll get in touch with you if we need payment.” WTH?!

So young guy and I head toward the door so he can go get the trailer out of the storage area and bring it around with his tractor. Guy #1 says “Little Lady? Did you bring your husband with, or do you need help backing the truck up to the trailer?”

Oh yes he did! AND surprisingly, he’s still alive.

Young guy was much smarter than original guy and just kept walking as a human shield between me and the guy at the counter.

I got the trailer. Young guy was awesome and nice. All the lights worked. I didn’t have to pay for it. And I didn’t kill anyone.

I call that a success 😉

***Full Disclosure – I’ve had nothing but great experiences with the trailer place in the past (which is why I’m not naming them). Young guy told me outside, as he shook his head, that guy #1 was new and clearly needed some work in the customer service department. Um, ya think?!


Is it sad that Princess and I were way excited the day our package of 10,000 teeny tiny little bug coccoons showed up in the mail?

Is it sadder that we checked them out daily to see if any hatched?

Is it more sadder that when they started to hatch, we may have done a small happy dance?

Is it more greater sadder that we took great pleasure in spreading the predators in the stalls and around the pasture last night?

Ahhhhh – the excitement of fly control with horses :-)

There’s always something new! Next year we’ll be prepared in the springtime to hopefully get the flies under control before they take over!

Damn You Starbucks Bags!

In yet another brilliant move by a member of the Colorado Boedie Family, I scratched my right eye yesterday. Like my actual eyeball.

I was cleaning some stuff out of the truck from the past weekend – tossed all the trash into a paper bag from Starbucks that had pastries in it on Sunday.

When I hopped out of the truck, the bag hit the seat and the corner of the bag jammed up under my right eye lid and scratched my eye.

Was a bit blurry to start with. No big deal. Figured I’d wait until today to see how hit felt.

Ended up taking Dude to eye doc yesterday (that’s another story) so I had her look at it.

She looked at me and said “Wow! That’s a huge scratch! Why aren’t you screaming right now?”

Um – I dunno. Cuz it’s just a scratch?

She gave me antibiotic drops to put in every two hours.

She said I’m not supposed to drive and that Dude should drive because of the blurriness and crazy light sensitivity and that it will get worse before it gets better. (That was all fine and dandy until he got out of the FunRunner at baseball and I had to go pick up Princess – Hubby is gone).

I discovered why she didn’t want me to drive. When your eye is blurry – and sensitive to the sun – and has a scratch under your eye lid . . . let’s just say that needing that eye open to see with on an incredibly sunny Colorado day (even with sunglasses) and making it move around to, you know, see things . . . O. U. C. H.

She said I’d have some moments of high intensity pain but OMG! She was NOT kidding!

Princess and I made it home and I found someone to give Dude a ride home from his workout.

I spent the entire evening sitting downstairs in the dark. Then sleeping in the dark. Then woke up to another gloriously sunny Colorado day – and immediately put sunglasses on, in the house. I’m cool like that.

It’s feeling better today – as long as I don’t try to use it – like make it move around and try to see things. And sunglasses are a MUST!

Follow up visit at 10:00 a.m. to see if it’s healing fast enough or if I need to become a pirate for the weekend.

***I guess the one bonus would be that I could get a head start on Talk Like A Pirate Day which is the 19th!***

Coolest Mom Evah!

I’m gonna go ahead and say it . . . because Dude is “thinking” it, but won’t say it.

One of his buddies got his permit the week before Dude did.

Dude was telling his buddy how he gets to drive everywhere and has been on the busy streets during lunch hour and on the interstate and has driven at night a few times and has driven to school in the morning.

Buddy was all like “My mom won’t even let me drive hardly at all. Barely down the driveway. And totally not on the interstate. She’s making me wait until I get my hours in with the instructor at Master Drive.”

Yesterday when I picked Dude up from baseball, I let him drive to the Sky Sox game (cars, traffic, event parking lot – OMG!). Buddy looked at me sitting in the passenger seat and mouthed “Good luck with that.”

I know what he really wanted to say was “You’re the coolest mom evah!”

At least that’s what I’ll tell myself 😉

Dude is driving very well. Getting better. Still has issues with speed control (eh hem) in busy traffic and judging when to pull out in front of people. But overall, totally trust him to drive pretty much anywhere. Woot!

What’s That Face For?

If I had a nickle for every time I heard “What’s that face for?” followed with this expression . . .

Day2 02


. . . I’d be rich. Oh. My. Gawd. The boy’s got some ‘tude lately!

Anyhoo, we took first day of school photos . . . actually second day of school photos because I forgot on the first day. I know, crazy, right?! Me! Forgetting a photo!!! But here they are in all their glory. They’re out to discover!!! Oh wait – maybe that was Scuttles. At any rate, they’re off to school for yet another year :-)

Day2 01


A couple things about this picture.

1. He looks like he’s just been caught doing something rather than putting up 10 fingers for 10th grade.

B. Princess is very worried about next year’s photo since Dude only has 10 fingers. How will he ever show that he’s going into 11th grade? She’s decided that she will hold up an extra finger for him. Then she got all worried about the NEXT year because she’d be in 9th grade and he’d be in 12th grade and that’s 21 fingers which is one more finger than the two of the have together.

Maybe she’ll learn something this year to help her with that problem.

The struggle is real.

Got Summer?

With less than one week before the kiddos start school, I’m kinda sad that it’s over! We didn’t do crazy travel for baseball this summer, but I still somehow managed to log only 12 hours of work over the past 9 weeks! I also realize I didn’t manage to blog much. At first I thought maybe it was because we didn’t do much . . . but then I browsed through the photos from summer and realized it was because we were always doing something :-)

My summer recap in pictures – and a few words (it is me, afterall!).


Cowboy came home! And Duma spent a couple days sitting there watching him, wondering what the heck was going on :-)


Our awesome friend let us borrow her horse, Angel, for the summer as a pasture pal for Cowboy until we got in the groove of this whole horse at the house thing. It didn’t take them long to become friends and learn to relax together. Love watching them from my office window. I’ll probably love it even more starting next week when I’m actually sitting at my desk working during the day!



Dude played baseball with a local high school team (his school’s team merged with another for the summer). He’d been working on pitching through spring, and his coaches gave him a shot. He did AWESOME! Here he is getting one of his many strikeouts (he either strikes them out or walks them – something we have to work on for sure).


We spent the first week of summer break up in Breckenridge. It was a nice relaxing time! A bit of a bummer that it rained almost every day, but we still made the most of it and had fun.



We tried to do some hiking, but there was still a bit too much snow at the higher elevations.



Princess had a friend join us for half of the week while Dude wasn’t with us. They were both really good sports about the weather and the cold and snow :-)




While were hanging out in Breck trying to hike, Dude spent the week at Woodward at Copper Mountain for snowboarding camp. He had a blast!



Princess joined a summer swim team. She had a great time! We really liked the club . . . they coaches were awesome and she learned a lot about improving her strokes and entry into the pool. This is the first meet. She dove off the blocks, but still needed to work on her angle of entry (first one in the water is not a bonus here). By the end of summer she was rockin’ the dive entries!


We bought a truck to pull the trailer that we bought to transport the horse :-) Our rig is complete! I think. Horse people keep telling me horses are a lot like tattoos – some sort of addiction 😉


Princess rode Cowboy in their first parade! They both did great . . . most of the way 😉


Princess started taking Western lessons in addition to her English Jumping lessons. She and Cowboy went to a small low-key English and Western show. The more you know, the more time you get to spend with your horse :-)


Dude left us for a week and went to summer camp in Yellowstone for a week with the Scouts. He was the Senior Leader on the trip. He had a lot of responsibility, but also had two of his buddies for support. They had a great time!


The kiddos ditched us for a long weekend and went to MN to hang out with Noisy Grandma and Monster Grandpa. They had a blast with awesome seats at the Twins vs Yankees game.


They spent a day at the lake with my Aunt and Uncle having a blast tubing.


And learning to water ski!


Nice tan, Dude!


Hubby and Dude spent a week in Northern MN at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area with 6 others from the Scout troop. Canoeing, fishing, camping, hiking . . . they had an awesome time!

Princess and I spent the week together going to movies, riding Cowboy (lots!), hanging out, shopping, and doing whatever else we felt like doing for the entire week. Including lots of rides in the Audi with the top down, making giant skid marks on the pavement when a dump truck pulled out in front of us as we were heading toward a green light.


And last but not least, Dude got his permit! He’s officially allowed to drive out of the driveway :-) He’s doing well! Now to make it through the next year so he can get his license and I don’t have to be in the car with him all the time.


School may be starting, but that does not mean summer is over for The Boedies. Dude is playing fall baseball with a club team that we’re very excited about! Princess is starting her show jumping season this weekend. Hubby and I are looking forward to some relaxing nights on the deck with a beer in one hand some food in the other :-)

What To Do?

The guys are gone for the week on a canoeing/camping trip.

Summer swim team ended last week.

Western riding lessons were cancelled for today.

This means that the only things on my calendar this week are to take Princess to her 30-minute trumpet lesson Tuesday and her 1-hour English riding lesson Friday.

After a crazy fun-filled summer, what does one do when suddenly confronted with a BLANK calendar – for an entire week?

Maybe, um WORK?! I think I’ve logged 7 hours this summer. No joke.

While I’m sure I will work some, a more likely scenario would include:

Going to a movie with Princess.

Going to the pool with Princess.

Purchasing fleece and making blankets with Princess.

Contacting the animal rescue about fostering a horse starting this fall.

Going for a walk.

Going for a bike ride.

Sitting in the hot tub.

Clearly we will not be bored . . . just a little more free with what we decide to do on our week “off” :-)

Happy Monday everyone!

Summer Is What You Make It

The whole fam was in the car last week and chatting about summer and activities and all that jazz.

We are always busy in summer. The kids always have stuff going on. I won’t complain. I love that they are out and active and having fun rather than sitting inside playing video games or something.

Princess has spent a lot of time outside with horses, has Western and English lessons, and has swim team practice every weekday from 10:45-12:00.

Dude has been playing a lot of baseball for the high school team and will have attended 3 summer camps (snowboarding in June, camping in Yellowstone right now, and canoeing in Northern MN with Dan for a week in August).

They’re both headed to MN to visit Grandma and Grandpa in the end of July.

Hubby made the comment that when we grew up, summer was what you made it. You rode your bike to your friend’s house and you found something to do for the day. No organized summer camp. No parents to drive you all over to do stuff. You just found stuff to do with your friends.

We live in a different place . . . we’re not in town. They can’t bike the highway to their friends’ houses. They need a ride until Dude can drive.

But I will say that their summers have been what they’ve made them. Doing the things they love with people they love to be around. Baseball, horses, camping, swimming.

Sounds like a great way to spend summer if you ask me!